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Keynote Presentation

Recent Progress in Photonic Crystals - From Dynamic Control to Solar Cells -
S. Noda
fJ/bit nanophotonics for photonic network on chip
M. Notomi
Quantum plasmonics and plexcitonics
P. Nordlander

0. General Track

Collective electronic excitations near Silver nanowire by fast electron beam
Xiuli Zhou, Ted Norris

1. Metamaterials and negative index materials

Phase constant peculiarities of open cylindrical zero-index anisotropic metamaterial waveguide
L. Nickelson
Variable control of group velocity in a metamaterial with field-gradient-induced transparency
Yasuhiro Tamayama, Toshihiro Nakanishi, Masao Kitano
Propagation of light in metamaterials and charge transport in graphene: study by analogy
Yurii Bliokh, Valentin Freilikher, Franco Nori
Spin-wave modes in Ni inverted opal magnonic crystals
Andrey Stashkevich, Mikhail Kostylev, Yves Roussigné, Natalia Grigoryeva, Alexander Mistonov, Diter Menzel, Sergey Grigoriev, Nina Sapoletova, Kirill Napolskii, Andrey Eliseev, Andrey Lukashin
Microwave scattered and absorbed powers by a multilayered zero-index anisotropic metamaterial-semiconductor cylinder
L. Nickelson
Ali Molaei, Saeed Fallahzadeh, Mina Nazari
Microwave scattered and absorbed powers by a multilayered zero-index anisotropic metamaterial-semiconductor cylinder
Liudmila Nickelson, Juozas Bucinskas

2. Graphene metamaterials

THz bandwidth light-with-light modulation in graphene metamaterial
Andrey Nikolaenko, Evangelos Atmatzakis, Nikitas Papasimakis, Zhiqiang Luo, Ze Xiang Shen, Francesco De Angelis, Enzo Di Fabrizio, Nikolay Zheludev

5. Plasmonics and nanophotonics

Plasmon-induced spatial hysteresis and modulational instability in arrays of nonlinear metallic nanoparticles
Roman Noskov, Pavel Belov, Yuri Kivshar
Main and higher mode absorption dependencies of open semiconductor plasma waveguide on the total hole concentration and percentage of heavy holes
Arturas Bubnelis, Liudmila Nickelson
Optical properties of silver triangular nanoprisms.
GUEDJE Kossi Francois, Hounkonnou M. Norbert, Astilean Simion
Optical coaxial metal dielectric nano-waveguides of complicated-form: optimization of the parameters.
Olga N. Kozina, Leonid A. Melnikov, Igor S. Nefedov
Polarization-independent Fano resonances in one dimensional arrays of core-shell nanospheres
Wei Liu, Andrey E. Miroshnichenko, Dragomir N. Neshev, Yuri S. Kivshar
Quantum Plasmonics : Nonlinear Effects and Field Enhancement in a Plasmonic Nanoparticle Dimer
Dana Codruta Marinica, Andrei K. Kazansky, Peter Nordlander, Javier Aizpurua, Andrey G. Borisov
From near-field optical imaging to fine control of an active photonic crystal nanocavity with a nano-antenna
Mathieu Mivelle, Thanh Phong Vo, Fadi Issam Baida, Ségolène Callard, Dusan Nedeljkovic, Thierry Grosjean
Novel physics in photonic crystal nanolasers : Dynamics and Coherence
Alexios BEVERATOS, D. Elvira, X. Hachair, R. Braive, G. Beaudoin, I. Robert-Philip, I. Sagnes, V. B. Verma, S. W. Nam, B. Baek, E. A. Dauler, G. L. Lippi, M. J. Stevens, I. Abram
Oxides and Nitrides as Plasmonic Materials
Gururaj V. Naik, Jongbum Kim, Paul R. West, Naresh K. Emani, A. Boltasseva
Electromagnetic field radiated by Nanoemitters in Graphene
L. Martin-Moreno, A. Nikitin, P. A. Huidobro, F. Guinea, F. J. Garcia-Vidal

