META 2021, META'12

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Surface polaritons at the interface between a metal and a layer of nanocrystal quantum dots
Yuliy Bludov, Mikhail Vasilevskiy

Last modified: 2012-01-03


Surface plasmon-polaritons (SPPs) in a multilayer structure consisting of a metallic film and one or more layers of nanocrystal (NC) quantum dots (QDs) are studied. It is shown that there is resonance coupling between the plasmon-polaritons propagating along the metal/NC-layer interface and excitons confined in the dots, which produces a considerable effect on the optical properties of the structure unless the dispersion of the QD size is too large. This coupling can be explored in order to selectively excite QDs of different size by making a layer-by layer assembled NC planar structure and using an attenuated total reflection (ATR) configuration for the SPP-enhanced excitation of the dots. It opens the possibility of control of the relative intensity of light of different color, emitted by the QDs of different size.


quantum dot; exciton; plasmon-polariton; ATR