Presentations and Authors

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Plenary Presentation

Three-dimensional complex plasmonic structures: Chirality, Coupling, and Sensing Applications
H. Giessen
Frontiers of Plasmonics: enabling new applications
N. Halas
From Metamaterials to Metasystems to Metafunctions
N. Engheta (Chair)
The Two Conflicting Narratives of Metal-Optics
E. Yablonovitch

Keynote Presentation

From nano bumps to vertical U-shape three-dimensional gold nano-ring and toroidal metamaterials in optical region
D. P. Tsai
Plasmonic nanocavities: Validity of the classical description and non-local effects on the nm-scale, and new applications as plasmonic sinks
Stefan A Maier
Spectral super-resolution in metamaterial composites
Graeme Walter Milton, Johan Helsing, Ross McPhedran
Metamaterials for Defense Applications
Augustine Urbas, Mark Spector, Steven Weiss
Exotic plasmonic crystals for nanophotonic applications
Anatoly V Zayats
Boundary conditions for metasurfaces: idealization, materialization, realization
Ari Sihvola
Recent Progress in Photonic Crystals - From Dynamic Control to Solar Cells -
S. Noda
Bringing Gain in Metamaterials
C. Soukoulis
Close encounters between nanoantennas: Bridging quantum and classical plasmonics
J. Aizpurua
Controlling light propagation in plasmonic and metamaterial structures
Y. Kivshar
From Metamaterials to Metadevices
N. Zheludev
Inside the Wavelength: seeing really small objects with light
J. Pendry
Recent Progress on Optical Metamaterials and Transformation Optics
M. Wegener
Negative Refraction and Light Bending with Plasmonic Nanoantennas
V. Shalaev
fJ/bit nanophotonics for photonic network on chip
M. Notomi
Quantum plasmonics and plexcitonics
P. Nordlander
“Advances in using EBG Structures in Antenna Engineering: From Fundamentals to Novel Recent Applications
Y. Rahmat-Samii

0. General Track

Controlling the hybridization in stereometamaterials
Withawat Withayachumnankul, Christophe Fumeaux, Derek Abbott
Fabrication of 3D Gradient Index of Refraction Diffractive Metamaterials for Infrared Gratings and Holograms
Talmage Tyler, Scott Wolter, Matt Royal, Yu-Ju Tsai, Stéphane Larouche, David Smith, Nan Jokerst
Thick metallic slabs with axially inhomogeneous holes in the hybrid transmission regime
Andriy E Serebryannikov
Dispersion in media containing resonant inclusions: where does it come from?
Geoffroy Lerosey, Fabrice Lemoult, Mathias Fink
Cascaded Logic Gates in Nanophotonic Plasmon Networks
Hongxing Xu
Nanoplasmonics At The Last Nanometer
Joel K. W. Yang, Huigao Duan, Antonio I Fernandez-Dominguez, Michel Bosman, Stefan A Maier
Plasmonic Metal Displacement Deposition on Porous Silicon for SERS Substrate Fabrication
Hanna Bandarenka
Collective electronic excitations near Silver nanowire by fast electron beam
Xiuli Zhou, Ted Norris
Optical Frequency Detector Based on Stratified Isotropic Slab
K. Vytovtov, L. Mospan, S. Zouhdi
Antireflection transparent conductive coating using photonic metamaterial
Jiaming Hao, Cheng-Wei Qiu, Min Qiu, Said Zouhdi

1. Metamaterials and negative index materials

Surface waves at the interface between tunable LC-MTMs and Nonlinear media
Hala Jarallah El-Khozondar, Rifa J. El-Khozondar, Said Zouhdi
Plasmon induced transparency in three dimensional magnetic meta-molecules
Pin Chieh Wu, Wei Ting Chen, Kuang-Yu Yang, Chih Ting Hsiao, Chen Jung Chen, Nikolay I. Zheludev, Din Ping Tsai
Light tunable megnetic metamaterials
Polina V. Kapitanova, Stanislav I. Maslovski, Ilya V. Shadrivov, Dmitry S. Filonov, Pavel M. Voroshilov, Pavel A. Belov, Yuri S. Kivshar
Bandwidth constraints for passive superluminal propagation through metamaterials
Mats Gustafsson
Ultra-thin Anisotropic Metamaterial Coating for Monopole Antennas
Zhi Hao Jiang, Micah D. Gregory, Douglas H. Werner, Pingjuan L. Werner
Reflection and transmission of light at metamaterials
Falk Lederer, Carsten Rockstuhl, Thomas Paul, Christoph Menzel, Wojciech Smigaj, Philippe Lalanne
Spontaneous Radiation in Hyperbolic Media
Ivan Iorsh, Alexander Poddubny, Pavel A Belov, Yuri S Kivshar
Flexible metamaterials at visible frequencies
A. Di Falco
Phase constant peculiarities of open cylindrical zero-index anisotropic metamaterial waveguide
L. Nickelson
New equipment for SHF electric field visualization
I. A. Karpov, E. D. Shoo, M. R. Trunin
Visible negative refraction in natural indefinite material: MgB2
Jingo Sun, Bo Li, Ji Zhou
Diplexer Based on Composite Left/Right Handed Transmission-line
Kafil Uddin Ahmed, Bal S Virdee, Mohamad Farhat
Variable control of group velocity in a metamaterial with field-gradient-induced transparency
Yasuhiro Tamayama, Toshihiro Nakanishi, Masao Kitano
Magnetic Resonant Metalens for Far Field Subwavelength Imaging
Abdelwaheb Ourir, Geoffroy Lerosey, Fabrice Lemoult, Arnaud Tourin, Mathias Fink, Julien de Rosny
Optical forces on lossy double-negative optical trapping
Leonardo André Ambrosio
Design and Simulation of Novel Compact and Reconfigurable Double Negative Metamaterial unit cell
Behnam Zarghooni, Tayeb Denidni
Mutual Coupling Reduction for MIMO antennas using MNG metamaterial substrate
Belgacem AOUADI
A flexible metamaterial with negative refractive index at visible wavelength
Muhan Choi, Jeahyung Han, Byungsoo Kang, Choon-Gi Choi
A Compact Slotted Coplanar-Waveguide (CPW) Fed Metamaterial Inspired Patch Antenna for the Wi-MAX Application
Mimi Aminah Wan Nordin, Mohammad Tariqul Islam, Norbahiah Misran
Near Field measurement of a backward wave propagation phenomenon inside a ring resonators structure
Zine Eddine Djeffal, Hakeim Talleb, David Lautru, Victor Fouad Hanna
Time domain investigation of the tunneling modes in photonic
Liwei Zhang, guiqiang Du, Yewen Zhang
Propagation of light in metamaterials and charge transport in graphene: study by analogy
Yurii Bliokh, Valentin Freilikher, Franco Nori
Omnidirectional transmission switching in epsilon-near-zero metamaterials
Simin Feng
Spin-wave modes in Ni inverted opal magnonic crystals
Andrey Stashkevich, Mikhail Kostylev, Yves Roussigné, Natalia Grigoryeva, Alexander Mistonov, Diter Menzel, Sergey Grigoriev, Nina Sapoletova, Kirill Napolskii, Andrey Eliseev, Andrey Lukashin
Optical negative index metamaterial of hexagonal arrays of metallic triangular nanoprisms
Mircea Giloan, Simion Astilean
Nano plasmonic imaging through metal coated CNT forest in the visible wavelengths
Muhan Choi, Byungsoo Kang, Choon-gi Choi
Sub-wavelength modes in uniaxial metamaterial clad fibers
Shaghik Atakaramians, Alexander Argyros, Simon C Fleming, Boris T Kuhlmey
Development of self-organized SRR-like structures in SrTiO3-TiO2 eutectic
P. Osewski, S. Turczynski, K. Kolodziejak, D. Anna Pawlak
Proposal for an analytical method to design all dielectric photonic metamaterials
Eric Cassan, Khanh Van Do, Charles Caer
Moment Methods in Spectral Domain for Crossed-dipole Frequency Selective Surface
S. Komeylian, F. Hojjat-Kashani
Reducing Radar Cross Section by Investigating Electromagnetic Materials
S. Komeylian, F. Hojjat-Kashani
Tuning the plasmonic regime in high temperature superconductor metamaterials
Odeta Limaj, Valeria Giliberti, Alessandra Di Gaspare, Michele Ortolani, Gianluca De Marzi, Stefano Lupi
All-Dielectric Infrared Metamaterials
Michael B Sinclair
Wave propagation in lossy MTMs surrounded by linear and nonlinear media with arbitrary nonlinearity
Hala Jarallah El-Khozondar, Z. I. Al-Sahhar, M. M. Shabat
Microwave scattered and absorbed powers by a multilayered zero-index anisotropic metamaterial-semiconductor cylinder
L. Nickelson
Below/Above Cutoff Dual Metamaterial Band in Cylindrical Media
Seyyed Ali Hassani Gangaraj, Majid Tayarani, Ali Abdolali
Ali Molaei, Saeed Fallahzadeh, Mina Nazari
A group theory approach to tailored electromagnetic properties of metamaterials: An inverse problem solution
I. El-Kady, Chalrles M Reinke, Michael Sinclair
Tunable triangular shaped metamaterial
qarchi abdelaziz, Belkebir Hicham, Mir Abdellah
Antenna array directivity enhanced by metamaterial-based subwavelength cavity
Mondher Labidi
Localized surface Plasmon Bragg grating on SOI waveguide at telecom wavelengths
Mickaël Fevrier, Philippe Gogol, Abdelhanin Aassime, Robert Mégy, David Bouville, Jean Michel Lourtioz, Béatrice Dagens
Bandwidth constraints for passive superluminal propagation through metamaterials
Mats Gustafsson
A Compact Slotted Coplanar-Waveguide (CPW) Fed Metamaterial Inspired Patch Antenna for the Wi-MAX 5.5 GHz Application
Mimi Aminah Wan Nordin, Mohammad Tariqul Islam, Norbahiah Misran
Time domain investigation of the tunneling modes in photonic heterostructure containing single negative materials
Liwei Zhang, Yewen Zhang, guiqiang Du
Surface waves at the interface between tunable LC-MTMs and Nonlinear media
Hala Jarallah El-Khozondar, Rifa J El-Khozondar, Said Zouhdi
Visible negative refraction in natural indefinite medium: MgB2
Jingo Sun, Bo Li, Ji Zhou
Microwave scattered and absorbed powers by a multilayered zero-index anisotropic metamaterial-semiconductor cylinder
Liudmila Nickelson, Juozas Bucinskas
New Equipment for SHF Electric Field Visualization
Igor Anatolievich Karpov, M. R. Trunin, E. D. Shoo

2. Graphene metamaterials

THz bandwidth light-with-light modulation in graphene metamaterial
Andrey Nikolaenko, Evangelos Atmatzakis, Nikitas Papasimakis, Zhiqiang Luo, Ze Xiang Shen, Francesco De Angelis, Enzo Di Fabrizio, Nikolay Zheludev
Graphene and topological insulators for plasmonics, nanophotonics and photonic crystals
Yury Efremovich Lozovik
Edge plasmons in graphene
Weihua Wang
Mechanism of optoelectronic switch, operating on surface plasmon-polaritons in monolayer graphene
Yuliy Bludov, Mikhail Vasilevskiy, Nuno Peres

3. Acoustic metamaterials

Cloaking bending waves in thin heterogeneous plates
Sebastien Guenneau, Mohamed Farhat, Stefan Enoch, Michele Brun, Alexander Movchan
Control of sonic metamaterial stopband
Alasdair Murray, James Bell, Euan Hendry, Ian Summers, John Sambles, Alastair Hibbins
Prediction of super absorbance with bubble meta-screens
Alice Bretagne, Valentin Leroy, Eric Lee, John Page, Arnaud Tourin
Homogenization of phononic crystals with auxetic components
Irina Sabira Solis-Mora, Javier Flores-Mendez, Felipe Perez-Rodriguez
Mechanical Metamaterials with negative Poisson’s Ratio
T. Bückmann, N. Stenger, M. Thiel, T. Kennerknecht, C. Eberl, M. Wegener
Experimental Demonstration of Free Space Cloaking in Thin Elastic Plates
Nicolas Stenger, M. Wilhelm, M. Wegener
Functionally graded laminated phononic crystals with damages
Mikhail V. Golub, Chuanzeng Zhang, Sergey I Fomenko, Tinh Quoc Bui

