META 2021, META'12

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Below/Above Cutoff Dual Metamaterial Band in Cylindrical Media
Seyyed Ali Hassani Gangaraj, Majid Tayarani, Ali Abdolali

Last modified: 2012-02-16


In this paper we considered a magnetic anisotropic media in cylindrical coordinate with scalar permittivity and diagonal tensor permeability. A PEC (Perfect Electric Conductor) boundary condition assumed at the radius . We solved the Maxwell equations inside the medium for radius less than . Actually this structure is an anisotropic cylindrical waveguide. Then, we extracted the characteristic equations for dominant TE modes for such a structure. By focusing on this equation we achieved several analytical conditions for different situations of wave propagation such as left hand, right hand or even evanescent mode depending on different signs of cylindrical permeability components. After that, we concentrated our attention on left hand property and we have achieved below/above cutoff dual metamaterial band in cylindrical waveguide. Negative effective permittivity and permeability are obtained.


anisotropic;metamaterials;cylindrical waveguide