META 2021, META'12

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Plasmon coupling in gold nanostructures
Jianfang Wang

Last modified: 2012-02-02


We studied the plasmon coupling behaviors in structures containing gold nanocrystals. The investigated structures include clusters of gold nanocubes, end-to-end assembled gold nanorod dimers with angles varying from 0 to 180 degrees, gold nanorods supported on substrates, and heterostructures between large gold nanorods and small gold nanospheres. A number of interesting plasmon coupling phenomena were observed and examined. In addition to the sensitive dependence of the plasmon coupling on the gap distance between two neighboring gold nanocrystals, the plasmon coupling was found to be strongly affected by the number of gold nanocrystals, the angle between gold nanorods, the dielectric properties of supporting substrates, and the position of a small perturbing gold nanosphere on the surface of a gold nanorod. Our improved understanding in the plasmon coupling will be useful for designing and fabricating complex assemblies, hierarchical structures, and macroscopic materials out of noble metal nanocrystal building blocks, much similar to the formation of molecules and macroscopic materials out of atoms, with desired plasmon-derived functions.


plasmon, plasmon coupling, nanophotonics, gold nanocrystals