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1. Metamaterials and negative index materials

Plasmon induced transparency in three dimensional magnetic meta-molecules
Pin Chieh Wu, Wei Ting Chen, Kuang-Yu Yang, Chih Ting Hsiao, Chen Jung Chen, Nikolay I. Zheludev, Din Ping Tsai
A flexible metamaterial with negative refractive index at visible wavelength
Muhan Choi, Jeahyung Han, Byungsoo Kang, Choon-Gi Choi
Nano plasmonic imaging through metal coated CNT forest in the visible wavelengths
Muhan Choi, Byungsoo Kang, Choon-gi Choi
Proposal for an analytical method to design all dielectric photonic metamaterials
Eric Cassan, Khanh Van Do, Charles Caer

4. Biophotonic materials

Molecular detection with multi-functional plasmonic metamaterial
Cheng Kuang Chen

5. Plasmonics and nanophotonics

Analysis of angle resolved spectroscopic measurements of a single metafilm on a dielectric substrate
Anatole Lupu, Petru Ghenuche, Stéphane Collin, Nathalie Bardou, Natalia Dubrovina, Nawaz-Shah Burokur, Rasta Ghasemi, André De Lustrac
Surface plasmon effects excitation from three-pair arrays of silver nanorings for subwavelength imaging
Yuan-Fong Chau, Huang-Yi Li
Dynamic Tuning and Symmetry Lowering of Fano Resonance in Plasmonic Nanostructure
Yonghao Cui, Jianhong Zhou, Venkata Tamma, Won Park
Electromagnetic modeling of plasmonic properties of gold nanoparticles embedded within a dielectric matrix deformed by swift heavy ions
Julien Cardin, Alexandre Fafin, Fabrice Gourbilleau, Pierre-Eugene Coulon, abdallah slablab, Giancarlo Rizza, Christian Dufour
Lab on Fiber Technology enables Nanophotonics within optical fibers
Alessio Crescitelli, Armando Ricciardi, Marco Consales, Emanuela Esposito, Antonello Cutolo, Andrea Cusano
Palladium-Based Plasmonic Hydrogen-Sensing: Perfect Absorbers and Antenna-Enhanced Geometries
Andreas Tittl, Patrick Mai, Richard Taubert, Daniel Dregely, Jens Dorfmüller, Christian Kremers, Dmitry N Chigrin, Harald Giessen
Heating in plasmonic nanoantennas imaged by digital heterodyne holography
Sarah Y Suck, Ariadna Martinez-Marrades, Stephane Collin, Nathalie Bardou, Yannick De Wilde, Gilles Tessier
Plasmon Shaping using Molecular Lithography to Engineer Colorimetric Biosensors
Alasdair W Clark
From near-field optical imaging to fine control of an active photonic crystal nanocavity with a nano-antenna
Mathieu Mivelle, Thanh Phong Vo, Fadi Issam Baida, Ségolène Callard, Dusan Nedeljkovic, Thierry Grosjean
Optimal structure for Resonant THz Detection of Plasmons-Polaritons in the 2D quantum wells
Anne-Sophie Grimault-Jacquin, Lei Cao, Frédéric Aniel
Collective plasmon response in arrays of metallic nanoparticles
Abdallah Slablab, Pierre-Eugène Coulon, Sandrine Perruchas, Thierry Gacoin, Julien Cardin, Isabelle Monnet, Kociak Mathieu, Arthur Losquin, Dominique Mailly, Giancarlo Rizza
Coupling of Surface Plasmon with GaAs/AlGaAs Quantum Well Emission by Gold Nanoparticle Arrays
hongwei Gao, Ning Xiang, Jun Lu, Kar Hoo Tung, Soo Jin Chua, Jinghua Teng
A 3D Tunable Optical Metamaterial Made by Self-Assembly
Stefano Salvatore, Silvia Vignolini, Nataliya Yufa, Pedro Cunha, Morgan Stefik, Ulrich Weisner, Jeremy Baumberg, Ullrich Steiner
Confinement of THz surface plasmon on planar Goubau lines
Djamal GACEMI, Juliette Mangeney, karine blary, Jean-Francois lampin, thibault laurent, tahsin akalin, paul crozat, fanqi meng

