META 2021, META'12

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Phase constant peculiarities of open cylindrical zero-index anisotropic metamaterial waveguide
L. Nickelson

Last modified: 2012-01-02


Here we present the phase constant dependencies of propagating eigenmodes of cylindrical anisotropic metamaterial waveguide when the metamaterial permittivity and permeability tensor components may take values closed to zero at certain frequencies. The eigenmode phase constant dependencies of open waveguides with several radii at the left handed and right-handed polarizations of microwaves will be shown here. There is an anomalous dispersion of phase constant eigenmodes. The first eigenmode propagates at the frequency range when the waveguide metamaterial is double negative. This mode is particularly important because small changes on the frequency scale produce large changes in the phase. We can watch packages of dispersion branches when their cutoff frequencies closed to the metamaterial electric and magnetic plasma frequencies.