META 2021, META'12

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New Equipment for SHF Electric Field Visualization
Igor Anatolievich Karpov, M. R. Trunin, E. D. Shoo

Last modified: 2015-07-04


We present the operation and design of newly developed fully automatic equipment for visualization of SHF electric fields. This equipment enables to obtain patterns of SHF fields around different objects including metamaterial product and to study field patterns of various developed SHF antennas and other objects, which interact with surrounding SHF electromagnetic field. Moreover, with scaled sizes of developed products whose interaction with electromagnetic wave is crucial for practical applications, our equipment can be used for testing of antennas and other interacted with electromagnetic radiation devices, not only at SHF, but also at radio frequencies. The performance of our innovative equipment was demonstrated during the investigation of the metamaterial cloak. The frequency behavior of the cloak reveal the frequency bands with maximum efficiency of the meta-material cloak.