4. Biophotonic materials

Molecular detection with multi-functional plasmonic metamaterial
Cheng Kuang Chen

5. Plasmonics and nanophotonics

Highly Efficient Surface Plasmon Launching and Decoupling
Alexandre Baron, Eloïse Devaux, Jean-Claude Rodier, Jean-Paul Hugonin, Emmanuel Rousseau, Cyriaque Genet, Thomas W Ebbesen, Philippe Lalanne
Two photon absorption cross-section enhancement of a dye by gold nanotriangles
Jarrett Vella, Augustine Urbas
Plasmon-induced spatial hysteresis and modulational instability in arrays of nonlinear metallic nanoparticles
Roman Noskov, Pavel Belov, Yuri Kivshar
Plasmon altered resonances in 1D plasmonic photonic crystals
Alexander Baryshev, Mitsuteru Inoue, Alexander Merzlikin
Power flow inside and outside cylindrical coated nano-particles
Samel Arslanagic
Directive properties of active coated nano-particles
Samel Arslanagic, Richard W. Ziolkowski
Confinement effect of the Localized Surface Plasmons on the coupling of gold nanolithographied structures: Application to Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering
Nicolas Guillot, Cristiano D'Andrea, Andrea Toma, Pablo Albella, Remo Proietti, Barbara Fazio, Onofrio Marago, Enzo Di Fabrizio, Javier Aizpurua, Pietro Gucciardi, Marc Lamy de la Chapelle
Ultrafast Pulse Shaping with Plasmonic Systems
Dean P. Brown, Augustine M. Urbas
Single metafilm effective medium behavior in optical domain: Maxwell-Garnett approximation and beyond
Natalia Dubrovina, Loic Le Cunff, Nawaz-Shah Burokur, Rasta Ghasemi, Aloyse Degiron, André De Lustrac, Alexandre Vial, Gilles Lerondel, Anatole Lupu
Surface plasmon in a nanosphere near to a semi-infinite medium
Patricio Ramírez-Rodríguez, Raúl García-Llamas
Size, Shape, and Composition Effects on Plasmonic Properties of Nanoparticles
Emilie Ringe
Coupling between a sub-wavelength optical cavity and a plasmonic nanostructure probed by SERS
Julien PROUST, Anna Rumyantseva, David J Gosztola, Sergei Kostcheev, Jean-Louis Bijeon, Renaud Bachelot, Gary P Wiederrecht, Jérome Plain
A Parameter-Free Modeling Approach to Fano Resonances in Nanoscale Plasmonic Systems.
Vincenzo Giannini, Yan Francescato, Stefan Maier
Ultrafast laser pulses and plasmonic metamaterials: from second harmonic generation to nanojets
Ventsislav K. Valev, Victor V Moshchalkov, Thierry Verbiest
Main and higher mode absorption dependencies of open semiconductor plasma waveguide on the total hole concentration and percentage of heavy holes
Arturas Bubnelis, Liudmila Nickelson
Slow light in metal nanocomposites
Joachim Herrmann, Kwang-Hyon Kim, Anton Husakou
Plasmon beams interaction at the surface of photorefractive crystals
Daria Ignatyeva, Anatoly Sukhorukov
Self-assembly of metallic nanoparticles into plasmonic rings
Thomas Lerond, Thomas Lerond, Julien Proust, Davy Gerard, Jérôme Plain
Optical properties of silver triangular nanoprisms.
GUEDJE Kossi Francois, Hounkonnou M. Norbert, Astilean Simion
Nanocomposite C-Pd thin films – a new material with specific spectral properties
Justyna Keczkowska, Małgorzata Suchańska, Hovik Baghdasaryan
Light funneling into single plasmonic nano-slit
Haofei Shi, L. Jay Guo
Localized surface Plasmon Bragg grating on SOI waveguide operating at telecom wavelength
Mickael Fevrier, Philippe Gogol, Abdelhanin Aassime, Robert Megy, David Bouville, Jean-Michel Lourtioz, Beatrice Dagens
Spontaneous light emission modification from silicon nanocrystals coupled with surface plasmons
Julie Goffard, Davy Gerard, Patrice Miska, Anne-Laure Baudrion, Michel Vergnat, Jerome Plain
Analysis of angle resolved spectroscopic measurements of a single metafilm on a dielectric substrate
Anatole Lupu, Petru Ghenuche, Stéphane Collin, Nathalie Bardou, Natalia Dubrovina, Nawaz-Shah Burokur, Rasta Ghasemi, André De Lustrac
Plasmonic nanosensors in the treatment of cancer: An attempt to conquer the immortal illness
Broad band focusing and demultiplexing of surface plasmons
Lin Li, Tao Li, Shuming Wang, Shining Zhu
Nano-Signature of Surface Charge Spatial Distribution of Metal Nanoparticles Irradiated Off-Resonance
Xuan Zhou, Claire Deeb, Davy Gérard, Alexandre Bouhelier, Prashant K Jain, Jérôme Plain, Soppera Olivier, Pascal Royer, Gary P Wiederrecht, Renaud Bachelot
Surface plasmon effects excitation from three-pair arrays of silver nanorings for subwavelength imaging
Yuan-Fong Chau, Huang-Yi Li
Improving refractive index sensing by tailoring the lineshape and measuring the phase of plasmonic resonances
Pol Van Dorpe, Niels Verellen, Kristof Lodewijks, Jian Ye, Liesbet Lagae
Surface Plasmon Enhanced Luminescence Up-Conversion
Won Park, Elisabeth Rengnath, Dawei Lu, Xiaoqiang Yu, Zhihua Li, J.S. Lemaire, Chris Summers
Dynamic Tuning and Symmetry Lowering of Fano Resonance in Plasmonic Nanostructure
Yonghao Cui, Jianhong Zhou, Venkata Tamma, Won Park
Surface polaritons at the interface between a metal and a layer of nanocrystal quantum dots
Yuliy Bludov, Mikhail Vasilevskiy
Optical coaxial metal dielectric nano-waveguides of complicated-form: optimization of the parameters.
Olga N. Kozina, Leonid A. Melnikov, Igor S. Nefedov
Field enhancement in chain of magnetoplasmonic nanostructures
Melvin Essone Mezeme, Christian Brosseau
From localized to long-range plasmons in metallic nano-platelets
Nahid Talebi, Wilfried Sigle, Ralf Vogelgesang, Burcu Ogut, Lin Gu, Christoph Koch, Peter Van Aken
Electromagnetic modeling of plasmonic properties of gold nanoparticles embedded within a dielectric matrix deformed by swift heavy ions
Julien Cardin, Alexandre Fafin, Fabrice Gourbilleau, Pierre-Eugene Coulon, abdallah slablab, Giancarlo Rizza, Christian Dufour
Fano resonance in Multilayered nanodice
Adnan Daud Khan, Giovanni Miano
Purcell factor of plasmonic nanoantennas
Christophe Sauvan, Jean-Paul Hugonin, Philippe Lalanne
Plasmonic antennas for the confinement and enhancement of the magnetic field in the infrared spectral domain
Pavel Geshev, Ulrich Christian Fischer, Thierry Grosjean
Control of surface plasmon polaritons via magnetic field
Andrey Kalish, Vladimir Belotelov, Stepan Andreev, Vladimir Tarakanov, Anatoly Zvezdin
Lab on Fiber Technology enables Nanophotonics within optical fibers
Alessio Crescitelli, Armando Ricciardi, Marco Consales, Emanuela Esposito, Antonello Cutolo, Andrea Cusano
Palladium-Based Plasmonic Hydrogen-Sensing: Perfect Absorbers and Antenna-Enhanced Geometries
Andreas Tittl, Patrick Mai, Richard Taubert, Daniel Dregely, Jens Dorfmüller, Christian Kremers, Dmitry N Chigrin, Harald Giessen
Limitations of superoscillation pupil filters
Heikki Juhana Hyvarinen, Shakil Rehman, Jani Tervo, Jari Turunen, Colin Sheppard
Low-diffraction beaming in plasmonic crystals
V. A. Podolskiy, S. Inampudi, I. Smolyaninov
Nanophotonics of Vanadium Dioxide Coatings for Smart Window Applications
Ghouwaa Philander, Malek Maaza, Emmanuel Iwuoha
Size dependence of LC resonant wavelength of silver SRR
Toshihiro Okamoto, Tomoya Otsuka, Masaya Morizane, Tetsuya Fukuta, Shuji Sato, Masanobu Haraguchi, Masuo Fukui
Heating in plasmonic nanoantennas imaged by digital heterodyne holography
Sarah Y Suck, Ariadna Martinez-Marrades, Stephane Collin, Nathalie Bardou, Yannick De Wilde, Gilles Tessier
Revealing Plasmonic Gap Modes in Particle-on-Film Systems Using Dark-Field Spectroscopy
D. Y. Lei, A. I. Fernandez-Dominguez, Y. Sonnefraud, K. Appavoo, R. F. Haglund Jr., J. B. Pendry, S. A. Maier
Extraordinary transmission of three-dimensional crescent-like holes array
Chongjun Jin, Yang Shen
Dispersion control of propagating surface plasmons on nanoporous gold
Neha Sardana, Jörg Schilling
Tunable coherent perfect absorption using a composite film
Shourya Dutta Gupta, Olivier J. F. Martin, Subhasish Dutta Gupta
Polarization-independent Fano resonances in one dimensional arrays of core-shell nanospheres
Wei Liu, Andrey E. Miroshnichenko, Dragomir N. Neshev, Yuri S. Kivshar
Quantum Plasmonics : Nonlinear Effects and Field Enhancement in a Plasmonic Nanoparticle Dimer
Dana Codruta Marinica, Andrei K. Kazansky, Peter Nordlander, Javier Aizpurua, Andrey G. Borisov
Photogenerated current enhanced by surface plasmon resonance in metal grating
Dong-Jin Lee, Bo-Soon Kim, Seung-Gol Lee, Se-Geun Park, El-Hang Lee, Beom-Hoan O
Plasmon Shaping using Molecular Lithography to Engineer Colorimetric Biosensors
Alasdair W Clark
Three-dimensional chiral plasmonic oligomers
Mario Hentschel, Martin Schäferling, Thomas Weiss, Hans-Georg Kuball, Na Liu, Harald Giessen
Fano resonance in plasmonic nanocrosses
Niels Verellen, Pol Van Dorpe, Dries Vercruysse, Guy A. E. Vandenbosch, Victor V. Moshchalkov
Classical analog of electromagnetically induced absorption in plasmonics
Richard Taubert, Mario Hentschel, Jürgen Kästel, Harald Giessen
Light trapping in nanoparticle arrays beyond the quasi-static limit
Teri W. Odom
Plasmon-assisted enhancement of the magnetic nonlinear-optical response in nickel nanorods
Victor L. Krutyanskiy, Elena A. Gan'shina, Irina A. Kolmychek, Sergey V. Lobanov, Tatyana V. Murzina, Anatoly P. Murphy, Robert Pollard, Andrey A. Stashkevich, Anatoly V. Zayats
Dirac physics in metamaterials with nanoparticle clusters as meta-atoms
Vassilios Yannopapas
From near-field optical imaging to fine control of an active photonic crystal nanocavity with a nano-antenna
Mathieu Mivelle, Thanh Phong Vo, Fadi Issam Baida, Ségolène Callard, Dusan Nedeljkovic, Thierry Grosjean
Coupled Optical Vortices in Plasmonic Nanostructures
Svetlana Boriskina, Wonmi Ahn, Bjoern M. Reinhard
Modifying quantum dot emission using plasmonic crystal arrays of antennas
Gabriel Lozano, Said R.K. Rodríguez, Marc Verschuuren, Raquel Gomes, Zeger Hens, Jaime Gómez-Rivas
Novel physics in photonic crystal nanolasers : Dynamics and Coherence
Alexios BEVERATOS, D. Elvira, X. Hachair, R. Braive, G. Beaudoin, I. Robert-Philip, I. Sagnes, V. B. Verma, S. W. Nam, B. Baek, E. A. Dauler, G. L. Lippi, M. J. Stevens, I. Abram
Terahertz magnetic plasmon propagation through a chain of planar split-ring resonators
Withawat Withayachumnankul, Christophe Fumeaux, Derek Abbott
Optimal structure for Resonant THz Detection of Plasmons-Polaritons in the 2D quantum wells
Anne-Sophie Grimault-Jacquin, Lei Cao, Frédéric Aniel
Tunable Plasmonic Resonance in Core-Shell Nano-Particles
Dean R Evans, Igor Pinkevych, Tim Sluckin, Augustine Urbas, Victor Reshetnyak
Explicit formulas for surface plasmons on a smooth curved interfaceMathematics,
Maria V. Perel
Collective plasmon response in arrays of metallic nanoparticles
Abdallah Slablab, Pierre-Eugène Coulon, Sandrine Perruchas, Thierry Gacoin, Julien Cardin, Isabelle Monnet, Kociak Mathieu, Arthur Losquin, Dominique Mailly, Giancarlo Rizza
plasmons mapping of individual ion-shaped nanoparticles
Coulon Pierre-Eugene, Slablab Abdallah, Perruchas Sandrine, Gacoin Thierry, Monnet Isabelle, Cardin Julien, Losquin Arthur, Kociak Mathieu, Rizza Giancarlo
Single crystal diamond cavities for nanophotonics
Igor Aharonovich, Jonathan Lee, Andrew Magyar, Evelyn Hu
Nonlocal response in plasmonic nanostructures
Søren Raza, Giuseppe Toscano, Anti-Pekka Jauho, Martijn Wubs, Niels Asger Mortensen
Ultrasmall plasmonic cavity for refractive index sensor
Soon-Hong Kwon, Yoon-Ho Kim, Hong-Gyu Park
Coupling of Surface Plasmon with GaAs/AlGaAs Quantum Well Emission by Gold Nanoparticle Arrays
hongwei Gao, Ning Xiang, Jun Lu, Kar Hoo Tung, Soo Jin Chua, Jinghua Teng
Nanooptical study of plasmonic antennas with fast electrons
Zackaria Mahfoud, Odile Stéphan, Anne-Laure Baudrion, Jérôme Plain, Mathieu Kociak
Surface Plasmon Interaction with a Waveguide
Ramon Munguia-Arvayo, Jorge Gaspar-Armenta, Raul Garcia-Llamas
Excitation of surface plasmon polaritons in a SNOM tip
Viktor Palm, Mihkel Rähn, Vladimir Hizhnyakov
Quantum Surface plasmon resonance system based on electromagnetically -induced transparency
Chunguang Du
A 3D Tunable Optical Metamaterial Made by Self-Assembly
Stefano Salvatore, Silvia Vignolini, Nataliya Yufa, Pedro Cunha, Morgan Stefik, Ulrich Weisner, Jeremy Baumberg, Ullrich Steiner
Plasmonic Behavior in Symmetry Broken Nanostructures
X. Zhu, Z. Fang, J. LI, F. Lin
Oxides and Nitrides as Plasmonic Materials
Gururaj V. Naik, Jongbum Kim, Paul R. West, Naresh K. Emani, A. Boltasseva
Electromagnetic field radiated by Nanoemitters in Graphene
L. Martin-Moreno, A. Nikitin, P. A. Huidobro, F. Guinea, F. J. Garcia-Vidal
Confinement of THz surface plasmon on planar Goubau lines
Djamal GACEMI, Juliette Mangeney, karine blary, Jean-Francois lampin, thibault laurent, tahsin akalin, paul crozat, fanqi meng
Nano-Signature of Surface Charge Spatial Distribution of Metal Nanoparticles Irradiated Off-Resonance
Xuan Zhou, Claire Deeb, Davy Gérard, Alexandre Bouhelier, Prashant K Jain, Jérôme Plain, Olivier Soppera, Lavinia Balan, Pascal Royer, Gary P Wiederrecht, Renaud Bachelot
Single metafilm effective medium behavior in optical domain: Maxwell-Garnett approximation and beyond
Natalia Dubrovina, Loïc O. Le Cunff, Shah Nawaz Burokur, Rasta Ghasemi, Aloyse Degiron, André De Lustrac, Alexandre Vial, Gilles Lerondel, Anatole Lupu
Ultrasmall plasmonic cavity for refractive index sensor
Soon-Hong Kwon, Hong-Gyu Park
Power flow in the interior and exterior of cylindrical coated nano-particles
Samel Arslanagic