6. Nanophotonics with gain media for loss compensation and spasing

Towards SP generation/amplification at telecom wavelengths using transverse-magnetic polarized semiconductor diode lasers
Daniele Costantini, Raffaele Colombelli, Adel Bousseksou, Mickael Fevrier, Beatrice Dagens, Alain Accard, Jean Decobert, Guanghua Duan, Leo Greusard, Rakchanok Rungsawang, Yannick De Wilde, Segolene Callard, Taiping Zhang

8. Photonic crystals

A compact equal power photonic crystal beam splitter with complete band gap based on the cavity resonance interface
Yuan-Fong Chau
Dispersion engineering for photonic crystal based nanophotonic devices
Maxence HOFMAN, Xavier MELIQUE, Didier LIPPENS, Olivier VANBESIEN, Geoffroy SCHERRER, Benoit CLUZEL, Frédérique de FORNEL, Muamer KADIC, Wojcieh SMIGAJ, Sébastien GUENNEAU, Boris GRALAK
On the properties of bulk plasmon-polariton modes in layered superlattices
A. Bruno-Alfonso, E. Reyes-Gómez, Solange B. Cavalcanti, Luiz Eduardo Oliveira
Analysis of Plasmonic-Photonic Resonances in Hybrid Metallo-Dielecric Quasicrystals
Armando Ricciardi, Alessio Crescitelli, Marco Consales, Alberto Micco, Emanuela Esposito, Vincenzo Galdi, Antonello Cutolo, Andrea Cusano
Resonant and slow light self-collimation in photonic band gap metamaterials
Emmanuel Centeno, Rémi Polles, Julien Arlandis, Antoine Moreau
Complex photonic bands in one-dimensional photonic crystals with periodic gain-loss modulation
Jesus Manzanares, Efrain Urrutia-Banuelos, Yohan Yasdid Rodriguez-Viveros, Damian Moctezuma-Eniquez, Paola Castro-Garay
Modeling the angular distribution of radiation emitted by a luminescent dye embedded in a finite photonic crystal
Jesus Manzanares, Paola Castro-Garay, Yohan Jasdid Rodriguez-Viveros, Efrain Urrutia-Banuelos, Damian Moctezuma-Enriquez
Dispersion engineered wide slot photonic crystal waveguides for slow light operation
Charles Caer, Xavier Le Roux, Laurent Vivien, Eric Cassan
All-dielectric photonic metamaterials operating beyond the homogenization regime
Khanh Van Do, Xavier Le Roux, Charles Caer, Delphine Morini, Laurent Vivien, Eric Cassan
Dispersion engineered slot photonic crystal waveguides for slow light operation
Charles Caer, Xavier Le Roux, Laurent Vivien, Eric Cassan

9. Chiral and bianisotropic materials

Experimental study on circular polarization dependent electromagnetically induced transparency phenomenon in chiral plasmonic metamaterials
Yunhui Li, Hong Chen, Wing Yim Tam

10. Structured and disordered media

Hydrothermal synthesis of ZnO nanorods and its application to photosensor
L. S. Chuah
Artificial magnetism induced in TiO2 microspheres in the terahertz range
Riad Yahiaoui, H. Němec, C. Kadlec, F. Kadlec, P. Kužel, U-C. Chung, C. Elissalde, M. Maglione, P. Mounaix
Hydrothermal Synthesis of ZnO nanorods and its application to photosensor
L. S. Chuah, Y. Sivalingam, C. D. Natale, C. Falconi
TiO2 microspheres-based metamaterials exhibiting effective magnetic response in the terahertz regime
Riad Yahiaoui, H. Němec, C. Kadlec, P. Kužel, U-C. Chung, C. Elissalde, M. Maglione, P. Mounaix, F. Kadlec

11. Transformational electromagnetics

Nonlocal Transformation-Optics Metamaterials
Giuseppe Castaldi, Vincenzo Galdi, Andrea Alù, Nader Engheta

12. Extraordinary transmission

Enhancing the transmission of higher order plasmon modes through periodic hole array with paired apertures as the basis
Yu-Cheng Chen, Yi-Tsung Chang, Hung-Hsing Chen, Chih-Wei Yu, Shao-Yu Huang, Si-Chen Lee

