META 2021, META'12

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Acoustic cloak with duplex communication ability constructed by multilayered homogeneous isotropic materials
Qi Wei, Ying Cheng, XiaoJun Liu

Last modified: 2011-12-30


Based on the effective medium approximation, we propose a practical implementation of cylindrical acoustic cloak with duplex communication ability by concentric alternating multilayered structure of homogeneous isotropic materials, which can perfectly mimic the ideal radius-dependent and anisotropic ordinary lens. The proposal exhibits near-ideal cloaking performance such as low-scattering and shadow-reducing whenever the illumination incident from plane source or point source at a wide range frequency, thus can hide an object from the detection of acoustic wave. The acoustic wave radiated from external or internal source can pass through the cloaking shell with unchanged wavefront, which makes the cloaked object capable of exchanging information with the surroundings by acoustic wave for any purpose. More simulations on the acoustic far-field scattering patterns and total scattering cross-section are performed to investigate the layer number and frequency dependence of cloaking effect, and the results show that the thinner layers exhibit better cloaking effect.


acoustic cloak; acoustic metamaterials; effective medium