6. Nanophotonics with gain media for loss compensation and spasing

Smart magneto-optical photonic crystals
Alexander M. Grishin
Focusing surface plasmons on Er3+ ions through of gold planar plasmonic lenses
Victor Anthony Garcia Rivera, Fabio Aparecido Ferri, Luiz A.O. Nunes, Euclydes Marega Jr
Tunable plasmon resonance modes on gold nanoparticles Er3+-doped germanium-tellurite glass
Victor Anthony Garcia Rivera, Yannick Ledemi, Sergio Osorio, Danilo Manzani, Fabio Aparecido Ferri, Sidney J.L. Ribeiro, Luiz A.O. Nunes, Euclydes Jr. Marega
Towards SP generation/amplification at telecom wavelengths using transverse-magnetic polarized semiconductor diode lasers
Daniele Costantini, Raffaele Colombelli, Adel Bousseksou, Mickael Fevrier, Beatrice Dagens, Alain Accard, Jean Decobert, Guanghua Duan, Leo Greusard, Rakchanok Rungsawang, Yannick De Wilde, Segolene Callard, Taiping Zhang
Hybrid plasmonic waveguide: PT-symmetry-breaking operation
Loss-Compensation, Light Amplification and Lasing in Nanoplasmonic Metamaterials
O. Hess, K. L. Tsakmakidis, F. Renn, A. Pusch, J. M. Hamm, S. Wuestner

7. Coherent processes in nanophotonics

Enhancing coherent nonlinear-optical processes in nonmagnetic backward-wave materials
Alexander K Popov, Mikhail I Shalaev, Sergey A Myslivets, Vitaly V Slabko, Igor S Nefedov
Coherent absorption in thin layers of quantum dots
Gabriel Lozano, Giuseppe Pirruccio, Yichen Zhang, Said R.K. Rodríguez, Raquel Gomes, Zeger Hens, Jaime Gómez-Rivas

8. Photonic crystals

Circular-lattice photonic crystal Taper for optical waveguides
Gilliard N. Malheiros-Silveira
A compact equal power photonic crystal beam splitter with complete band gap based on the cavity resonance interface
Yuan-Fong Chau
Rigorous Analysis of Line Source Radiation in Photonic Crystals
Vakhtang Jandieri, Kiyotoshi Yasumoto
Dispersion engineering for photonic crystal based nanophotonic devices
Maxence HOFMAN, Xavier MELIQUE, Didier LIPPENS, Olivier VANBESIEN, Geoffroy SCHERRER, Benoit CLUZEL, Frédérique de FORNEL, Muamer KADIC, Wojcieh SMIGAJ, Sébastien GUENNEAU, Boris GRALAK
Steady-state two-level population inversion using photonic crystals
Hiroyuki Takeda
On the properties of bulk plasmon-polariton modes in layered superlattices
A. Bruno-Alfonso, E. Reyes-Gómez, Solange B. Cavalcanti, Luiz Eduardo Oliveira
Electrophoretic core-shell particles for photonic crystal device
Young-seok Kim, Youngmin Kim, Gaehang Lee, Mingi Kwak
Electrostatic tuning of double-layer photonic crystal nanocavities
Leonardo Midolo, Thang Hoang, Sangnyung Yoon, Peterus Johannes van Veldhoven, Richard Noetzel, Lian He Li, Edmund Linfield, Matthias Lermer, Sven Hoefling, Andrea Fiore
Influence of Mn doping on structural and optical properties of ZnO nano thin films synthesized by sol-gel technique
Strategy for broadening antireflection spectrum: quarter-wavelength AR nanoislands on Si nanoconical-frustum
Kyoungsik Kim, Haesung Park, Dongheok Shin
Simultaneous multi-directional plasma etching for creating three-dimensional photonic nanostructures
Katsuyoshi Suzuki, Kenji Ishizaki, Susumu Noda
Nonlinear Dynamics of Gap Solitons Generation and Propagation in 2D Bragg Grating Structure
Alexander Sadovnikov, Andrew Rozhnev
A study on the multiple-exposure nanosphere-lithography process for two-dimensional complexed photonic crystals
Jong-Bin Yeo, Hyun-Yong Lee
Analysis of Plasmonic-Photonic Resonances in Hybrid Metallo-Dielecric Quasicrystals
Armando Ricciardi, Alessio Crescitelli, Marco Consales, Alberto Micco, Emanuela Esposito, Vincenzo Galdi, Antonello Cutolo, Andrea Cusano
Optical control of the quality factor of photonic crystal nanocavities for cavity quantum electrodynamics
Milo Yaro Swinkels, Chaoyuan Jin, Robert Johne, Thang Ba Hoang, Leonardo Midolo, Peterus Johannes van Veldhoven, Andrea Fiore
A study on characterization of 2D photonic Quasicrystals
Sunmin Kim, Jong-Bin Yeo, Hyun-Yong LEE
A study on the 1D Photonic Crystal on Chalcogenide Galss for Infrared Lens
Dong-Sik Bae, Jong-Bin Yeo, Hyun-Yong Lee
A study on the optical properties of Ti3O5 for reversible one-dimensional photonic crystals
Heon Kong, Jong-Bin Yeo, Hyun-Yong Lee
Lifetime distribution of spontaneous emission from quantum dots in three-dimensional woodpile photonic crystals
Xue-Hua Wang, J. F. Liu, H. X. Jiang, C. J. Jin
Asymmetric transmission without breaking time reversal symmetry: anomalous diffraction vs polarization conversion
Andriy E Serebryannikov
Resonant and slow light self-collimation in photonic band gap metamaterials
Emmanuel Centeno, Rémi Polles, Julien Arlandis, Antoine Moreau
Random laser in totally disordered 2D GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructures
Antoine Monmayrant, Olivier Gauthier-Lafaye, Sophie Bonnefont, Kiran Bhakta, Christian Vanneste, Françoise Lozes-Dupuy
Optomechanical Coupling in a Two-Dimensional Photonic Crystal Defect Cavity
Isabelle PHILIP, Rémy Braive, Emanuel GAVARTIN, Isabelle SAGNES, Olivier Arcizet, Alexios Beveratos, Tobias J. Kippenberg
Complex photonic bands in one-dimensional photonic crystals with periodic gain-loss modulation
Jesus Manzanares, Efrain Urrutia-Banuelos, Yohan Yasdid Rodriguez-Viveros, Damian Moctezuma-Eniquez, Paola Castro-Garay
Modeling the angular distribution of radiation emitted by a luminescent dye embedded in a finite photonic crystal
Jesus Manzanares, Paola Castro-Garay, Yohan Jasdid Rodriguez-Viveros, Efrain Urrutia-Banuelos, Damian Moctezuma-Enriquez
Observation of light diffraction from self-assembled photonic crystals
Photonic crystals properties for organic systems: from components to flexible optical circuits
Leo Peres, Sophie Fasquel, Laurent Ohyenart, Valérie Vigneras
Energy gaps and carrier effective masses of quasi-binary GaP/1-x.ZnSe/x crystals
W. Kara Mohamed, N. Bouarissa, F. Mezrag
Dispersion engineered wide slot photonic crystal waveguides for slow light operation
Charles Caer, Xavier Le Roux, Laurent Vivien, Eric Cassan
All-dielectric photonic metamaterials operating beyond the homogenization regime
Khanh Van Do, Xavier Le Roux, Charles Caer, Delphine Morini, Laurent Vivien, Eric Cassan
Slow light Enhanced photonic crystal MZI modulator in silicon
Belkebir Hicham, Qarchi Abdelaziz, Bouzid Abdenabi
Influence of Mn doping on structural and optical properties of ZnO nano thin films synthesized by sol-gel technique
Dispersion engineered slot photonic crystal waveguides for slow light operation
Charles Caer, Xavier Le Roux, Laurent Vivien, Eric Cassan

