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Automated Inverse Design Solution for Metalenses

Chenglin Xu, Maryvonne Chalony, Yijun Ding

18th & 19th July, 16:40 - 17:40 — Salle des Conseils

To help researchers design metalenses easily and quickly, Synopsys has developed MetaOptic Designer,
a fully automated design tool for metalenses. Based on a few inputs from designers, such as a pre-built metaatom library and basic lens configuration, MetaOptic Designer generates an optimized design to meet all design targets. Synopsys will introduce and demonstrate MetaOptic Designer in two workshop sessions at META 2023.

On July 18, we will provide a general overview of the MetaOptic Designer optimization algorithm, followed
by quick demonstrations of the tool’s capability.

On July 19, we will demonstrate advanced metalens applications with tips and tricks; applications will
• Achromatic metalens
• Wide-angle metalens
• Chiral hologram
• Reflective metalens
• Hybrid optical system with both metasurfaces and traditional refractive lenses

The workshop is free and open to all META conference attendees.