META 2021, META'12

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Microwave scattered and absorbed powers by a multilayered zero-index anisotropic metamaterial-semiconductor cylinder
L. Nickelson

Last modified: 2012-01-28


Abstract—We are going to present dependencies of scattered and absorbed powers of incident perpendicularly and parallel polarized microwaves by the six-layered metamaterial-semiconductor or semiconductor-metamaterial cylinders. The cylinders consist of a glass core that is coated by six metamaterial and n-Si alternative layers. The difference between these cylinders is in the order of following metamaterial and semiconductor layers. Here is presented characteristics of cylinder with the semiconductor external layer. The multilayered cylinders have the external radius equal to 2 mm. The glass core has a radius equal to 0.5 mm. Every coated layer has a thickness equal to 0.25 mm. The metamaterial is a uniaxial anisotropic medium with the electric and magnetic plasma resonances in the considered frequency range. Here was taken into account the dispersion of semiconductor material. We present dependencies on the n-Si specific resistivity. We are going to compare scattered and absorbed power dependencies on a displacement of metamaterial and semiconductor layers, the microwave polarization and the n-Si specific resistivity. We discovered specific dependencies of scattered and absorbed powers on the parameters.


anisotropic metamaterials, plasmonics, zero-index, scattered and absorbed powers, semiconductor, multilayered cylinder