META 2024, the 14th International Conference on Metamaterials, Photonic Crystals and Plasmonics will cover the entire scope of Nanophotonics and Complex Electromagnetics Materials. Special attention will be given to applications of these innovative materials in Information and Communication Systems, Sustainable Energy and the Environment, and Biology and Medicine.

Presentation Format: META 2024 is set to take place as an exclusively in-person event.

META 2024 program will include :

  • Plenary, keynote and invited lectures
  • Contributed oral and poster presentations

META 2024 topics include, but are not limited to:

Track 1: Plasmonics & Nanophotonics

  1. Plasmonics and nano-optics
  2. Quantum and topological photonics
  3. Photothermal and photoelectric nanophotonics
  4. Nanomaterials and new materials for photonics (Graphene, MoS2, WS2, etc)
  5. Nanophotonics in Biomedical Applications
  6. Optical antennas and plasmonics-based devices
  7. Plasmon-enhanced photovoltaics, photocatalysis, and solar fuels
  8. Super-resolution imaging
  9. Energy Harvesting

Track 2: Metamaterials and metasurfaces

  1. Metamaterials and negative index materials
  2. Nonlinear metamaterials
  3. Chiral and hyperbolic metamaterials
  4. Acoustic and seismic metamaterials
  5. Thermal metamaterials
  6. Metamaterial-based devices
  7. Metasurfaces and flat optics, FSS, HIS,...
  8. Machine learning for metamaterial design

Track 3: Photonic Crystals

  1. Photonic bandgap structures
  2. Laser and cavities
  3. Photovoltaic and light-emitting devices using photonic crystals
  4. Self-assembled photonic crystals

Track 4: Theory, Fabrication, Experiments, and Applications

  1. Modeling and computational techniques
  2. Crystal growth and assembly
  3. Other Micro/Nano fabrication and characterization techniques
  4. Emerging applications: Quantum photonic devices, Plasmonics for health, Nanoscale imaging,...

META 2024 will be the foremost place to learn about the most important developments in the field of nanophotonics and metamaterials!