9. Chiral and bianisotropic materials

New nanocomposite magneto-optical material for magnetic photonic crystals prepared by RF-magnetron co-sputtering of Bi3Fe5O12 and Bi2Dy1Fe4Ga1O12 materials system and two-stage annealing
Viacheslav Alekseevich Kotov, Mikhail Vasiliev, Kamal Alameh, Dmitry Evgenievich Balabanov, Vladimir Ivanovich Burkov, Vladimir Grigirievich Shavrov
Magneto-electric coupling in U shaped resonators near visible wavelengths
Nicolas Guth, Bruno Gallas, Josette Rivory, Abdelwaheb Ourir, Johan Grand, Géraldine Guida, Julien de Rosny, Camille Jouvaud, Redda Abdeddaïm
Experimental study on circular polarization dependent electromagnetically induced transparency phenomenon in chiral plasmonic metamaterials
Yunhui Li, Hong Chen, Wing Yim Tam
Casimir Force with Chiral Metamaterials
Rongkuo Zhao, Eleftherios Economou, Thomas Koschny, Costas Soukoulis
Lagrangians and Hamiltonians for the electrodynamics of Wire-SRR and single-resonance-chiral metamaterials
P. G. Luan

10. Structured and disordered media

Hydrothermal synthesis of ZnO nanorods and its application to photosensor
L. S. Chuah
A Study on natural Coral Stone – a Fractal Solid
Nanometric hyperspectral imaging of surface plasmons in metallic disordered films
Arthur Losquin, Odile Stéphan, Mathieu Kociak
Anderson localization in disordered dispersive media with metamaterials
Ara Arami Asatryan, Lindsay Botten, Michael Byrne, Valentin Freilikher, Sergey Gredeskul, Ilya Shadrivov, Ross McPhedran, Yuri Kivshar
Effects of Disorder in Metamaterial Structures
Abdelwaheb Ourir, Agnes Maurel, Jean-François Mercier, Vincent Pagneux
ZnSxSe(1-x) nanostructures arrays in porous anodic alumina templates
Rishat Valeev, Eduard Romanov, Artemiy Beltukov
Metaglass as a Non-local Effective Medium
Ralf Vogelgesang, Bruno Gompf, Igor Tsukerman, Alexandre Dmitriev
Effect of oxygen atoms population on the formation of different morphologies of zinc oxide nanoparticles fabricated by DC arc
Saeed Parhoodeh, Mansoor Farbod, Morteza Zargar Shoushtari
Active control of the emission of a random laser
Nicolas Bachelard, Jonathan Andreasen, Sylvain Gigan, Patrick Sebbah
Random Laser Emission in Innovative Structured Optofluidic Channel
Patrick Sebbah, Kiran Bhakta, Xavier Noblin
Artificial magnetism induced in TiO2 microspheres in the terahertz range
Riad Yahiaoui, H. Němec, C. Kadlec, F. Kadlec, P. Kužel, U-C. Chung, C. Elissalde, M. Maglione, P. Mounaix
Two dimensional disordered optical modes for highly efficient photon absorption
Matteo Burresi
Hydrothermal Synthesis of ZnO nanorods and its application to photosensor
L. S. Chuah, Y. Sivalingam, C. D. Natale, C. Falconi
TiO2 microspheres-based metamaterials exhibiting effective magnetic response in the terahertz regime
Riad Yahiaoui, H. Němec, C. Kadlec, P. Kužel, U-C. Chung, C. Elissalde, M. Maglione, P. Mounaix, F. Kadlec

11. Transformational electromagnetics

Biaxial Anisotropy: A Survey of Interesting Optical Phenomena in Graded Media
Aaron J. Danner
Transformation-based Metamaterials for Enhancing the Ability of Computational Methods in Electromagnetics
Ozlem Ozgun, Mustafa Kuzuoglu
Nonlocal Transformation-Optics Metamaterials
Giuseppe Castaldi, Vincenzo Galdi, Andrea Alù, Nader Engheta
Transformation optics in plasmonics: from singular to blunt structures
Yu Luo, Dang Yuan Lei, Stefan Maier, John Pendry
Wave packet dynamics in nonlinear tunnel coupler composed of right-handed and left-handed materials
Elena Barykina
Conformal Transformation Optics Applied to Plasmonics: From Nanocrescents to Nanowire Dimers
D. Y. Lei, A. Aubry, S. A. Maier, J. B. Pendry

12. Extraordinary transmission

Enhancing the transmission of higher order plasmon modes through periodic hole array with paired apertures as the basis
Yu-Cheng Chen, Yi-Tsung Chang, Hung-Hsing Chen, Chih-Wei Yu, Shao-Yu Huang, Si-Chen Lee
Extraordinary Nonreciprocal Effects in Magnetoplasmonic Nanogratings
Lukas Halagacka, Mathias Vanwolleghem, Kamil Postava, Béatrice Dagens

13. Frequency selective structures and high impedance surfaces

Design methodology to enhance high impedance surfaces performances
A polarization-/angle-insensitive, bandwidth-optimized, metamaterial absorber in the microwave regime
Alexandros I Dimitriadis, Nikolaos V Kantartzis, Theodoros D Tsiboukis
Metasurfaces: characterization and application as Partially Reflecting Surfaces for directivity enhancement of patch antennas
Riad Yahiaoui, Shah Nawaz Burokur, Valérie Vigneras, André de Lustrac
Low Profile Antenna Radiation Enhancement with Novel EBG Structures
muharrem karaaslan
Novel uniplanar flexible Artificial Magnetic Conductor
Maria Elena de Cos, Fernando Las-Heras
Selective emitters design and optimization for high efficiency thermophotovoltaic applications
Elyes NEFZAOUI, Jérémie Drevillon, Karl Joulain
Holographic metasurfaces for terahertz focusing: design, fabrication and experiment
Sergey A. Kuznetsov, Mikhail A. Astafyev, Miguel Navarro-Cía, Alexander V. Gelfand, Andrey V. Arzhannikov, Manfred Thumm
Design of a light-weight magnetic radar absorber embedded with resistive FSS
Sun Liang Kui, J. Wang, H. Cheng, Y. Zhou
Dual-band Artificial Magnetic Conductor
Julien Sarrazin, Anne Claire Lepage, Xavier Begaud
Novel dual-band hexagonal EBG structure
Mohamad Mantash, Anne-Claude Tarot, Sylvain Collardey, Kouroch Mahdjoubi
Design of broadband microwave absorber utilizing FSS screen constructed with coupling configurations
Sun Liang Kui, J. Wang, H. Cheng, Y. Zhou
Design of broadband microwave absorber utilizing FSS screen constructed with coupling configurations
Sun Liangkui, Zhang Chaoyang

14. Near-field optics and nano-optics

Poynting vector enhancing nanoantenna
Jonghwa Shin, Yong-Hee Lee
Electron energy loss spectroscopy on photonic metamaterials
Stefan Linden, Felix von Cube, Stephan Irsen
A polychromatic approach to far field superlensing in the visible
Geoffroy Lerosey, Fabrice Lemoult, Mathias Fink
Dark-field hyperlens at near-infrared wavelengths
Carbon nanotube solar cells employing the NEGF method
mansoureh maadani, Mohammad hossein sheikhi, reza sabbaghi
Optical forces in nanowire pairs and metamaterials
Rongkuo Zhao, Philippe Tassin, Thomas Koschny, Costas Soukoulis
Optical control of a sub-diffraction light grid for surface imaging beyond the diffraction limit
anne sentenac, jules girard, geoffroy scherrer, andrea cattoni, A Haghiri-Gosnet, Anne Talneau, benoit cluzel, frederique de Fornel, roland ayuk, ugo giovannini, emeric mudry

15. Analytical and numerical modelling of complex materials and structures

Polarizability matrix extraction for bianisotropic metamaterials from the scattering parameters of normally incident plane waves
Theodosios D. Karamanos, Alexandros I. Dimitriadis, Nikolaos V. Kantartzis
Resonances of Circular, Square and Hexagonal Nano-Antennas
Arnold F McKinley, Tom P White, Sudha Mokkapati, Ivan S Maksymov, Kylie R Catchpole
Calculation of Effective Material Parameters by Field Averaging Over Lattices with Non-Negligible Unit Cell Size
Keith W. Whites, Anthony Amert, Victor Gozhenko
Propagation Constant of a Rectangular Waveguides Partially Filled With Metamaterial Slab
hedi sakli
Couplonics Of Cyclic Ternary Systems: From Coupled Periodic Waveguides To Discrete Photonic Crystals
Yann G Boucher
Electromagnetic coupling in a planar periodic configuration of resonators
Camille Jouvaud, Julien De Rosny, Abdelwaheb Ourir
The relative impedance of waveguiding structures
Thomas Kaiser, Shakeeb Bin Hasan, Thomas Paul, Thomas Pertsch, Carsten Rockstuhl
Electromagnetic properties of microfibrous TSAG-TSP eutectic composite
Andrzej Stefanski, Viktor Myroshnychenko, Javier Garcia de Abajo, Kamil Postava, Dorota Anna Pawlak
Comprehensive circuit-theoretical method for analyzing hybridization modes in metamaterials
Yosuke Nakata, Takanori Okada, Toshihiro Nakanishi, Masao Kitano
Analytical and approximate treatment of the scattering problem at the interface between two periodic metamaterials
P. Lalanne, W. Śmigaj, J. Yang, T. Paul, R. Rockstuhl, F. Lederer
Envelope solitons formation near the band gap in magnonic crystals
Svetlana Evgen'evna Sheshukova, Evgeny Nikolaevich Beginin, Yurii Pavlovich Sharaevskii, Sergey Apollonovich Nikitov, Maria Aleksandrovna Morozova
Study of a microstrip antenna on anisotropic metamaterials
Cristhianne Fátima Linhares Vasconcelos, Adaildo Gomes D`Assunção, Maria Rosa Medeiros Lins Albuquerque, Gabriela Figueiredo Freitas
Data Fitting of LED current calculation model to the measurement results of Indonesia home made IV meter
L. Hasanah, B. Mulyanti, T. Suartini, M. Khairurrijal
Designing singular plasmonic nanostructures for broadband collection and concentration of light
Yu Luo, John Pendry
Bianisotropic superstrate effect on rectangular microstrip patch antenna parameters
C. Zebiri, F. Benabdelaziz, M. Lashab
Binary Programming Techniques for Linear Metamaterial Design Optimization
Joel Saa-Seoane, Ngoc Cuong Nguyen, Jaime Peraire
A Microwave Engineering Perspective of the Superlens
Ravi S Hegde, Yew Li Hor, Wolfgang J. R. Hoefer
Modeling of the crystal structure growth process of GaAs
Klara Amanovna Iskakova
Study of a microstrip antenna on anisotropic metamaterials
Cristhianne Fátima Linhares Vasconcelos
Modeling of the crystal structure growth process of GaAs
Klara Amanovna Iskakova
Phase constant peculiarities of cylindrical zero-index anisotropic metamaterial waveguide
Liudmila Nickelson, Arturas Bubnelis, Steponas Asmontas

16. Experimental characterization techniques

Fabrication of three dimensional split ring resonators by stress-driven assembly method
Chih Ting Hsiao, Che Chin Chen, Shulin Sun, Kuang-Yu Yang, Pin Chieh Wu, Wei Ting Chen, Eric Plum, Nikolay I. Zheludev, Din Ping Tsai

17. Technologies and applications

Interfacial roughness effect on high aspect superlens nanolithography
Analysis of Artificial Dielectric Lens with Metallic Rectangular Chips for Terahertz Wave Band and Physical Explanation by Periodic Model
Takehito Suzuki, Tomonari Suzuki, John C. Young, Keisuke Takano, Hideaki Kitahara, Masanori Hangyo
Snug and boost negative-index metamaterial Vivaldi antenna
Adam Reda Hasan Alhawari, Alyani Ismail, Mohamad Adzir Mahdi, Raja Syamsul Azmir Raja Abdullah
Approach methodology of Quantum Teleportation with binary XOR code for large scale security in Optical Transmission
Aris Skander, Messai Abederraouf, Mahri Omar, Mokhtari Hatem, Guebgoub Nassima, Merabtine Nadjim, Mosleh M-Elharti, Benslama Malek
Periodic anti-reflective layer design for the thin film solar cell using the topology optimization procedure
Jeonghoon Yoo
Cloaking static magnetic fields
Carles Navau, Jordi Prat-Camps, Alvaro Sanchez, Mykola Solovyov, Jan Souc, Fedor Gomory
Compact Fabry-Perot patch antenna based on metamaterials
Rachid OUSSAID, K. Ouahiba
Efficient high-harmonic generation in a mixture of a noble gas and metal nanoparticles and on rough metal surfaces
Joachim Herrmann, Anton Husakou, Kwang-Hyon Kim
Proposal and Analysis of Artificial Dielectric Lens with Metallic Corrugated Structures for Terahertz Wave Band
Takuya Konno, Takahiro Suzuki, Jhon C. Young, Mikio Saigusa, Keisuke Takano, Hideaki Kitahara, Masanori Hangyo, Takehito Suzuki
Design of low loss meta-material coplanar waveguides on silicon for millimetre frequency applications.
Daniel Decle Colin, Zhirun Hu
Analytical approach for CRLH based antennas design
Different configurations of metamaterials coupled with RF coil for MRI applications
Mohand Said KHENNOUCHE, Frédérique GADOT, Benoît BELIER, André DE LUSTRAC
Kilohertz magnetic field focusing in a pair of metallic periodic-ladder structures
Debasish Banerjee, J. Lee, E. M. Dede, H. Iizuka
Different configurations of metamaterials coupled with an RF coil for MRI Applications
Mohand Said KHENNOUCHE, Frederique GADOT, Benoit BELIER, Andre De LUSTRAC

