META 2021, META'12

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Electrochemical Fabrication of Chiral Metamaterials
Paul V Braun, Kevin Arpin, Sidhartha Gupta, Andre Radke, Martin schäferling, Harald Giessen

Last modified: 2011-12-06


Chiral metamaterials are an important class of metamaterials that can be used to achieve negative refraction, circular dichroism, rotation of plan-polarized light, and various optoelectronic devices. Chiral architectures are inherently three-dimensional, and the fabrication of such metamaterials that operate in the visible to mid IR require precise fabrication technologies capable of achieving sub micrometer, multidimensional features. Herein, we explore the fabrication of chiral metamaterials using a combination of direct laser writing, genetic algorithms, proximity field nanopatterning, and metal electrodeposition. The optical properties of these structures are measured by FTIR and presented herein. Optimization of the measured chiral response is directed by computational studies.


Chiral metamaterials; electrochemistry