What is META?

The fields of Metamaterials (engineered materials that have properties not found in naturally occurring materials, "meta" in Greek meaning "beyond"), and Plasmonics & Nanophotonics (optical interactions with nanostructures and nanomaterials) open new opportunities for controlling electromagnetics waves in the sub-wavelength regime. Study and application of these interactions involve various scientific disciplines, i.e. engineering, physics, chemistry, material science, biology, medicine, information technology, energy, and communications.

META®, the International Conference on Metamaterials, Photonic Crystals and Plasmonics features, every year, the latest developments in the area of photonics, nanomaterials and advanced electromagnetic materials. Initiated in 2002 as a NATO Advanced Research Workshop, when many of the current topical research areas on metamaterials and plasmonics began to emerge, META quickly became a major event for the community.

META provides a unique forum for scientists, students, and postdoctoral fellows to exchange ideas on the current state-of-the-art in the field of metamaterials and nanophotonics, on new concepts and ideas, and to identify new research directions. The meeting addresses a range of topics including but not limited to: Machine learning for metamaterials and metasurfaces, topological photonics and plasmonics, photonic crystals and cavities, sustainable materials for photonics, photochemistry, quantum photonics, nanobiophotonics, near-field optics and nano-optics, biomedical imaging and therapy, acoustic metamaterials, nanofabrication technologies, advances in theoretical methods, etc.

The conference program typically features an excursion and a banquet.

Following a now well-established tradition, META takes place every year in unique locations around the world.

Previous META conferences

 Year  Organizers  Venue
 2021  Dorota Pawlak, Andrzej Kudelski, Said Zouhdi  Warsaw, Poland
 2019  Antonio Topa, Said Zouhdi  Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal
 2018  Said Zouhdi  Mediterranean Cruise
 2017  Junsuk Rho, Hakjoo Lee, Said Zouhdi  Incheon, Korea
 2016  Manuel Nieto-Vesperinas, Said Zouhdi  Torremolinos, Spain
 2015  Vinod Menon, Said Zouhdi  New York, USA
 2014  Nikolay Zheludev, Jing Hua Teng, Said Zouhdi  Singapore
 2013  Hamid M. K. Al-Naimiy, Said Zouhdi  Dubai, United Arab Emirates
 2012  Xavier Begaud, Said Zouhdi  Paris, France
 2010  Hadia Elhennawy, Said Zouhdi  Cairo, Egypt
 2008  Alexey Vinogradov, Said Zouhdi  Marrakesh, Morocco
 2002  Said Zouhdi  Marrakesh, Morocco