META 2021, META'12

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From near-field optical imaging to fine control of an active photonic crystal nanocavity with a nano-antenna
Mathieu Mivelle, Thanh Phong Vo, Fadi Issam Baida, Ségolène Callard, Dusan Nedeljkovic, Thierry Grosjean

Last modified: 2012-01-03


We address the study of the near-field coupling between an active photonic crystal nanocavity and a bowtie-aperture nanoantenna (BAN) engraved at the end of a metal-coated fiber probe. When the BAN is at distances larger than 400 nm from the nanocavity, it acts as a polarizing nanoprobe allowing detailed and accurate vectorial information about the electric optical near-field of the nanocavity mode without significant perturbation of the laser emission. For smaller distances, it is demonstrated that the nanoantenna strongly modifies the optical properties of the nanocavity. When the distance between the BAN and the nanocavity is lower than 200 nm, an  extraordinary coupling between the two resonators cancels the laser emission from the nanocavity. This work shows that nano-antennas can be used to finely tune and control optical resonators such as photonic crystals. It paves the way toward a new class of complex hybrid systems based on the optical interaction between photonic crystals and nanoantennas.


Photonic crystals, nano-antennas, Plasmonics, nano-optics