META 2021, META'12

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Images and electrical signal correlation to find bubble sizes in liquids
Valentin Obac Roda, Marcelo Marinho, Emerson Carlos Pedrino, Humberto César Chaves Fernandes

Last modified: 2012-02-23


The distribution size of bubbles is a critical feature in the synthesis of metamaterials, particularly those who use a two-phase process. The interfacial area of bubbles is strongly related to the rates of chemical reactions and mass transfer in industrial applications such as distillation, fermentation and hydrogenation. Intrusive probes are widely used to determine the size distribution of bubbles in two phase bubbling columns.  This paper describes the implementation of a system capable of measuring the size distribution of bubbles in a column composed of water and bubbling air, using a conductive probe. Images obtained by a video camera CCD (Charge-Coupled Devices) were used to validate and calibrate the system.


Metamaterials fabrication, bubbles distribution, biphasic systems