META 2021, META'12

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Electromagnetic field radiated by Nanoemitters in Graphene
L. Martin-Moreno, A. Nikitin, P. A. Huidobro, F. Guinea, F. J. Garcia-Vidal

Last modified: 2012-02-29


Graphene has attracted recently a great deal of attention due
to its amazing electronic properties. Remarkably, even
 one-atom-thick graphene can bind electromagnetic modes
(surface plasmon polaritons), despite being almost transparent.
This brings to the fore the possibility of using graphene for many
 of the functionalities sought within the field of plasmonics, with
the advantage that graphene the carrier concentration in graphene
 can be modulated by external gates. In the first part of this talk
we will analyze the spacial distribution of the electromagnetic
field radiated by a nanoemitter in graphene, as a function of
frequency and doping concentration. We will show the appearance
of different regimes in the field dependence on distance to the
source. In the second part, we will use this information to analyze
 the superradiance of two emitters mediated by graphene
surface plasmons.