Best Talks Awards

The Best Talks Awards recognizes outstanding presentations that contribute to the advancement of sustainability and energy research, fostering innovative solutions for a greener and more sustainable future. A particular focus on junior researchers (PhD candidates and Postdocs).

A panel of judges will select the best oral presentations from all the sessions. The winners will be recognized publicly during the conference and will receive a certificate and monetary award.

META 2023 Best Talk Awards Sponsor

Nanophotonics (De Gruyter) covers recent international research results, specific developments in the field and novel applications. It publishes all article in a Gold Open Access model and belongs to the top journals in the field. Nanophotonics focuses on the interaction of photons with nano-structures, such as carbon nano-tubes, nano metal particles, nano crystals, semiconductor nano dots, photonic crystals, tissue and DNA.


META 2023 Best Talk Awards Winners

1. Karim Achouri, EPFL (Switzerland): Modeling and Applications of Nonlocal Asymmetric Metasurfaces

META2023 best talk


2. Felix Binkowski, Zuse Institute Berlin (Germany): Computing partial derivatives of quasinormal modes

META2023 best talk


3. Melissa Li, Caltech (USA): Exciton resonances in two-dimensional materials for dynamic wavefront manipulation

META2023 best talk