META 2021, META'12

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Dispersion engineering for photonic crystal based nanophotonic devices
Maxence HOFMAN, Xavier MELIQUE, Didier LIPPENS, Olivier VANBESIEN, Geoffroy SCHERRER, Benoit CLUZEL, Frédérique de FORNEL, Muamer KADIC, Wojcieh SMIGAJ, Sébastien GUENNEAU, Boris GRALAK

Last modified: 2012-01-03


In this communication, we report on the design, the fabrication and the near field optical microscopy of (i) a Negative Index Material (NIM) flat lens, (ii) a GRadient INdex (GRIN) slab and (iii) a two-dimensional cloaking device. They were all fabricated on the basis of a InP-based photonic crystal technological platform and show the possibility of subwavelength focusing by NIM or GRIN principles and wave reconstruction for a reflector cloak through transformational optics.


metamaterials ; photonic crystals; ultrarefraction; flat lens; GRIN lens; transformation optics