6. Nanophotonics with gain media for loss compensation and spasing

Focusing surface plasmons on Er3+ ions through of gold planar plasmonic lenses
Victor Anthony Garcia Rivera, Fabio Aparecido Ferri, Luiz A.O. Nunes, Euclydes Marega Jr
Tunable plasmon resonance modes on gold nanoparticles Er3+-doped germanium-tellurite glass
Victor Anthony Garcia Rivera, Yannick Ledemi, Sergio Osorio, Danilo Manzani, Fabio Aparecido Ferri, Sidney J.L. Ribeiro, Luiz A.O. Nunes, Euclydes Jr. Marega

7. Coherent processes in nanophotonics

Enhancing coherent nonlinear-optical processes in nonmagnetic backward-wave materials
Alexander K Popov, Mikhail I Shalaev, Sergey A Myslivets, Vitaly V Slabko, Igor S Nefedov

8. Photonic crystals

Electrostatic tuning of double-layer photonic crystal nanocavities
Leonardo Midolo, Thang Hoang, Sangnyung Yoon, Peterus Johannes van Veldhoven, Richard Noetzel, Lian He Li, Edmund Linfield, Matthias Lermer, Sven Hoefling, Andrea Fiore
Simultaneous multi-directional plasma etching for creating three-dimensional photonic nanostructures
Katsuyoshi Suzuki, Kenji Ishizaki, Susumu Noda

10. Structured and disordered media

Random Laser Emission in Innovative Structured Optofluidic Channel
Patrick Sebbah, Kiran Bhakta, Xavier Noblin
Artificial magnetism induced in TiO2 microspheres in the terahertz range
Riad Yahiaoui, H. Němec, C. Kadlec, F. Kadlec, P. Kužel, U-C. Chung, C. Elissalde, M. Maglione, P. Mounaix
Hydrothermal Synthesis of ZnO nanorods and its application to photosensor
L. S. Chuah, Y. Sivalingam, C. D. Natale, C. Falconi
TiO2 microspheres-based metamaterials exhibiting effective magnetic response in the terahertz regime
Riad Yahiaoui, H. Němec, C. Kadlec, P. Kužel, U-C. Chung, C. Elissalde, M. Maglione, P. Mounaix, F. Kadlec

13. Frequency selective structures and high impedance surfaces

Selective emitters design and optimization for high efficiency thermophotovoltaic applications
Elyes NEFZAOUI, Jérémie Drevillon, Karl Joulain
Holographic metasurfaces for terahertz focusing: design, fabrication and experiment
Sergey A. Kuznetsov, Mikhail A. Astafyev, Miguel Navarro-Cía, Alexander V. Gelfand, Andrey V. Arzhannikov, Manfred Thumm

15. Analytical and numerical modelling of complex materials and structures

Comprehensive circuit-theoretical method for analyzing hybridization modes in metamaterials
Yosuke Nakata, Takanori Okada, Toshihiro Nakanishi, Masao Kitano
Envelope solitons formation near the band gap in magnonic crystals
Svetlana Evgen'evna Sheshukova, Evgeny Nikolaevich Beginin, Yurii Pavlovich Sharaevskii, Sergey Apollonovich Nikitov, Maria Aleksandrovna Morozova
Phase constant peculiarities of cylindrical zero-index anisotropic metamaterial waveguide
Liudmila Nickelson, Arturas Bubnelis, Steponas Asmontas

17. Technologies and applications

Approach methodology of Quantum Teleportation with binary XOR code for large scale security in Optical Transmission
Aris Skander, Messai Abederraouf, Mahri Omar, Mokhtari Hatem, Guebgoub Nassima, Merabtine Nadjim, Mosleh M-Elharti, Benslama Malek
Cloaking static magnetic fields
Carles Navau, Jordi Prat-Camps, Alvaro Sanchez, Mykola Solovyov, Jan Souc, Fedor Gomory

