META 2021, META'12

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Electromagnetic modeling of plasmonic properties of gold nanoparticles embedded within a dielectric matrix deformed by swift heavy ions
Julien Cardin, Alexandre Fafin, Fabrice Gourbilleau, Pierre-Eugene Coulon, abdallah slablab, Giancarlo Rizza, Christian Dufour

Last modified: 2012-01-03


The growing number of fields in which are studied the localized plasmon surface resonance such as light management for energy, enhanced field spectroscopy, or for integrated optical telecommunications bellow the diffraction limit is driving the development of modeling methods of these systems. In this paper, the electromagnetic properties of ion-deformed gold, sphere, prolate, nanorods and nanowires embedded within a dielectric matrix are simulated in a spectral range from visible to infra-red by means of Auxiliary Differential Equations (ADE) coupled to a Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) method. The electromagnetic field distribution is investigated in gold nanostructures in order to evidence the local field enhancement effect characteristic of the Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance (LPSR).


plasmonics, ADE-FDTD, gold, local field enhancement