META 2021, META'12

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Complex photonic bands in one-dimensional photonic crystals with periodic gain-loss modulation
Jesus Manzanares, Efrain Urrutia-Banuelos, Yohan Yasdid Rodriguez-Viveros, Damian Moctezuma-Eniquez, Paola Castro-Garay

Last modified: 2012-01-03


We have calculated the photonic bands in a periodically modulated gain-loss photonic crystal.
We have found that the dispersion relation predicts the existence of a new regime of photonic band gaps
due to phenomena of absorption-gain interference. The origin of these gaps is a pure result of the
periodic variation of the refractive index imaginary part (ni) The photonic structure shows an odd
behavior as long as ni increases. However, we have found that the complex band structure is an
appropriate resource to describe the electromagnetic fields in periodic gain-loss structures.


gain-loss,lossless,photonic crystals