META 2021, META'12

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High power extraction in (THz) surface-emitting lasers using metallic resonators based on type-II photonic heterostructures
Gangyi Xu, Raffaele Colombelli, Ali Belarouci, Xavier Letartre, Suraj Khanna, Lianhe Li, Edmund Linfield, Giles Davies

Last modified: 2011-12-30


We report high-power, single-mode surface-emission from THz quantum cascade (QC) lasers with a type-II photonic heterostructure (PHS) metallic resonator. Such resonator selectively excites the unusual radiative mode with significantly enhanced radiation efficiency. The PHS lasers (f ~ 3.4 THz) exhibit record-high single-mode peak output powers, as well as directional single-lobed beam patterns.


photonic crystals; terahertz; semiconductor lasers