META 2021, META'12

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Resonances of Circular, Square and Hexagonal Nano-Antennas
Arnold F McKinley, Tom P White, Sudha Mokkapati, Ivan S Maksymov, Kylie R Catchpole

Last modified: 2012-01-05


Meta-materials can exhibit highly unusual optical properties such as negative refractive indices, because of the resonances exhibited by their artificial atoms. Typically these are circular or square metallic loops that behave like resonant LC circuits in electronics. Loop and material characteristics provide the inductance and a small gap somewhere in the loop provides the capacitance. Such resonators have been demonstrated at frequencies ranging from theĀ 

micro-wave (MW) region to the optical region. Some have circumferences that are small with respect to wavelength, but not all of them. A systematic study of the resonances of single-turn circular wire, circular disk, square disk and hexagonal disk loop antennas with one gap would help coalesce this dispersed knowledge into a cohesive whole. This current study relies on numerical simulations using gold as the base metal of construction. Resonances from the MW region through the lower THz regime into the optical region are examined in some detail for each geometrical shape, and are found to change both in position and in intensity dependent on their geometrical and material characteristics.


nano-antennas, meta-materials, solar, plasmonics,