META 2021, META'12

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Comprehensive circuit-theoretical method for analyzing hybridization modes in metamaterials
Yosuke Nakata, Takanori Okada, Toshihiro Nakanishi, Masao Kitano

Last modified: 2012-01-05


We construct a comprehensive method
to analyze hybridization modes in a certain general class of
circuit networks representing metamaterials.
By applying our method to some circuit models,
we show that there exists an analogy between
circuit models and quantum tight-binding
models in solid-state physics.
This analogy enables the synthesis of various
metamaterials having
dispersion relations similar to those for electrons in solids.
Finally, we apply our theory to circuit networks with specific symmetries,
and reveal the formation of flat bands in metamaterials.


metamaterials;hybridization modes;circuit model;flat band