Special session 1: Bottom-up approach towards metamaterials and plasmonics", by D. Pawlak

3D Active Photonic Nanostructures
Elmina Kabouraki, Ioanna Sakellari, David Gray, Maria Vamvakaki, Maria Farsari
Bottom-up metamaterials and plasmonic elements with metallic nanoparticles as basic building blocks
Carsten Rockstuhl, Stephan Mühlig, Alastair Cunningham, Thomas Bürgi, Jose Dintinger, Toralf Scharf
Bottom-up magnetoplasmonics and ultracompact standalone nanoantennas in the visible
Alexandre Dmitriev
A new way of reducing plasmonic losses
V. A. Fedotov, J. Y. Ou, N. I. Zheludev
Physical properties of ruthenium oxide eutectic composites and their connection with the microstructure
Rosalba Fittipaldi, Veronica Granata, Mario Cuoco, Antonio Vecchione
Towards a new class of metamaterials: Multi-scale phase-field modeling of eutectic self-organization
Laszlo Granasy, Gyula I Toth, Gyorgy Tegze, Tamas Pusztai
LiF – Rare Earth Fluoride Systems — Potential Novel Polaritonic Materials: Material Preparation and Phase Diagram Studies
Detlef Klimm, Ivanildo A. dos Santos, Gerson H. de Godoy Nakamura, Maria F. Acosta, Rosa I. Merino
Directionally solidified alkali halide eutectics as polaritonic metamaterials
Rosa I. Merino, Maria F. Acosta, Victor M. Orera
Hyperbolic metamaterials – looking from bottom up
Heng Li, T. U. Tumkur, Yu. A. Barnakov, E. E. Narimanov, M. A. Noginov
Scalable Metamaterial by Self-Assembly
Won Park
Plasmonic nanoparticles ordered in self-assembled materials
Clémence Tallet, Julien Vieaud, Olivier Merchiers, Sivasankaran Prathap Chandran, Ashod Aradian, Virginie Ponsinet
Self-organized plasmonic materials based on spatially arranged nanoparticles: concepts and realizations
Protein-guided assembly of (magnetic) nanostructures
Mitsuhiro Okuda, Jean-Charles Eloi, Sarah Ward Jones, Walther Schwarzacher
Self-Assembled Optical Metamaterials for Linear and Nonlinear Response
Augustine Urbas
Self-organized assembling of three-dimensional plasmonic metamaterials
T. Tanaka
DNA origami for assembly of artificial plasmonic molecules with tailored optical response
Anton Kuzyk, Robert Schreiber, Zhiyuan Fan, Günther Pardatscher, Eva-Maria Roller, Alexander Högele, Friedrich C. Simmel, Alexander O. Govorov, Tim Liedl
Stressed Ferroelectric Nanoparticles: Building Blocks for Metamaterial Applications
Dean R. Evans, S. A. Basun, G. Cook, V. Yu. Reshetnyak
Fabrication and characterization of metallodielectric eutectic structures for photonics
Katarzyna Sadecka, Marcin Gajc, Andrzej Klos, Ryszard Diduszko, Barbara Surma, Andrey Nikolaenko, Dorota Anna Pawlak
Laser-ablative synthesis of plasmonic nanomaterials for biological applications
Andrei V. Kabashin
Fabrication of metallodielectric nanocomposites for plasmonic applications through directional solidification
Marcin Gajc, Andrzej Klos, Barbara Surma, Katarzyna Sadecka, Nikolay I. Zheludev, Andrey Nikolaenko, Dorota A. Pawlak
THz metamaterials made of polaritonic materials
M. Kafesaki
Metallic and semiconducting nanoantennas
Jaime Gomez-Rivas
Optical Spectroscopy, Cathodoluminescence, and Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy on Metal Nanoparticles
V. Myrosnychenko, F. J. García de Abajo, G. Boudarham, J. Nelayah, O. Stéphan, M. Kociak, C. Colliex, G. Adamo, K. MacDonald, N. I. Zheludev, J. Rodríguez-Fernandez, E. Carbó-Argibay, L. M. Liz-Marzán

Special session 2: "Plasmonic sensing", by H. Giessen and N. Liu

Towards 3D plasmon rulers
Na Liu
Plasmonic axicon micro-lenses for chemical sensing
Jérôme Martin, Proust Julien, Gérard Davy, Bijeon Jean-Louis, Plain Jérôme
A smart plasmonic transparent conductor with a gas sensing ability
Mehdi Keshavarz Hedayati, Mohammad Jamali, Mojtaba Javaherirahim, Ahnaf Usman Zillohu, Mady Elbahri
Systematic Study of the Hydrogen-Sensing Performance of Buffered and Capped Pd and PdNi Layers for Plasmonic Applications
Nikolai Strohfeldt, Andreas Tittl, Harald Giessen
Surface enhanced infrared spectroscopy: fundamentals and applications
Frank Neubrech
On the usage of Fano resonances for sensing
Olivier JF Martin, Benjamin Gallinet
Arrays of doped and un-doped semiconductors for sensor applications
Thierry Taliercio, Vilianne N'Tsame Guilengui, Eric Tournié
Hole-Mask Colloidal Nanolithography for Large-Area Low-Cost Metamaterials and Resonant SEIRA Substrates
Jun Zhao, Stefano Cataldo, Frank Neubrech, Bettina Frank, Chunjie Zhang, Paul V Braun, Harald Giessen
Fano-resonant asymmetric metamaterials for ultra-sensitive spectroscopy and identification of molecular monolayers
G. Shvets, C. Wu, A. B. Khanikaev, K. Alici, N. Arju, R. Adato, A. A. Yanik, H. Altug
Biplasmonics: Biomolecular Detection and Identification with Metamaterial Nanoantennas
Hatice Altug
Nanoplasmonic Spectroscopy Concepts for Nanomaterials Science and Catalysis
Christoph Langhammer

Special session 3: "Plasmonics and biomedical applications", by T. Vo-Dinh

Multiplexing and confinement in fluorescence correlation spectroscopy with an array of optical fibers.
Fiona Quinlan-Pluck, Quentin Wilmart, Emmanuel Fort, Neso Sojic, Sandrine Leveque-Fort, Samuel Gresillon
Nucleic Acid Detection Using Plasmonic Coupling Interference (PCI) Nanoprobes
T. Vo-Dinh
Development and Modeling of Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging Biosensor Chips based on Gold Nano- and Micro-Structured Film
Michael Canva, Maha Chamtouri, Anuj Dhawan, Mondher Besbes, Hsin-Neng Wang, Andrew Fales, Julien Moreau, Tuan Vo-Dinh
Monitoring cell metabolism using plasmon resonance energy transfer (PRET)
Olivier JF Martin
Nanoantenna enhanced infrared spectroscopy of molecules
Jörg Bochterle, Frank Neubrech, Annemarie Pucci
Graphene-based high-performance surface plasmon resonance biosensors
Edy Wijaya, Nazek Maalouli, Rabah Boukherroub, Sabine Szunerits, Jean-Pierre Vilcot
Theranostic and multiplexed dot immunoassay applications of Au/Ag nanocages and nanocomposites
Nikolai Khlebtsov, Boris Khlebtsov, Eliza Panfilova, Vitaly Khanadeev, Alexander Shirokov, Larisa Matora, Georgy Terentyuk
Gold Nanocrescents for temperature sensing and local heating
Xuan Hoa Vu, Michael Levy, Thomas Barroca, Hong Nhung Tran, Emmanuel Fort

Special session 4: "Computational techniques for photonic crystals", by R. C. Gauthier

Efficient Frequency-Domain Method for Analyzing Optical Bistability in Photonic Crystal Cavities
Lijun Yuan, Ya Yan Lu
A Fourier-Bessel Expansion Method Applied to Photonic Crystals: Theory and Accuracy
Scott R Newman, Robert C Gauthier
A Fourier-Bessel Expansion Method Applied to Photonic Crystals and Photonic Quasi-Crystals
Scott R Newman, Robert C Gauthier

Special session 5: "Metamaterial and photonics applications", by H. C. C. Fernandes

Numerical Analysis to Four Layers Slot Antenna with PBG
Humberto Cesar Chaves Fernandes, Humberto Dionisio Andrade
New application to microstrip antennas with metamaterial substrate PDF
Marinaldo Pinheiro Sousa Neto, Humberto Cesar Chaves Fernandes
Analysis of Planar Structure with Patch Superconductor Material and PBG Substrate PDF
Humberto Cesar Chaves Fernandes, Hugo Michel Camara de Azevedo Maia, Leonardo Martins Cetano
Fabian Gaufillet, Eric Akmansoy
Isotropic Metal-Dielectric Composites for Subwavelength Imaging PDF
Zsolt Szabó, Yasaman Kiasat, Er Ping Li
Images and electrical signal correlation to find bubble sizes in liquids Untitled
Marcelo Marinho, Valentin Obac Roda, Emerson Carlos Pedrino
Enhanced Absorption via Light Trapping using Cholesteric Liquid Crystals Untitled
Themos Kallos, Vassilios Yannopapas, Demetri Photinos
New Application to Microstrip Antennas with Metamaterial Substrates
Marinaldo Pinheiro Sousa Neto, Humberto Cesar Chaves Fernandes, Valentin Obac Roda
Analysis of Planar Structure with Patch Superconductor Material and PBG Substrate PDF
Humberto Cesar Chaves Fernandes, Hugo Michel Camara de Azevedo Maia, Leonardo Caetano Martins
Numerical Analysis of Four Layers Slot Resonator with PBG
Humberto Cesar Chaves Fernandes, Humberto Dionisio Andrade
Images and electrical signal correlation to find bubble sizes in liquids
Valentin Obac Roda, Marcelo Marinho, Emerson Carlos Pedrino, Humberto César Chaves Fernandes
Slow light modes in metamaterial waveguides
Tian Jiang, Junming Zhao, Yijun Feng
Magnetic Resonant Metalens for Far Field Subwavelength Imaging
Abdelwaheb Ourir, Geoffroy Lerosey, fabrice Lemoult, Arnaud Tourin, Mathias Fink, Julien de Rosny
New Application to Microstrip Antennas with Metamaterial Substrates
Marinaldo Pinheiro Sousa Neto, Humberto Cesar Chaves Fernandes, Valentin Obac Roda

Special session 6: "Negative group delay (NGD) devices", by B. Ravelo

Dispersion Engineering: From Negative Index to Negative Group Delay
Mo Mojahedi
Gain compensated symmetric loaded transmission line exhibiting bidirectional negative group delay
Greg Bridges, Miodrag Kandic
Experimental Measurement of Reverse Doppler Effect with Tunable Composite Right/Left Handed Transmission Line
zhuang li, ye wen zhang
Neutralization of RC- and LC-disturbances with NGD effects
Blaise Ravelo
Microwave NGD circuit using LNA
Blaise Ravelo

Special session 7: "Allan Boardman symposium on Nonlinear waves and Metamaterials", by N. Zheludev and V. Shalaev

Giant linear and nonlinear optical activity in metamaterials
Eric Plum, Mengxin Ren, Vassili A. Fedotov, Jingjun Xu, Nikolay I. Zheludev
Tunable metamaterials
Ilya Shadrivov
Nonlinear plasmonics
Anatoly V Zayats
Nonlinear metamaterial waveguides and cavities
Natalia M Litchinitser, Apra Pandey, Gayatri Venugopal, Xi Wang, Jinwei Zeng, Alexander N. Cartwright
Stopped Light in Metamaterials
O. Hess, K. L. Tsakmakidis
Novel approaches to nonlinear metamaterials: a structural perspective
Mikhail Lapine, I.V. Shadrivov, D.A. Powell, Yu. S. Kivshar
Spatial optical solitons
Y. Kivshar
Dissipative loss in metamaterials and plasmonics
P. Tassin, Thomas Koschny, Maria Kafesaki, Costas M. Soukoulis