13. Frequency selective structures and high impedance surfaces

Design of a light-weight magnetic radar absorber embedded with resistive FSS
Sun Liang Kui, J. Wang, H. Cheng, Y. Zhou
Novel dual-band hexagonal EBG structure
Mohamad Mantash, Anne-Claude Tarot, Sylvain Collardey, Kouroch Mahdjoubi
Design of broadband microwave absorber utilizing FSS screen constructed with coupling configurations
Sun Liang Kui, J. Wang, H. Cheng, Y. Zhou
Design of broadband microwave absorber utilizing FSS screen constructed with coupling configurations
Sun Liangkui, Zhang Chaoyang

14. Near-field optics and nano-optics

Optical control of a sub-diffraction light grid for surface imaging beyond the diffraction limit
anne sentenac, jules girard, geoffroy scherrer, andrea cattoni, A Haghiri-Gosnet, Anne Talneau, benoit cluzel, frederique de Fornel, roland ayuk, ugo giovannini, emeric mudry

15. Analytical and numerical modelling of complex materials and structures

Resonances of Circular, Square and Hexagonal Nano-Antennas
Arnold F McKinley, Tom P White, Sudha Mokkapati, Ivan S Maksymov, Kylie R Catchpole
Binary Programming Techniques for Linear Metamaterial Design Optimization
Joel Saa-Seoane, Ngoc Cuong Nguyen, Jaime Peraire

16. Experimental characterization techniques

Fabrication of three dimensional split ring resonators by stress-driven assembly method
Chih Ting Hsiao, Che Chin Chen, Shulin Sun, Kuang-Yu Yang, Pin Chieh Wu, Wei Ting Chen, Eric Plum, Nikolay I. Zheludev, Din Ping Tsai

Special session 1: Bottom-up approach towards metamaterials and plasmonics", by D. Pawlak

Bottom-up metamaterials and plasmonic elements with metallic nanoparticles as basic building blocks
Carsten Rockstuhl, Stephan Mühlig, Alastair Cunningham, Thomas Bürgi, Jose Dintinger, Toralf Scharf
Physical properties of ruthenium oxide eutectic composites and their connection with the microstructure
Rosalba Fittipaldi, Veronica Granata, Mario Cuoco, Antonio Vecchione
Stressed Ferroelectric Nanoparticles: Building Blocks for Metamaterial Applications
Dean R. Evans, S. A. Basun, G. Cook, V. Yu. Reshetnyak
Optical Spectroscopy, Cathodoluminescence, and Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy on Metal Nanoparticles
V. Myrosnychenko, F. J. García de Abajo, G. Boudarham, J. Nelayah, O. Stéphan, M. Kociak, C. Colliex, G. Adamo, K. MacDonald, N. I. Zheludev, J. Rodríguez-Fernandez, E. Carbó-Argibay, L. M. Liz-Marzán

Special session 2: "Plasmonic sensing", by H. Giessen and N. Liu

Hole-Mask Colloidal Nanolithography for Large-Area Low-Cost Metamaterials and Resonant SEIRA Substrates
Jun Zhao, Stefano Cataldo, Frank Neubrech, Bettina Frank, Chunjie Zhang, Paul V Braun, Harald Giessen

Special session 3: "Plasmonics and biomedical applications", by T. Vo-Dinh

Development and Modeling of Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging Biosensor Chips based on Gold Nano- and Micro-Structured Film
Michael Canva, Maha Chamtouri, Anuj Dhawan, Mondher Besbes, Hsin-Neng Wang, Andrew Fales, Julien Moreau, Tuan Vo-Dinh

Special session 5: "Metamaterial and photonics applications", by H. C. C. Fernandes

Analysis of Planar Structure with Patch Superconductor Material and PBG Substrate PDF
Humberto Cesar Chaves Fernandes, Hugo Michel Camara de Azevedo Maia, Leonardo Martins Cetano

Special session 7: "Allan Boardman symposium on Nonlinear waves and Metamaterials", by N. Zheludev and V. Shalaev

Nonlinear metamaterial waveguides and cavities
Natalia M Litchinitser, Apra Pandey, Gayatri Venugopal, Xi Wang, Jinwei Zeng, Alexander N. Cartwright

Special session 8: "Active and Quantum Metamaterials", by A. Chipouline and V. Fedotov

Plasmonic nanoparticles, gain media and loss compensation
Vitaliy Pustovit, Alessandro Veltri, Filippo Capolino, Ashod Aradian

Special session 9: "Mid-infrared and THz plasmonics...", by R. Colombelli and Y. De Wilde