Special session 1: Bottom-up approach towards metamaterials and plasmonics", by D. Pawlak

Hyperbolic metamaterials – looking from bottom up
Heng Li, T. U. Tumkur, Yu. A. Barnakov, E. E. Narimanov, M. A. Noginov
Fabrication and characterization of metallodielectric eutectic structures for photonics
Katarzyna Sadecka, Marcin Gajc, Andrzej Klos, Ryszard Diduszko, Barbara Surma, Andrey Nikolaenko, Dorota Anna Pawlak
Fabrication of metallodielectric nanocomposites for plasmonic applications through directional solidification
Marcin Gajc, Andrzej Klos, Barbara Surma, Katarzyna Sadecka, Nikolay I. Zheludev, Andrey Nikolaenko, Dorota A. Pawlak
Optical Spectroscopy, Cathodoluminescence, and Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy on Metal Nanoparticles
V. Myrosnychenko, F. J. García de Abajo, G. Boudarham, J. Nelayah, O. Stéphan, M. Kociak, C. Colliex, G. Adamo, K. MacDonald, N. I. Zheludev, J. Rodríguez-Fernandez, E. Carbó-Argibay, L. M. Liz-Marzán

Special session 2: "Plasmonic sensing", by H. Giessen and N. Liu

Surface enhanced infrared spectroscopy: fundamentals and applications
Frank Neubrech
Arrays of doped and un-doped semiconductors for sensor applications
Thierry Taliercio, Vilianne N'Tsame Guilengui, Eric Tournié
Hole-Mask Colloidal Nanolithography for Large-Area Low-Cost Metamaterials and Resonant SEIRA Substrates
Jun Zhao, Stefano Cataldo, Frank Neubrech, Bettina Frank, Chunjie Zhang, Paul V Braun, Harald Giessen

Special session 3: "Plasmonics and biomedical applications", by T. Vo-Dinh

Nanoantenna enhanced infrared spectroscopy of molecules
Jörg Bochterle, Frank Neubrech, Annemarie Pucci

Special session 4: "Computational techniques for photonic crystals", by R. C. Gauthier

A Fourier-Bessel Expansion Method Applied to Photonic Crystals: Theory and Accuracy
Scott R Newman, Robert C Gauthier
A Fourier-Bessel Expansion Method Applied to Photonic Crystals and Photonic Quasi-Crystals
Scott R Newman, Robert C Gauthier

Special session 9: "Mid-infrared and THz plasmonics...", by R. Colombelli and Y. De Wilde

Pseudo-volume-plasmon into arrays of doped and un-doped semiconductors
Thierry Taliercio, Vilianne N'Tsame Guilengui, Eric Tournié
Tunable terahertz near-field enhancement in two-dimensional plasmonic crystals
Artur Davoyan, Vyacheslav Popov, Sergey Nikitov
Experimental study of Surface Plasmons Polaritons on arrays of doped and un-doped semiconductors
Vilianne Ntsame Guilengui, Laurent Cerruti, Jean-Baptiste Rodriguez, Thierry Taliercio
Pseudo volume-plasmon into arrays of doped and un-doped semiconductors
Thierry Taliercio, Vilianne N'Tsame Guilengui, Eric Tournié

Special session 10: "Acoustic metamaterials", by J. Li and J. Christensen

Acoustic surface evanescent wave and its associated physical effects
Minghui Lu, Xu Ni, Yan-Feng Chen
Anomalous transmission of surface acoustic wave in 2D periodic structure of surface corrugations
Sergey Nikitov, Valery Grigorievskii, Iosif Kotelyanskii, Sergey Suchkov, Elena Mirgorodskaya, Alexander Grigorievskii, Valery Luzanov, Michail Fominskii

Special session 11: "THz and infrared plasmonics for microscopy", by T. Akalin

Ultrathin electromagnetic absorbers for mm- and submm-waves: from fundamentals towards applications in bolometric sensors
Sergey A. Kuznetsov, Andrey V. Arzhannikov, Manfred Thumm, Andrey G. Paulish, Alexander V. Gelfand, Victor N. Fedorinin, Miguel Beruete, Miguel Navarro-Cía, Mario Sorolla

