META 2021, META'12

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Strategy for broadening antireflection spectrum: quarter-wavelength AR nanoislands on Si nanoconical-frustum
Kyoungsik Kim, Haesung Park, Dongheok Shin

Last modified: 2012-01-03


The quarter wavelength (l/4) antireflection (AR) coating and biomimetic moth’s eye structure are most commonly adopted individual strategy for reducing Fresnel reflection from interface between two different medium. Based on nanosphere lithography and single-step deep reactive ion etching, we demonstrate new strategy for broadband antireflection enhancement including near-UV region without fabricating sub-300nm features. This is first extension method which can suppress the reflection losses at the wavelength region where is smaller than the lattice constant of biomimetic moth’s eye structure. Experimental absolute hemispherical measurement shows that the average reflectance in the range of 300nm to 400nm is reduced from 20.4% to 9.3% with 500nm lattice constant of AR nanostructure.


photonic crystals, metamaterials, nanostructures, self-assembly, lithography