Phase control of light with plasmonic interfaces: Two- and three-dimensional laws of reflection and refraction
federico capasso
Optics of free-standing nanostructure arrays: application to multispectral imaging
Stéphane Collin, Grégory Vincent, Petru Ghenuche, Nathalie Bardou, Riad Haïdar, Jean-Luc Pelouard
Epsilon Near Zero Mode for active THz devices
Jean-Jacques Greffet, Simon Vassant, Alexandre Archambault, Francois Marquier, Fabrice Pardo, Ulf Gennser, Antonella Cavanna, Jean Luc Pelouard
Strong coupling of the cyclotron transition of a 2DEG in a THz metamaterial
Giacomo Scalari, Curdin Maissen, Dana Turcinkova, David Hagenmüller, Simone De Liberato, Cristiano Ciuti, Christian Reichl, Dieter Schuh, Werner Wegscheider, Mattias Beck, Jerome Faist
Terahertz Negative Index Material based on fishnet–like metamaterial
Nadia Soltani, Eric Lheurette, Didier Lippens, Frédéric Garet, Jean-Louis Coutaz
Near field Thermal signal detected by a dipolar tip
Karl Joulain, Yannick De Wilde, Arthur Babuty, Pierre-Olivier Chapuis, Philippe Ben-Abdallah, Jean-Jacques Greffet
Sub-diffraction-limit resonators operating on the fundamental monopolar resonance: application to THz polaritons
Elodie Strupiechonski, Gangyi Xu, Manuel Brekenfeld, Aaron Maxwell Andrews, Yanko Todorov, Carlo Sirtori, Gottfried Strasser, Aloyse Degiron, Raffaele Colombelli
Mid-infrared sub-wavelength focusing of electrically-generated surface plasmons polaritons
Adel Bousseksou, Jean-Philippe Tetienne, Raffaele Colombelli, rakchanok rungsawang, Arthur Babuty, Leo Greusard, Yannick De Wilde, Gregoire Beaudoin, Isabelle Sagnes
Field Effect Transistor Plasma Oscillators for Terahertz Emission and Detection
Wojciech Knap, Dominique Coquillat, Nina Dyakonova, Frederic Teppe, Jeremi Torres
THz plasmonic using planar Goubau lines
Juliette Mangeney, Djamal Gacemi, Karine Blary, Jean-François Lampin, Thibault Laurent, Tahsin Akalin, Paul Crozat, Fanqi Meng
Experimental study of Surface Plasmons Polaritons on arrays of doped and un-doped semiconductors
Vilianne Ntsame Guilengui, Laurent Cerruti, Jean-Baptiste Rodriguez, Thierry Taliercio

Special session 10: "Acoustic metamaterials", by J. Li and J. Christensen

Anomalous behavior of overlapping hybridization and Bragg gaps due to coupling between scattering resonances
John Hilton Page, Charles Croenne, Eric Jinser Lee
Implementation of Metamaterials for Transformation Acoustics Applications
Steven Cummer, Bogdan Popa
From periodically perforated plates to fluid-loaded phononic plates
Hector Estrada, Pilar Candelas, Francisco Belmar, Antonio Uris, F. Javier Garcia de Abajo, Francisco Meseguer
A quasi two-dimensional acoustic metamaterial with negative bulk modulus
Victor M Garcia-Chocano, Roge Gracia, Francisco Cervera, Daniel Torrent, Jose Sanchez-Dehesa
Dirac cone dispersions in photonic and phononic crystals
C. T. Chan, F.M. Liu, X.Q. Huang, Y. Lai, Z.H. Hang
Coupled resonant modes in acoustic metamaterials
Ying Cheng, Xiaojun Liu
Acoustic cloak with duplex communication ability constructed by multilayered homogeneous isotropic materials
Qi Wei, Ying Cheng, XiaoJun Liu
Laser-ultrasonic investigation on Lamb wave band gaps in two-dimensional phononic crystal plates
Jingshi Wang, Ying Cheng, Xiaodong Xu, Xiaojun Liu
Acoustic surface evanescent wave and its associated physical effects
Minghui Lu, Xu Ni, Yan-Feng Chen
Negative refraction of sound in layers of perforated plates
J. Christensen, F. J. Garcia de Abajo
Phonofluidic properties of Phononic Crystal Waveguides
Rab Wilson, Julien Reboud, Yannyk Bourquin, Yi Zhang, Jon M Cooper
Spatial filtering and complex isofrequency contours in phononic crystals
V. Romero-Garcia, A. Cebrecos, R. Pico, V. J. Sanchez-Morcillo, K. Staliunas
Coupled resonant modes in acoustic metamaterials
Ying Cheng, Xiaojun Liu
Acoustic cloak with duplex communication ability constructed by multilayered homogeneous isotropic materials
Qi Wei, Ying Cheng, XiaoJun Liu

