META 2021, META'12

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Metamaterials for Defense Applications
Augustine Urbas, Mark Spector, Steven Weiss

Last modified: 2012-01-03


Metamaterials provide the ability to design materials properties to meet the unique needs of applications beyond what is possible with conventional materials. From spatially tailored dielectrics to tunable, dynamic metamaterial properties, these systems offer tremendous flexibility to application engineers. Many applications across the electromagnetic spectrum have been proposed; from novel RF antennas to devices utilizing optical magnetism. In an effort to develop a full set of application tools and gain an engineering understanding of metamaterials, defense researchers have embarked on a series of application focused research efforts to apply metamaterials. These span a range of frequencies and a diversity of venues. The aim of this work is to gauge the readiness and maturity of metamaterials for the field. One of the key observations that emerges from such a pursuit are scientific questions and methods needs that can be returned to the research community to overcome challenges encountered in application venues. In some cases, we find limitations that are not consistent with the current understanding of a metamaterial system or identify a critical need in modeling a new phenomena or effect. With that in mind, such results from a number of application studies will be presented that span defense research interests.


plasmonics, metamaterials, thermal, antenna, modeling