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0. General Track

Antireflection transparent conductive coating using photonic metamaterial
Jiaming Hao, Cheng-Wei Qiu, Min Qiu, Said Zouhdi

Special session 3: "Plasmonics and biomedical applications", by T. Vo-Dinh

Multiplexing and confinement in fluorescence correlation spectroscopy with an array of optical fibers.
Fiona Quinlan-Pluck, Quentin Wilmart, Emmanuel Fort, Neso Sojic, Sandrine Leveque-Fort, Samuel Gresillon

Special session 12: "Plasmonic antennas and lenses", by T. Akalin

Modulators for free-space terahertz radiation
Wai Lam Chan, Hou-Tong Chen, Antoinette Taylor, Igal Brener, Michael Cich, Jie Shu, Ciyuan Qiu, Victoria Astley, Daniel Nickel, Qianfan Xu, Daniel Mittleman

Special session 13: "Photothermal effects in plasmonics and metamaterials", by M. Qiu and M. Yan

Photothermal tuning of SOI waveguide with integrated plasmonic nanoheater
Xi Chen, Yiting Chen, Min Yan, Min Qiu
Effect of thermal annealing on propagation loss of plasmonic waveguide
Yiting Chen, Jing Wang, Min Yan, Min Qiu

Special session 17: "Metamaterials for aeronautics and transports", by A. de Lustrac and S. N. Burokur

Multi-hierarchical metamaterials combining conductive inclusions and polymer matrices for Electromagnetic Interference Shielding
Isabelle HUYNEN, Nicolas Quiévy, Pierre Bollen, Yann Danlée, Christian Bailly, Thomas Pardoen

Special session 19: "Advances in Metamaterials and Plasmonics", by L. Zhou and J. Hao

High performance microwave antennas based on metamaterials
Meiqing Qi, Hui Feng Ma, Tie Jun Cui

Special sessions 25: "Plasmonic Nanodevices", by H. Wang and C.-W. Qiu

Visible–Infrared Metamaterials of Nanoscale Complementary Split Ring Resonators for Biological Sensing
Changzhi Gu, Zhe Liu, Xiaoxiang Xia, Haifang Yang, Baogang Quan, Junjie Li







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