Special session 12: "Plasmonic antennas and lenses", by T. Akalin

Photoconductive antennas loaded with meta-atoms for terahertz radiation
Masanori Hangyo, Keisuke Takano, Yui Chiyoda, Fumiaki Miyamaru, Tsubasa Nishida, Mitsuo Wada Takeda, Hiromasa Suo, Seigo Ohno, Teruya Ishihara, Kazuhiro Murata
Dark plasmon modes and bright emitters
Femius Koenderink, Martin Frimmer, Toon Coenen
Modulators for free-space terahertz radiation
Wai Lam Chan, Hou-Tong Chen, Antoinette Taylor, Igal Brener, Michael Cich, Jie Shu, Ciyuan Qiu, Victoria Astley, Daniel Nickel, Qianfan Xu, Daniel Mittleman
THz Metamaterials and Plasmonics
Willie Padilla, Wenchen Chen, Tahsin Akalin
Terahertz active transmission-line metamaterial antennas
Benjamin S. Williams, Amir Ali Tavallaee, Philip W. C. Hon, Zhijun Liu, Qisheng Chen, Tatsuo Itoh

Special session 13: "Photothermal effects in plasmonics and metamaterials", by M. Qiu and M. Yan

Multidimensional optical storage based on plasmonic nanorods: continuous-wave operation
James W. M. Chon, Adam B. Taylor, Timothy Chow
Photothermal tuning of SOI waveguide with integrated plasmonic nanoheater
Xi Chen, Yiting Chen, Min Yan, Min Qiu
Effect of thermal annealing on propagation loss of plasmonic waveguide
Yiting Chen, Jing Wang, Min Yan, Min Qiu
Laser-induced heating and melting processes for fabrication of metallic, dielectric, alloy, and semiconductor nanoparticle structures
Carsten Reinhardt, Andrey B. Evlyukhin, Urs Zywietz, Arseniy I. Kuznetsov, Ventsislav K. Valev, Boris N. Chichkov
Active control of near-field heat transfer
Philippe Ben-Abdallah, Svend Age Biehs, Felipe S.S. Rosa, Karl Joulain, Peter J. van Zwol, Joel Chevrier

Special session 14: "Energy Transportation in Metamaterials", by Y. Zhang and X. Chen

Experimental study on the transient establishment of the tunneling mode in ENG/MNG structure
Liwei Zhang, Yewen Zhang, xiaodong Chen, xiaoming liu, Hong Chen
Tamm plasmon polaritons in composite structures composed of the metal film and truncated photonic crystals
Guiqiang Du, Liyong Cui, Liwei Zhang, Haitao Jiang
Tamm plasmon polaritons in composite structures composed of the metal film and truncated photonic crystals
Guiqiang Du, Liyong Cui, Liwei Zhang, Haitao Jiang

Special session 15: "Large-area Nanofabrication of Photonic Nanostructures", by T. W. Odom

λ3/1000 Plasmonic Nanocavities for Biosensing Fabricated by Soft UV Nanoimprint and Degassing Assisted Patterning
Andrea Cattoni, Petru Ghenuche, Anne-Marie Haghiri-Gosnet, Dominique Decanini, Jean-Luc Pelouard Pelouard, Stéphane Collin

Special session 16: "Plasmon amplification and lasing", by K. Leosson

Dipolar and quadrupolar plasmon LASER modes for core-shell composites
Rémi Vincent, S. Derom, G. Colas des Francs

Special session 17: "Metamaterials for aeronautics and transports", by A. de Lustrac and S. N. Burokur

Fast Transient Analysis of cylindrical cloaks with cyclic symmetry
Arnab Bhattacharya, Christophe Craeye

Special session 19: "Advances in Metamaterials and Plasmonics", by L. Zhou and J. Hao

