META 2021, META'12

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Photonic crystals properties for organic systems: from components to flexible optical circuits
Leo Peres, Sophie Fasquel, Laurent Ohyenart, Valérie Vigneras

Last modified: 2012-01-03


Abstract- Photonic crystals properties are numerically studied for photonic organic components and circuits. For components applications, photonic crystals are theorically studied to improve opto-electronical performances such as solar cells and Oleds. In the case of solar cells, different nanostructures are tested in order to improve the absorption which is particularly low due to the difficulty to extract electrons/holes pairs of excitons. For the OLEDS applications, atemption is paid on the extraction of emitted light which is naturally guided in the multilayers structures. For circuits applications, a concept of multi-integrated photonic functions is developed. Finally, specific organic technological solutions for large scale and low cost fabrication are presented, from bottom-up to top-down approaches.


Photonic crystals, organic materials, solar cells, nanophotonics