META 2021, META'12

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Programmable Soft Lithography for Scalable Plasmonics
Teri W. Odom

Last modified: 2011-12-06


This talk will describe an all-moldable nanofabrication platform that can generate—from a single master—large-area nanoscale patterns with programmable densities, fill factors, and lattice symmetries. Solvent-assisted nanoscale embossing (SANE) can increase the spacing of patterns up to 100% as well as decrease them down to 50% in a single step by stretching or heating a thermoplastic substrate. In addition, SANE can reduce critical feature sizes as small as 52% compared to those on a master by controlled swelling of patterned molds with different solvents. SANE can also produce different and reconfigurable lattice symmetries. We will describe how SANE followed by template stripping techniques can produce arrays of strongly coupled nanoparticles and three-dimensional bowtie nanoantennas with extraordinary properties that can be scaled for wide-spread applications


Plasmonics; nanofabrication; scaleable