META 2021, META'12

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ZnSxSe(1-x) nanostructures arrays in porous anodic alumina templates
Rishat Valeev, Eduard Romanov, Artemiy Beltukov

Last modified: 2012-01-04


This work is focused on the development of the ordered ZnSxSe(1-x) nanostructures arrays by the method of condensation of thermally evaporated material in the pores of highly-ordered anodic alumina films in ultrahigh vacuum. The structure of ZnSSe@AAO (AAO – Anodic Alumina Oxide) composite was studied by SEM, XRD, SIMS and EXAFS-spectroscopy methods. Luminescent characteristics of nanostructures were also investigated. The comparison with continuous ZnSxSe(1-x) thin films is provided.


nanostructured semiconductors