Special session 8: "Active and Quantum Metamaterials", by A. Chipouline and V. Fedotov

Nonlinear control of light in magnetooptic metamaterial waveguides and transformation-driven electromagnetic and acoustic field superfocusing energy concentrators
A. D. Boardman
Hybrid plasmonic metamaterials
V. P. Drachev
Superconducting multi-qubit systems: towards quantum metamaterials
E. Il’ichev
Liquid-Crystals-Plasmonics (LCP)-– Route to New Electro- and Nonlinear Optical Materials
Iam Choon Khoo, Yi Ma, Yanghui Zhao, Tony Huang
Sub-wavelength imaging from Perfect lenses made with Quantum Metamaterials
C. C. Phillips
Leveraging Enhancement of Metamaterials for Nonlinear and Quantum Optical Applications
David R Smith
Quantum metamaterials: concept and possible implementations
Alexandre Zagoskin
Plasmonic nanoparticles, gain media and loss compensation
Vitaliy Pustovit, Alessandro Veltri, Filippo Capolino, Ashod Aradian
Active Metamaterials with Liquid-Crystals-Plasmonics
Iam Choon Khoo
Semiconductor approaches for tunable metamaterials in the infrared
Igal Brener

Special session 9: "Mid-infrared and THz plasmonics...", by R. Colombelli and Y. De Wilde

Phase control of light with plasmonic interfaces: Two- and three-dimensional laws of reflection and refraction
federico capasso
Optics of free-standing nanostructure arrays: application to multispectral imaging
Stéphane Collin, Grégory Vincent, Petru Ghenuche, Nathalie Bardou, Riad Haïdar, Jean-Luc Pelouard
Epsilon Near Zero Mode for active THz devices
Jean-Jacques Greffet, Simon Vassant, Alexandre Archambault, Francois Marquier, Fabrice Pardo, Ulf Gennser, Antonella Cavanna, Jean Luc Pelouard
Nanofocusing of mid-infrared light with antennas and transmission lines
R. Hillenbrand
Infrared Detectors with Plasmonic Structures
Sanjay Krishna
Nanoantennas for field enhancement in the mid-IR and THz regime: Applications in SEIRA and cw THz emission
Stefan A Maier
Infrared nano-spectroscopy and nano-imaging of Dirac plasmons in graphene
D. N. Basov
On Surface Plasmons, Babinet Metamaterials, and Enhanced light Transmission
Willie Padilla
Terahertz surface plasmonics on metamaterials
Benjamin Reinhard, Tassilo Fip, Martin Volk, Rene Beigang, Marco Rahm
Strong coupling of the cyclotron transition of a 2DEG in a THz metamaterial
Giacomo Scalari, Curdin Maissen, Dana Turcinkova, David Hagenmüller, Simone De Liberato, Cristiano Ciuti, Christian Reichl, Dieter Schuh, Werner Wegscheider, Mattias Beck, Jerome Faist
Plasmonic Nanostructures for Mid- and Far- Infrared Frequencies
Yanko Todorov, Cheryl Feuillet-Palma, Pierre Jouy, Angela Vasanelli, Carlo Sirtori
Terahertz Negative Index Material based on fishnet–like metamaterial
Nadia Soltani, Eric Lheurette, Didier Lippens, Frédéric Garet, Jean-Louis Coutaz
Near field Thermal signal detected by a dipolar tip
Karl Joulain, Yannick De Wilde, Arthur Babuty, Pierre-Olivier Chapuis, Philippe Ben-Abdallah, Jean-Jacques Greffet
Sub-diffraction-limit resonators operating on the fundamental monopolar resonance: application to THz polaritons
Elodie Strupiechonski, Gangyi Xu, Manuel Brekenfeld, Aaron Maxwell Andrews, Yanko Todorov, Carlo Sirtori, Gottfried Strasser, Aloyse Degiron, Raffaele Colombelli
Mid-infrared sub-wavelength focusing of electrically-generated surface plasmons polaritons
Adel Bousseksou, Jean-Philippe Tetienne, Raffaele Colombelli, rakchanok rungsawang, Arthur Babuty, Leo Greusard, Yannick De Wilde, Gregoire Beaudoin, Isabelle Sagnes
Fano resonances and intersubband polaritons in metallo-dielectric photonic crystal slabs
Simone Zanotto, Riccardo Degl'Innocenti, Giorgio Biasiol, Lucia Sorba, Alessandro Tredicucci
Field Effect Transistor Plasma Oscillators for Terahertz Emission and Detection
Wojciech Knap, Dominique Coquillat, Nina Dyakonova, Frederic Teppe, Jeremi Torres
THz plasmonic using planar Goubau lines
Juliette Mangeney, Djamal Gacemi, Karine Blary, Jean-François Lampin, Thibault Laurent, Tahsin Akalin, Paul Crozat, Fanqi Meng
Enhanced transmittance through periodic arrays of subwavelength slits in a metallic slab
Pseudo-volume-plasmon into arrays of doped and un-doped semiconductors
Thierry Taliercio, Vilianne N'Tsame Guilengui, Eric Tournié
Enhanced vibrational near-field spectroscopy of PMMA with infrared antennas
Jon Mattis Hoffmann, Thomas Taubner
Tunable terahertz near-field enhancement in two-dimensional plasmonic crystals
Artur Davoyan, Vyacheslav Popov, Sergey Nikitov
Experimental study of Surface Plasmons Polaritons on arrays of doped and un-doped semiconductors
Vilianne Ntsame Guilengui, Laurent Cerruti, Jean-Baptiste Rodriguez, Thierry Taliercio
Pseudo volume-plasmon into arrays of doped and un-doped semiconductors
Thierry Taliercio, Vilianne N'Tsame Guilengui, Eric Tournié

Special session 10: "Acoustic metamaterials", by J. Li and J. Christensen

Anomalous behavior of overlapping hybridization and Bragg gaps due to coupling between scattering resonances
John Hilton Page, Charles Croenne, Eric Jinser Lee
Transformation Acoustics: Virtual Pinholes and Collimators
Nicholas Fang, Jun Xu, Yun Jing
Implementation of Metamaterials for Transformation Acoustics Applications
Steven Cummer, Bogdan Popa
From periodically perforated plates to fluid-loaded phononic plates
Hector Estrada, Pilar Candelas, Francisco Belmar, Antonio Uris, F. Javier Garcia de Abajo, Francisco Meseguer
Extraordinary acoustic shielding by an array of water-immersed PMMA cylinders
Zhengyou Liu
A quasi two-dimensional acoustic metamaterial with negative bulk modulus
Victor M Garcia-Chocano, Roge Gracia, Francisco Cervera, Daniel Torrent, Jose Sanchez-Dehesa
Discrete Transformation Elastodynamics
Graeme Walter Milton, Fernando Guevara Vasquez, Daniel Onofrei, Pierre Seppecher
Dirac cone dispersions in photonic and phononic crystals
C. T. Chan, F.M. Liu, X.Q. Huang, Y. Lai, Z.H. Hang
Acoustic Resonators for Far Field Control of Sound on a Subwavelength Scale
Geoffroy Lerosey, Fabrice Lemoult, Mathias Fink
Functionally graded laminated phononic crystals with damages
Mikhail Vladimirovich Golub, Chuanzeng Zhang, Sergey Ivanovich Fomenko, Tinh Quoc Bui
Coupled resonant modes in acoustic metamaterials
Ying Cheng, Xiaojun Liu
Acoustic cloak with duplex communication ability constructed by multilayered homogeneous isotropic materials
Qi Wei, Ying Cheng, XiaoJun Liu
Laser-ultrasonic investigation on Lamb wave band gaps in two-dimensional phononic crystal plates
Jingshi Wang, Ying Cheng, Xiaodong Xu, Xiaojun Liu
Acoustic surface evanescent wave and its associated physical effects
Minghui Lu, Xu Ni, Yan-Feng Chen
Negative refraction of sound in layers of perforated plates
J. Christensen, F. J. Garcia de Abajo
Anomalous transmission of surface acoustic wave in 2D periodic structure of surface corrugations
Sergey Nikitov, Valery Grigorievskii, Iosif Kotelyanskii, Sergey Suchkov, Elena Mirgorodskaya, Alexander Grigorievskii, Valery Luzanov, Michail Fominskii
Phononic crystal based mode separation of a single-frequency bi-modal guided wave in a plate
Yoon Young Kim, Pyung Sik Ma, Hoe Woong Kim, Joo Hwan Oh
Piezoelectric phononic crystal for active elastic wave-guiding
Joo Hwan Oh, Il Kyu Lee, Pyung Sik Ma, Yoon Young Kim
Flat lens for Lamb waves focusing
Marc Dubois, Patrick Sebbah, Sébastien Guenneau, Nicolas Etaix, Ros Kiri Ing, Mohamed Farhat, Stefan Enoch
Granular crystals as phononic metamaterials for shear waves
V. Goussev, H. Pichard, A. Duclos, J.-P. Groby, V. Tournat
Phonofluidic properties of Phononic Crystal Waveguides
Rab Wilson, Julien Reboud, Yannyk Bourquin, Yi Zhang, Jon M Cooper
Spectral dispersion inside a Graded Phononic Crystal
Rubén Picó Vila, Vicent Romero-Garcia, Víctor José Sánchez-Morcillo, Kestutis Staliunas
Spatial filtering and complex isofrequency contours in phononic crystals
V. Romero-Garcia, A. Cebrecos, R. Pico, V. J. Sanchez-Morcillo, K. Staliunas
Determining the full transformed relations in transformation method
J. Hu, X. Lu
Acoustic Metamaterials through Coiling up Space
Jensen Li, Zixian Liang
Determining the full transformed relations in transformation method
Jin Hu, Xiang-Yang Lu
Coupled resonant modes in acoustic metamaterials
Ying Cheng, Xiaojun Liu
Acoustic cloak with duplex communication ability constructed by multilayered homogeneous isotropic materials
Qi Wei, Ying Cheng, XiaoJun Liu

Special session 11: "THz and infrared plasmonics for microscopy", by T. Akalin

Antenna-based infrared nanospectroscopy
R. Hillenbrand
Ultrathin electromagnetic absorbers for mm- and submm-waves: from fundamentals towards applications in bolometric sensors
Sergey A. Kuznetsov, Andrey V. Arzhannikov, Manfred Thumm, Andrey G. Paulish, Alexander V. Gelfand, Victor N. Fedorinin, Miguel Beruete, Miguel Navarro-Cía, Mario Sorolla
Surface plasmon waves in near-field THz microscopy and local THz spectroscopy
Oleg Mitrofanov
Chip‐Based Plasmonic NanoAntennas & Circuits
Hatice Altug, Ronen Adato

