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Raith develops leading edge lithography systems enabling compound semiconductor customers to drive innovation and production. Our maskless electron beam, laser beam and focused ion beam patterning solutions cover the full range, from µm structures to sub 10 nm critical device fabrication. The Raith product portfolio is being complemented by automated SEM based chip analysis and process control systems. Our worldwide service and customer support structures are backed by experienced experts in our international applications and development centers. We are fully committed to further push the limits of nanofabrication in close collaboration with our outstanding customer base.

Learn more about Raith at https://www.raith.com


The Synopsys Optical Solutions Group provides design tools that model all aspects of light propagation. Our innovative software packages include CODE V® imaging design software, LightTools® illumination design software, the LucidShape® products for automotive lighting, and the RSoft™ Photonic Device Tools for passive and active photonic devices. And our optical measurement solutions give customers access to precision light scattering data for materials and media used in optical systems.

At META 2023, Synopsys will demonstrate MetaOptic Designer, an unprecedented inverse design tool that takes user-specified criteria and generates metalenses/metasurfaces for optimal design performance. Metalens design traditionally requires extensive physics knowledge and many hours of development. MetaOptic Designer removes these barriers with exclusive AI that automatically yields the best metalens designs as fast as possible.

Learn more about Synopsys Optical Solutions at https://www.synopsys.com/optical-solutions.html.