META 2021, META'12

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Anomalous transmission of surface acoustic wave in 2D periodic structure of surface corrugations
Sergey Nikitov, Valery Grigorievskii, Iosif Kotelyanskii, Sergey Suchkov, Elena Mirgorodskaya, Alexander Grigorievskii, Valery Luzanov, Michail Fominskii

Last modified: 2011-12-30


Propagation of surface acoustic waves on the substrate of YZ-cut of LiNbO3 with 2D periodic surface corrugations has been investigated. The distribution of wave amplitudes as well as SAW transmission and reflection coefficients have been calculated using a new method based on 2D-transfer matrices. Frequency dependencies of transmission and reflection coefficients for Rayleigh SAW propagating in a rectangular region occupied by the 2D periodic structure with three levels of height were measured. It has been shown that if the width of incident acoustic beam is narrower than the width of periodic structure, then a kind of channelization takes place for the incident wave, and an anomalous enhancement of transmission coefficient appears near the center frequency of Bragg stop band.


metamaterials; surface acoustic waves; phononic crystals;