Special session 12: "Plasmonic antennas and lenses", by T. Akalin

Pencil-like radiation and spatial processing by extreme low effective electromagnetic parameters
Miguel Navarro-Cia, Victor Torres, Miguel Beruete, Francisco Falcone, Mario Sorolla, Nader Engheta
Photoconductive antennas loaded with meta-atoms for terahertz radiation
Masanori Hangyo, Keisuke Takano, Yui Chiyoda, Fumiaki Miyamaru, Tsubasa Nishida, Mitsuo Wada Takeda, Hiromasa Suo, Seigo Ohno, Teruya Ishihara, Kazuhiro Murata
Modulators for free-space terahertz radiation
Wai Lam Chan, Hou-Tong Chen, Antoinette Taylor, Igal Brener, Michael Cich, Jie Shu, Ciyuan Qiu, Victoria Astley, Daniel Nickel, Qianfan Xu, Daniel Mittleman
Metamaterial-based optical components for seamless integration in compact THz measurement systems
Jens Neu, Bernd Krolla, Oliver Paul, Benjamin Reinhard, Viktoria Wollrab, Peter Weis, Juan Luis Garcia-Pomar, Rene Beigang, Marco Rahm
Plasmonic lenses and metasurfaces
ALEXANDER V KILDISHEV, Satoshi Ishii, Xingjie Ni, Naresh K Emani, Vladimir P Drachev, Alexandra Boltasseva, Vladimir M Shalaev

Special session 17: "Metamaterials for aeronautics and transports", by A. de Lustrac and S. N. Burokur

Using extraordinary transmission material in compact diode-like unidirectional device
Miguel Beruete, Victor Torres, Miguel Navarro-Cia, Andriy E. Serebryannikov, Mario Sorolla

Special session 18: "Metamaterials for diffractive components", by P. Lalanne

Probing the generalized laws of reflection and refraction with plasmonic metasurfaces
ALEXANDER V KILDISHEV, Xingjie Ni, Naresh Kumar Emani, Alexandra Boltasseva, Vladimir M Shalaev

Special session 20: "Optical Emission from Metamaterials and Plasmonic Systems", by A. Urbas

Fluorescent hybrid gold nanoparticles and nanocapsules
S. Parola, F. Lerouge, J. Navarro, C. Cepraga, S. Marotte, A. Favier, M.-T. Charreyre, C. Monnereau, C. Andraud, J. Lermé, M. Lindgren, P. Baldeck
Metamaterial-based integrated plasmonic absorber/emitter for solar thermo-photovoltaic systems
G. Shvets, C. Wu, B. Neuner III, J. John, A. Milder, B. Zollars, S. Savoy
Control of spontaneous emission with hyperbolic metamaterials and plasmonic structures
M. A. Noginov, E. E. Narimanov, J. Vella, A. Urbas, N. Noginova, Y. A. Barnakov, C. E. Bonner, M. Mayy, G. Zhu, T.U. Tumkur, H. Li
Beyond Stefan-Boltzmann Law: Thermal Conductivity in Hyperbolic Metamaterials
Evgenii E. Narimanov, Igor I. Smolyaninov

Special session 21: "The Consolider EMET project", by F. Martin

Selective mode suppression in coplanar waveguides using metamaterial resonators
J. Naqui, M. Duran-Sindreu, F. Martin
Engineering the diffraction orders of the fishnet metamaterial for subterahertz dual-band backward wave propagation
Miguel Navarro-Cia, Carlos Garcia-Meca, Pablo Rodriguez-Ulibarri, Miguel Beruete, Alejandro Martinez, Mario Sorolla

Special session 22: "Plasmonics and nanophotonics for sensing, imaging, and spectroscopy", by S.-H. Oh and A. Brolo

Improved Plasmonic Films via Template Stripping
David J Norris







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