META 2021, META'12

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Enhanced transmittance through periodic arrays of subwavelength slits in a metallic slab

Last modified: 2012-01-06


We present Modal Multi-layer Method (MMM) calculations for transmission of electromagnetic waves through periodic arrays of slits in a metallic slab. The material in these calculations is Ag and the wavelength is varying fromto. The geometric parameters are the period d, the slit width and the thickness of the slab. The effect of these parameters on the transmittance is studied, both in transverse electric and transverse magnetic cases. The results show resonant transmittance peaks for subwavelength widths of the slits, depending on the wavelength and the polarisation.  Although our conclusions agree with previous work by Garcia and Nieto-Vesperinas in witch calculations are conducts using exact FDTD method and a theoretical method. The last one helps the authors to interpret the origin of the resonant peaks of transmission intensity. Here, the interpretation of the enhancement of the transmittance in terms of Rayleigh anomalies, Fabry-Perot resonances or of surface plasmon polaritons, is outlined.