Special session 12: "Plasmonic antennas and lenses", by T. Akalin

Pencil-like radiation and spatial processing by extreme low effective electromagnetic parameters
Miguel Navarro-Cia, Victor Torres, Miguel Beruete, Francisco Falcone, Mario Sorolla, Nader Engheta
Photoconductive antennas loaded with meta-atoms for terahertz radiation
Masanori Hangyo, Keisuke Takano, Yui Chiyoda, Fumiaki Miyamaru, Tsubasa Nishida, Mitsuo Wada Takeda, Hiromasa Suo, Seigo Ohno, Teruya Ishihara, Kazuhiro Murata
Photoconductive Terahertz Sources Based on Plasmonic Gratings
Mona Jarrahi, Chris W Berry
Dark plasmon modes and bright emitters
Femius Koenderink, Martin Frimmer, Toon Coenen
Plasmonic metamaterials based optical lenses and their extraordinary imaging properties
Zhaowei Liu, Changbao Ma
Nanoantennas: Design of broadband light harvesters and new applications as plasmonic sinks
Stefan A Maier
Modulators for free-space terahertz radiation
Wai Lam Chan, Hou-Tong Chen, Antoinette Taylor, Igal Brener, Michael Cich, Jie Shu, Ciyuan Qiu, Victoria Astley, Daniel Nickel, Qianfan Xu, Daniel Mittleman
THz Metamaterials and Plasmonics
Willie Padilla, Wenchen Chen, Tahsin Akalin
Metamaterial-based optical components for seamless integration in compact THz measurement systems
Jens Neu, Bernd Krolla, Oliver Paul, Benjamin Reinhard, Viktoria Wollrab, Peter Weis, Juan Luis Garcia-Pomar, Rene Beigang, Marco Rahm
Engineering the Directionality and Spectrum of Plasmonic Nanoantenna Honeycomb Arrays
Kursat Sendur, Rustu Umut Tok, Cleva Ow-Yang
Terahertz active transmission-line metamaterial antennas
Benjamin S. Williams, Amir Ali Tavallaee, Philip W. C. Hon, Zhijun Liu, Qisheng Chen, Tatsuo Itoh
Spontaneous emission of plasmonic ring metamaetrial
Tatiana Teperik, Aloyse Degiron
Control the phase by using the mimicking electromagnetically induced transparency in planar metamaterial
Junfei Zhao, Yewen Zhang
Multi-wavelength superlensing with layered phonon-resonant dielectrics
Peining Li, Thomas Taubner
Broadband and actively tunable arrayed plasmonic nanoantennas for optical communications and sensing
Ivan Maksymov, Andrey Miroshnichenko, Yuri Kivshar
Sub-Wavelength Metallic Dimers: a Bright Transverse Bonding Mode Appears
Brice Rolly, Brian Stout, Nicolas Bonod
Transformation optics of three-dimensional plasmonic nanoparticles
Antonio Isaac Fernandez-Dominguez, Y. Luo, S. A. Maier, J. B. Pendry
Plasmonic lenses and metasurfaces
ALEXANDER V KILDISHEV, Satoshi Ishii, Xingjie Ni, Naresh K Emani, Vladimir P Drachev, Alexandra Boltasseva, Vladimir M Shalaev
Light Propagation with Phase Discontinuities: Generalized Laws of Reflection and Refraction.
Z. Gaburro

Special session 13: "Photothermal effects in plasmonics and metamaterials", by M. Qiu and M. Yan

Multidimensional optical storage based on plasmonic nanorods: continuous-wave operation
James W. M. Chon, Adam B. Taylor, Timothy Chow
Metamaterials for Tailored Thermal Infrared Emission
Willie Padilla, Xianliang Liu, Talmage Tyler, Anthony Starr, Tatiana Starr, Nan Jokerst
Photothermal tuning of SOI waveguide with integrated plasmonic nanoheater
Xi Chen, Yiting Chen, Min Yan, Min Qiu
Effect of thermal annealing on propagation loss of plasmonic waveguide
Yiting Chen, Jing Wang, Min Yan, Min Qiu
Laser-induced heating and melting processes for fabrication of metallic, dielectric, alloy, and semiconductor nanoparticle structures
Carsten Reinhardt, Andrey B. Evlyukhin, Urs Zywietz, Arseniy I. Kuznetsov, Ventsislav K. Valev, Boris N. Chichkov
Recent progress in Heat transfer at the nanoscale
Jean Jacques Greffet
Accumulating microparticles and direct-writing micropatterns using continuous-wave laser-induced vapor bubble
Hui Liu, Ya Jian Zheng, Shing Zhu
N-body theory of heat transport in complex plasmonic systems
Philippe Ben-Abdallah, Svend Age Biehs, Jean-Jacques Greffet, Karl Joulain
Photothermal conversion of gold nanoparticles characterized by polymerization
Lama Zaarour, Safi Jradi, Jérôme Plain
Active control of near-field heat transfer
Philippe Ben-Abdallah, Svend Age Biehs, Felipe S.S. Rosa, Karl Joulain, Peter J. van Zwol, Joel Chevrier
Manipulation Light Absorption and Conversion in Thin Film Solar Cells with Ordered Nanostructures
Yalin Lu, W. Wang, M. Liu, K. Reinhardt, R. J. Knize
Temperature-agile and structure-tunable optical properties of VO2/Ag thin films
Yalin Lu
Radiative cooling of nanoparticles close to a surface
Maria Tschikin, Philippe Ben-Abdallah, Svend-Age Biehs, Felipe S. S: Rosa
Collective photo-thermal effects and chirality in plasmonic nanoparticles
Alexander Govorov
Photothermally actuated therapeutics
N. Halas
Temperature-agile and Structure-tunable Optical Properties of VO2/Ag Thin Films
Yalin Lu, X. R. Zhang, W. Wang, Y. Zhao, X. Hu, K. Reinhardt, R. J. Knize

Special session 14: "Energy Transportation in Metamaterials", by Y. Zhang and X. Chen

Experimental study on the transient establishment of the tunneling mode in ENG/MNG structure
Liwei Zhang, Yewen Zhang, xiaodong Chen, xiaoming liu, Hong Chen
Vortexlike Power Flow at the Interfaces of Metamaterial Lens
kai fang, Liwei Zhang, Yewen Zhang
Experimental Observation on Building-up of Negative Refraction
Fangfei Li, Kai Fang, Yewen Zhang
Tamm plasmon polaritons in composite structures composed of the metal film and truncated photonic crystals
Guiqiang Du, Liyong Cui, Liwei Zhang, Haitao Jiang
Slow light modes in metamaterial waveguides
Tian Jiang, Junming Zhao, Yijun Feng
Comparison of tunneling times in isotropic and anisotropic media
Jelena Radovanovic, Igor Ilic, Petra Belicev, Vitomir Milanovic, Ljupco Hadzievski
Negative refraction in semiconductor metamaterials based on quantum cascade laser design for the mid-IR and THz spectral range
Jelena Radovanovic, Sabina Ramovic, Aleksandar Danicic, Vitomir Milanovic
Lower RCS Antenna by Left-Handed Material
ruixin wu
Negative refraction in semiconductor metamaterials based on quantum cascade laser design for the mid-IR and THz spectral range
Jelena Radovanovic, Sabina Ramovic, Aleksandar Danicic, Vitomir Milanovic
Tamm plasmon polaritons in composite structures composed of the metal film and truncated photonic crystals
Guiqiang Du, Liyong Cui, Liwei Zhang, Haitao Jiang

Special session 15: "Large-area Nanofabrication of Photonic Nanostructures", by T. W. Odom

Au Nanofins and Double-nanopillars Fabricated by Nanocoating Lithography for Practical Plasmonic Sensor
Wakana Kubo, Takuo Tanaka
Electrochemical Fabrication of Chiral Metamaterials
Paul V Braun, Kevin Arpin, Sidhartha Gupta, Andre Radke, Martin schäferling, Harald Giessen
λ3/1000 Plasmonic Nanocavities for Biosensing Fabricated by Soft UV Nanoimprint and Degassing Assisted Patterning
Andrea Cattoni, Petru Ghenuche, Anne-Marie Haghiri-Gosnet, Dominique Decanini, Jean-Luc Pelouard Pelouard, Stéphane Collin
Large-area plasmonic applications and fabrications
L. Jay Guo
Programmable Soft Lithography for Scalable Plasmonics
Teri W. Odom

Special session 16: "Plasmon amplification and lasing", by K. Leosson

Noise in surface plasmon amplifiers
Pierre Berini, Israel De Leon
Laser Science in a Nano-scale Gap
Rupert F Oulton, Ren Min Ma, Volker J Sorger, Thomas Zentgraf, Guy Bartal, Xiang Zhang
Dipolar and quadrupolar plasmon LASER modes for core-shell composites
Rémi Vincent, S. Derom, G. Colas des Francs
Experiment-fit time-domain modeling of high-optical-gain dyes for active plasmonic nanostructures
Nikita Arnold, Ludmila J Prokopeva, Thomas A Klar, ALEXANDER V KILDISHEV
Electrically pumped spaser
Dmitry Yu. Fedyanin, Aleksey V. Arsenin
Loss compensation in long-range dielectric loaded surface plasmon polariton waveguides
Sonia M Garcia-Blanco, Markus Pollnau, Sergey I Bozhevolnyi
Fluorescent polymers and ultra-thin gold films for plasmon amplification in the visible wavelength range
Malte C. Gather, Arni S. Ingason, Kristjan Leosson

Special session 17: "Metamaterials for aeronautics and transports", by A. de Lustrac and S. N. Burokur

How can metamaterials help in aeronautics and transport?
M. Duran-Sindreu, P. Velez, F. Paredes, G. Zamora, J. Bonache, F. Martin
Novel antenna concepts via coordinate transformation
Paul-Henri Tichit, Shah Nawaz Burokur, Xinying Wu, Dylan Germain, André de Lustrac
Using extraordinary transmission material in compact diode-like unidirectional device
Miguel Beruete, Victor Torres, Miguel Navarro-Cia, Andriy E. Serebryannikov, Mario Sorolla
A Flat Profile Cooke Triplet made from Dielectrics
saul wiggin
Multi-hierarchical metamaterials combining conductive inclusions and polymer matrices for Electromagnetic Interference Shielding
Isabelle HUYNEN, Nicolas Quiévy, Pierre Bollen, Yann Danlée, Christian Bailly, Thomas Pardoen
Fast Transient Analysis of cylindrical cloaks with cyclic symmetry
Arnab Bhattacharya, Christophe Craeye
Axial ratio improvement of an Archimedean spiral antenna over a radial AMC reflector
Michael GRELIER, Christopher DJOMA, Michel JOUSSET, Stéphane MALLEGOL, Anne-Claire LEPAGE, Xavier BEGAUD
MIMICRA "Metamaterial Inspired Microwave Conformal Radar Antennas"
Gérard Pascal Piau, Sajad Haq

Special session 18: "Metamaterials for diffractive components", by P. Lalanne

High performance diffraction gratings made by e-beam lithography
Uwe D. Zeitner, Maria Oliva, Frank Fuchs, Dirk Michaelis, Tino Benkenstein, Torsten Harzendorf, Ernst-Berhnard Kley
Metamaterials and the New Limits of Subwavelength Focusing
Reuven Gordon
Transformational Plasmonics
Stefan Enoch
Nanophotonics with subwavelength composites
Yeshaiahu Fainman
Probing the generalized laws of reflection and refraction with plasmonic metasurfaces
ALEXANDER V KILDISHEV, Xingjie Ni, Naresh Kumar Emani, Alexandra Boltasseva, Vladimir M Shalaev
Metamaterials for Diffractive Optics
David R Smith, Stephane Larouche, Yu Ju Tsai, Talmage Tyler, Nan Jokerst
Diffractive optical elements for broadband operation
P. Lalanne, C. Sauvan
Multi-wavelength holograms from plasmonic metamaterials
B. Walther, C. Rockstuhl, C. Helgert, T. Pertsch

Special session 19: "Advances in Metamaterials and Plasmonics", by L. Zhou and J. Hao