Enhanced Nonlinear Effects in Metamaterials and Plasmonics
Andrea Alu, Christos Argyropoulos, Pai-Yen Chen
Metamaterial Absorbers and Antireflection Coatings: Experiments and Theory
Jiangfeng Zhou, John F O'Hara, Li Huang, Dibakar Roy Chowdhury, Matthew T Reiten, Abul K Azad, Thomas Koschny, Costas M Soukoulis, Antoinette J Taylor, Hou-Tong Chen
Nonlinear responses in optical metamaterials: theory and experiment
Shiwei Tang, David J. Cho, Hao Xu, Wei Wu, Y. Ron Shen, Lei Zhou
Ultrafast and Ultracompact SPP Devices
Q. Gong, S. Yue, H. Yang, J. Chen, Z. Li
Electrical excitation of surface plasmons with the STM
G. Dujardin, E. Boer-Duchemin, G. Comtet, T. Wang, Y. Zhang
Plasmonic nanoparticles for bioanalytics at the limits
Fritzsche Wolfgang, Andrea Csaki, Thomas Schneider, Janina Wirth, Frank Garwe, Ondrej Stranik
Dispersion relation of surface plasmon polaritons in metallic nanostructures: Eigenmode analysis approach
Shulin Sun, Hung-Ting Chen, Wei-Jin Zheng, Guang-Yu Guo
Optical magnetism of nonspherical Si nanoparticles
Andrey B. Evlyukhin, Carsten Reinhardt, Boris N. Chichkov
Surface Plasmon - Guided Mode strong coupling
Aurore Castanié, Didier Felbacq, Brahim Guizal
High performance microwave antennas based on metamaterials
Meiqing Qi, Hui Feng Ma, Tie Jun Cui
Terahertz plasmonic metamaterial waveguides and devices
Xiaopeng Shen, Tie Jun Cui

Special session 20: "Optical Emission from Metamaterials and Plasmonic Systems", by A. Urbas

Fluorescent hybrid gold nanoparticles and nanocapsules
S. Parola, F. Lerouge, J. Navarro, C. Cepraga, S. Marotte, A. Favier, M.-T. Charreyre, C. Monnereau, C. Andraud, J. Lermé, M. Lindgren, P. Baldeck

Special session 21: "The Consolider EMET project", by F. Martin

Multiband Slot-Based Dual Composite Right/Left Handed Transmission Line
Elena Abdo-Sánchez, Teresa M. Martín-Guerrero, Carlos Camacho-Peñalosa

Special session 22: "Plasmonics and nanophotonics for sensing, imaging, and spectroscopy", by S.-H. Oh and A. Brolo

Sensing and Trapping with Nano-Apertures in Metal Films
Reuven Gordon, Yuanjie Pang, Aftab Ahmed, Gabriela Andrea Cervantes-Tellez
Optical extinction in monolayer arrays of non-resonant nanorods
Petru Ghenuche, Gregory Vincent, Marine Laroche, Nathalie Bardou, Riad Haïdar, Jean-Luc Pelouard, Stephane Collin
Negative Index of Refraction at Ultraviolet Frequencies
H. Lezec, T. Xu, M. Abashin, A. Agrawal, K. Chau

Special session 23: "Quantum metamaterials", by D. Felbacq

Classical analog of two quantum-optic phenomena in metamaterials
Haitao Jiang, Yong Sun, Hong Chen
Nonlocality in Multilayered Metal-Dielectric Optical Metamaterials
Alexey Orlov, Alexander Chebykin, Pavel Voroshilov, Yuri Kivshar, Pavel Belov
High power extraction in (THz) surface-emitting lasers using metallic resonators based on type-II photonic heterostructures
Gangyi Xu, Raffaele Colombelli, Ali Belarouci, Xavier Letartre, Suraj Khanna, Lianhe Li, Edmund Linfield, Giles Davies
Quantum fluids of light in nonlinear polaritonic systems
Cristiano Ciuti

Special sessions 25: "Plasmonic Nanodevices", by H. Wang and C.-W. Qiu

Confined plasmonic modes in a nanocavity
didier Felbacq, Aurore Castanié
Magnetic response of upright meta-molecules in optical region
D. P. Tsai, W. T. Chen, P. C. Wu, C. T. Hsiao, K. Y. Yang, Y. W. Huang, C. Y. Liao, S. Sun, C. J. Chen, L. Zhou, G. Y. Guo, V. Fedotov, V. Savinov, N. I. Zheludev







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