META 2021, META'12

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Collective electronic excitations near Silver nanowire by fast electron beam
Xiuli Zhou, Ted Norris

Last modified: 2012-02-19


The electronic energy loss generated by fast electron moving through the electron gas near the interface region of Silver nanowire and air is investigated. Electronic energy loss spectrum (EELS) measurement performed in scanning transmission electron microscopes provides a nanometer space resolution and the spectra peak around 3.5 eV are obtained. The theoretical analysis on the nanosphere and infinite long nanocylinder are used to understand the energy loss. The calculation results yield the energy loss probabilities when electron beam transmit perpendicularly near the interface region of the Ag nanowire. It implies the EELS originate both from the dipole and multipole surface Plasmon resonance. Finite element method simulations have shown the power flow distribution characteristics around the similar regions, which present the relation between the local density of states of photons and the experimental spectra.