META 2021, META'12

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TiO2 microspheres-based metamaterials exhibiting effective magnetic response in the terahertz regime
Riad Yahiaoui, H. Němec, C. Kadlec, P. Kužel, U-C. Chung, C. Elissalde, M. Maglione, P. Mounaix, F. Kadlec

Last modified: 2015-07-04


Thin layers of all-dielectric metamaterials based on TiO2
spherical particle resonators are investigated. A new method
based on spray-drying of dissolved nanoparticles is used in
the fabrication process. Spectral footprints of electric and
magnetic dipoles are reported numerically and through
experimental tests. It is a promising step for the construction of novel three-dimensional isotropic metamaterials exhibiting desired electromagnetic properties for terahertz applications.