META 2021, META'12

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Design of low loss meta-material coplanar waveguides on silicon for millimetre frequency applications.
Daniel Decle Colin, Zhirun Hu

Last modified: 2012-01-05


In this work a new meta-material structure is proposed to reduce the substrate losses and conductive losses in silicon interconnection lines at millimeter frequencies in the range of 70-90 GHz. This new meta-material transmission line, make use of the metal layers provided by the technology to form a floating shield. The floating shield reduces the electric field that goes into the substrate, and makes a better distribution of the current density, reducing the substrate and conductive losses respectively. The periodicity of the structure allows the raise of slow wave propagation mode, which in turn allows building shorter transmission lines, providing an additional improvement in terms of losses. All the electromagnetic studies were carried out using the 3D-EM simulator HFSS.


Metamaterials; Silicon Coplanar Waveguides