META 2021, META'12

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A study on characterization of 2D photonic Quasicrystals
Sunmin Kim, Jong-Bin Yeo, Hyun-Yong LEE

Last modified: 2012-01-03


Two-dimensional (2D) photonic quasicrystal template patterns have been fabricated by using multiple holographic-lithography method. 2D photonic quasicrystal arrangement could be controlled by the experimental conditions such as the incidence angle (θ), rotation angle (γ). After the first exposure, the sample was rotated at the proper angle. The exposure was repeated n/2 times to get n-fold photonic quasicrystal. The PR pattern was used as the mask, wet etcing of the Cr, reactive-ion etching of the Cr on the Si wafer. The shapes of the samples were confirmed by using SEM and optical microscopy. The reflectivity of the samples was analyzed by using a UV-Vis-IR spectroscopy.


2D PQCs; photonic quasicrystals; PBGs