META 2021, META'12

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Fano resonances and intersubband polaritons in metallo-dielectric photonic crystal slabs
Simone Zanotto, Riccardo Degl'Innocenti, Giorgio Biasiol, Lucia Sorba, Alessandro Tredicucci

Last modified: 2012-01-06


The resonances of a periodic arrangement of metallic stripes on a dielectric guiding layer are investigated by employing a Fano approach for the transmission lineshape analysis. When the waveguide core layer is replaced by a multi-quantum well supporting an intersubband resonance, the bare photonic crystal resonance splits in two polaritonic resonances, fingerprint of strong light-matter coupling regime. We show that these polaritons inherit the lineshape from the bare photonic resonance, and that their position can be described by a suitable Hamiltonian formalism.


plasmonics, photonic crystal, polaritons, intersubband transitions