Enhanced Nonlinear Effects in Metamaterials and Plasmonics
Andrea Alu, Christos Argyropoulos, Pai-Yen Chen
Metamaterial Absorbers and Antireflection Coatings: Experiments and Theory
Jiangfeng Zhou, John F O'Hara, Li Huang, Dibakar Roy Chowdhury, Matthew T Reiten, Abul K Azad, Thomas Koschny, Costas M Soukoulis, Antoinette J Taylor, Hou-Tong Chen
Plasmonic Nanocomposites
Mady Elbahri
Plasmonic solutions for coupling and modulation
Andrei Andryieuski, Victoriia Babicheva, Radu Malureanu, Andrei V. Lavrinenko
Effect of surface waves on light transmission through subwavelength apertures and on field enhancement in nanocavities
Haitao Liu, Zhiwen Zeng, Philippe Lalanne
Multilayer metamaterials and their applications
Zhaowei Liu, Dylan Lu, Jimmy Kan, Eric Fullerton
Activated Vibrational Modes and Fermi Resonance in Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
Hongxing Xu
Nonlinear responses in optical metamaterials: theory and experiment
Shiwei Tang, David J. Cho, Hao Xu, Wei Wu, Y. Ron Shen, Lei Zhou
Opportunities in plasmonic metamaterials: From super imaging to perfect absorber
Lei Zhou
Controlling Radiation Using Dark Plasmon Modes
Nicholas Fang, K. H. Fung
Ultrafast and Ultracompact SPP Devices
Q. Gong, S. Yue, H. Yang, J. Chen, Z. Li
Tunable Broadband Plasmonic Perfect Absorber at Visible Frequencies
Mehdi Keshavarz Hedayati, Babak Mozooni, Franz Faupel, Mady Elbahri
Gain-assisted extraordinary optical transmission through periodic arrays of subwavelength apertures
Roberto Marani, Antonella D'Orazio, Vincenzo Petruzzelli, Sergio Rodrigo, Luis Martin-Moreno, Francisco J. Garcia-Vidal, Jorge Bravo-Abad
Electrical excitation of surface plasmons with the STM
G. Dujardin, E. Boer-Duchemin, G. Comtet, T. Wang, Y. Zhang
Nano-Plasmonics: Material Models and Computational Methods
Kurt Busch
Rotating Optical Axis for Transformation Optics
Jensen Li, Zixian Liang
Plasmonic nanoparticles for bioanalytics at the limits
Fritzsche Wolfgang, Andrea Csaki, Thomas Schneider, Janina Wirth, Frank Garwe, Ondrej Stranik
Broadband invisibility cloak with multilayer of normal dielectrics
Yijun Feng, Xiaofei Xu, Junming Zhao, Shuai Xiong, Jinlong Fan, Tian Jiang
Dispersion relation of surface plasmon polaritons in metallic nanostructures: Eigenmode analysis approach
Shulin Sun, Hung-Ting Chen, Wei-Jin Zheng, Guang-Yu Guo
Experimental study of EIT-Like phenomenon in a metamaterial plasma waveguide
wusong wang, yewen zhang
Integrated Localized Surface Plasmon Waveguides
Mickael Fevrier, Philippe Gogol, Abdelhanin Aassime, David Bouville, Robert Megy, Beatrice Dagens
Optical magnetism of nonspherical Si nanoparticles
Andrey B. Evlyukhin, Carsten Reinhardt, Boris N. Chichkov
Surface Plasmon - Guided Mode strong coupling
Aurore Castanié, Didier Felbacq, Brahim Guizal
Effective Medium of Low-symmetry Metamaterials
Tianhua Feng, Jensen Li, F. Liu, Y. Li, W. Y. Tam
Specific surface mesoscopy in metamaterials and ways to avoid it
Mikhail Lapine, Lukas Jelinek, Ricardo Marques
High performance microwave antennas based on metamaterials
Meiqing Qi, Hui Feng Ma, Tie Jun Cui
Terahertz plasmonic metamaterial waveguides and devices
Xiaopeng Shen, Tie Jun Cui

Special session 20: "Optical Emission from Metamaterials and Plasmonic Systems", by A. Urbas

How can we predict the directivity of a particle antenna?
Brice Rolly, Brian Stout, Sébastien Bidault, Nicolas Bonod
Fluorescent hybrid gold nanoparticles and nanocapsules
S. Parola, F. Lerouge, J. Navarro, C. Cepraga, S. Marotte, A. Favier, M.-T. Charreyre, C. Monnereau, C. Andraud, J. Lermé, M. Lindgren, P. Baldeck
Metamaterial-based integrated plasmonic absorber/emitter for solar thermo-photovoltaic systems
G. Shvets, C. Wu, B. Neuner III, J. John, A. Milder, B. Zollars, S. Savoy
Opto-electronic Devices; Spontaneous Emission Faster than Stimulated Emission
E. Yablonovitch
Control of spontaneous emission with hyperbolic metamaterials and plasmonic structures
M. A. Noginov, E. E. Narimanov, J. Vella, A. Urbas, N. Noginova, Y. A. Barnakov, C. E. Bonner, M. Mayy, G. Zhu, T.U. Tumkur, H. Li
Beyond Stefan-Boltzmann Law: Thermal Conductivity in Hyperbolic Metamaterials
Evgenii E. Narimanov, Igor I. Smolyaninov

Special session 21: "The Consolider EMET project", by F. Martin

Selective mode suppression in coplanar waveguides using metamaterial resonators
J. Naqui, M. Duran-Sindreu, F. Martin
Practical Application of Space Mapping Techniques to the Synthesis of CSRR-based Artificial Transmission Lines
Ana Rodríguez, Jordi Selga, Vicente E. Boria, Ferran Martín
José Miguel Algarín Guisado, Marcos Alonso Lopez Terrones, Manuel José Freire Rosales, Ricardo Marques Sillero
Multiband Slot-Based Dual Composite Right/Left Handed Transmission Line
Elena Abdo-Sánchez, Teresa M. Martín-Guerrero, Carlos Camacho-Peñalosa
Acoustic analog of graphene: Dirac cones of acoustic surface waves
Daniel Torrent, José Sánchez-Dehesa
ChessBoard Structure Evolution for RCS Reduction
JuanCarlos Iriarte, Amagoia Tellechea, Itziar Maestrojuan, Iñigo Liberal, Ainara Rebollo, Iñigo Ederra, Ramón Gonzalo
Three-dimensional stereo filter metamaterial
Francisco Jose Rodriguez-Fortuno, Nader Engheta
Engineering the diffraction orders of the fishnet metamaterial for subterahertz dual-band backward wave propagation
Miguel Navarro-Cia, Carlos Garcia-Meca, Pablo Rodriguez-Ulibarri, Miguel Beruete, Alejandro Martinez, Mario Sorolla
Super-resolution properties of the Spherical Geodesic Waveguides using the perfect drain
Juan Carlos González, Dejan Grabovičkić, Juan Carlos Miñano, Pablo Benítez
Optical properties of metallo-dielectric nanospheres and their application to three-dimensional, isotropic, optical metamaterials
Ramon Paniagua Dominguez, Fernando López-Tejeira, Ricardo Marqués, Jose Antonio Sánchez-Gil
Strong Magnetic Enhancement in the Visible Range by Al Nano-hoops
María Lorente-Crespo, Rubén Ortuño, Carlos García-Meca, Alejandro Martínez

Special session 22: "Plasmonics and nanophotonics for sensing, imaging, and spectroscopy", by S.-H. Oh and A. Brolo

Biosensing using long-range surface plasmon-polaritons
Pierre Berini, Alex Krupin
Sensing and Trapping with Nano-Apertures in Metal Films
Reuven Gordon, Yuanjie Pang, Aftab Ahmed, Gabriela Andrea Cervantes-Tellez
Evaluation of SERS labeling of CD20 on CLL cells using optical microscopy and fluorescence flow cytometry
Christina MacLaughlin, Edward Parker, Chen Wang, Gilbert Walker
Nanoelectrochemistry and Spectroscopy from Plasmonic Structures
Alexandre Brolo
Improved Plasmonic Films via Template Stripping
David J Norris
Optical extinction in monolayer arrays of non-resonant nanorods
Petru Ghenuche, Gregory Vincent, Marine Laroche, Nathalie Bardou, Riad Haïdar, Jean-Luc Pelouard, Stephane Collin
Electromagnetic analysis of super-resolution through a microlens
Baile Zhang, G. Barbastathis
Single-particle plasmon resonance nanospectroscopy of Mott-transition in correlated electron materials
D. Y. Lei, K. Appavoo, Y. Sonnefraud, R. F. Haglund Jr., S. A. Maier
General description of surface waves excited on metallic gratings with subwavelength patterns
Haitao Liu, Philippe Lalanne
Correlating Structure, Geometry and Optical Properties of Plasmonic Nanoparticle Aggregates
Li-Lin Tay, John Hulse, Jeff Fraser
Plasmonic properties of silver nanocube monolayers on high refractive index substrates
Anatoli Ianoul, Adam Bottomley, Daniel Prezgot
Negative Index of Refraction at Ultraviolet Frequencies
H. Lezec, T. Xu, M. Abashin, A. Agrawal, K. Chau
Plasmonic hot spot and pattern generation for sensor applications
Byoungho Lee, Hwi Kim, Il-Min Lee, Kyoung-Youm Kim
Optimizing the Resolution of Nanohole Arrays in Metal Films for Refractive Index Sensing
Reuven Gordon, Gabriela Andrea Cervantes Tellez, Aftab Ahmed
Plasmonic properties of silver nanocube monolayers on high refractive index substrates
Anatoli Ianoul, Adam Bottomley, Daniel Prezgot

Special session 23: "Quantum metamaterials", by D. Felbacq

Classical analog of two quantum-optic phenomena in metamaterials
Haitao Jiang, Yong Sun, Hong Chen
Quantum birefringence and ambidextrous quantum metamaterials
Alexandre Zagoskin, Sergey Saveliev
Nonlocality in Multilayered Metal-Dielectric Optical Metamaterials
Alexey Orlov, Alexander Chebykin, Pavel Voroshilov, Yuri Kivshar, Pavel Belov
Exotic Properties and Applications of Quantum Metamaterials
Andrea Alu, Romain Fleury
Scattering-matrix approach to the radiative heat transfer between three arbitrary bodies
Riccardo Messina, Mauro Antezza
Plasmon induced coherence in disordered semiconductors
J. Bellessa, C. Symonds, E. Homeyer, J. C. Plenet, Yu.N. Gartstein, V.M. Agranovich, S. Aberra Guebrou
Towards optical gain in plasmonic metamaterials
Wayne Dickson, John McPhillips, Stephane Kena-Cohen, Antony Murphy, Daniel O'Connor, Steven Beckett, Robert Pollard, Paul Stavrinou, Donal Bradley, Stefan Maier, Anatoly Zayats
High power extraction in (THz) surface-emitting lasers using metallic resonators based on type-II photonic heterostructures
Gangyi Xu, Raffaele Colombelli, Ali Belarouci, Xavier Letartre, Suraj Khanna, Lianhe Li, Edmund Linfield, Giles Davies
Quantum fluids of light in nonlinear polaritonic systems
Cristiano Ciuti

Special session 24: "Characterization and modeling of metamaterials", S. Weiss, A. Zaghloul and M. Hoque

Study and analysis of an electric Z-shaped meta-atom
Abdallah Dhouibi, Shah Nawaz Burokur, André de Lustrac, Alain Priou
Mixed nonlinearity retrieval and spatial dispersion in nonlinear metamaterials
Stéphane Larouche, Alec Rose, David R. Smith
Characterization of Metamaterials through Parallel-Plate Waveguide Measurements
S. Weiss, A. I. Zaghloul, Y.M. Lee, T.K. Anthony
Calculation of Effective Material Parameters by Field Averaging Over Lattices with Non-Negligible Unit Cell Size
Anthony K. Amert, Victor V. Gozhenko, Keith W. Whites

Special sessions 25: "Plasmonic Nanodevices", by H. Wang and C.-W. Qiu

Non-perfectly-matched in-plane diffractions for generation of plasmonic Airy beam
Tao Li, Lin Li, Shining Zhu
Chiral Surface Plasmon Polaritons on Metallic Nanowires
Hongxing Xu
Transformation optics and infrared metamaterials for optical devices.
R. Ghasemi, N. Dubrovina, P.-H Tichit, A. Lupu, A. de Lustrac
Plasmonic nano-antenna for nanolithography and high density data storage
Xianfan Xu
A self-powered nanosensor based on semiconducting nanowires
xianying wang, S.F. Xie, J.H. Yang
Infrared nanoantenna couplers for plasmonic slot waveguide
Andrei Andryieuski, Radu Malureanu, Andrei V. Lavrinenko
Visible–Infrared Metamaterials of Nanoscale Complementary Split Ring Resonators for Biological Sensing
Changzhi Gu, Zhe Liu, Xiaoxiang Xia, Haifang Yang, Baogang Quan, Junjie Li
Plasmonic nanoantennas for directional light emission, color splitting, and sensing
Timur Shegai
Nanoplasmonic Meta-Lasers
O. Hess, J. M. Hamm, S. Wuestner, A. Pusch, F. Renn, K. L. Tsakmakidis
Confined plasmonic modes in a nanocavity
didier Felbacq, Aurore Castanié
Maximizing light field enhancement at nano-scale for magnetic data storage
Haifeng Wang, Chin Seong Lim, Danqing Wang
Plasmon coupling in gold nanostructures
Jianfang Wang
Magnetic response of upright meta-molecules in optical region
D. P. Tsai, W. T. Chen, P. C. Wu, C. T. Hsiao, K. Y. Yang, Y. W. Huang, C. Y. Liao, S. Sun, C. J. Chen, L. Zhou, G. Y. Guo, V. Fedotov, V. Savinov, N. I. Zheludev
The Near Field Characteristics of the Focused Field Embedded in a InSb Super Resolution Layer
P.H. Urbach, A.C. Assafrao, S.F. Pereira







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