META 2021, META'12

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Interfacial roughness effect on high aspect superlens nanolithography

Last modified: 2012-01-05


In this paper, we report an experimental and analytical study on the roughness effect of silver film induced by seed layers on the performance of superlens at 365 nm wavelength. The ability of Ag, Ag/Ni and Ag/Ge films serving as superlens were examined by characterization of the acquired sub-diffraction-limit photoresist patterns through AFM mapping. With a critical control of the interfacial roughness of dielectric-metal-photoresist and index-matching scheme, Ag exhibited the highest aspect nanostructure of about 52-nm depth with sub-50nm resolution (about one-eighth of illumination wavelength) and a corresponding intensity contrast of about 3. Followed by Ag/Ge the performance of Ag/Ni, was the next only to Ag. The characterization results obtained by AFM scanning agree well with the theoretical predications.