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Keynote Presentation

Exotic plasmonic crystals for nanophotonic applications
Anatoly V Zayats
From Metamaterials to Metadevices
N. Zheludev

0. General Track

Collective electronic excitations near Silver nanowire by fast electron beam
Xiuli Zhou, Ted Norris
Optical Frequency Detector Based on Stratified Isotropic Slab
K. Vytovtov, L. Mospan, S. Zouhdi
Antireflection transparent conductive coating using photonic metamaterial
Jiaming Hao, Cheng-Wei Qiu, Min Qiu, Said Zouhdi

1. Metamaterials and negative index materials

Surface waves at the interface between tunable LC-MTMs and Nonlinear media
Hala Jarallah El-Khozondar, Rifa J. El-Khozondar, Said Zouhdi
Plasmon induced transparency in three dimensional magnetic meta-molecules
Pin Chieh Wu, Wei Ting Chen, Kuang-Yu Yang, Chih Ting Hsiao, Chen Jung Chen, Nikolay I. Zheludev, Din Ping Tsai
Visible negative refraction in natural indefinite material: MgB2
Jingo Sun, Bo Li, Ji Zhou
Design and Simulation of Novel Compact and Reconfigurable Double Negative Metamaterial unit cell
Behnam Zarghooni, Tayeb Denidni
Time domain investigation of the tunneling modes in photonic
Liwei Zhang, guiqiang Du, Yewen Zhang
Time domain investigation of the tunneling modes in photonic heterostructure containing single negative materials
Liwei Zhang, Yewen Zhang, guiqiang Du
Surface waves at the interface between tunable LC-MTMs and Nonlinear media
Hala Jarallah El-Khozondar, Rifa J El-Khozondar, Said Zouhdi
Visible negative refraction in natural indefinite medium: MgB2
Jingo Sun, Bo Li, Ji Zhou

2. Graphene metamaterials

THz bandwidth light-with-light modulation in graphene metamaterial
Andrey Nikolaenko, Evangelos Atmatzakis, Nikitas Papasimakis, Zhiqiang Luo, Ze Xiang Shen, Francesco De Angelis, Enzo Di Fabrizio, Nikolay Zheludev

3. Acoustic metamaterials

Functionally graded laminated phononic crystals with damages
Mikhail V. Golub, Chuanzeng Zhang, Sergey I Fomenko, Tinh Quoc Bui

5. Plasmonics and nanophotonics

Directive properties of active coated nano-particles
Samel Arslanagic, Richard W. Ziolkowski
Broad band focusing and demultiplexing of surface plasmons
Lin Li, Tao Li, Shuming Wang, Shining Zhu
Nano-Signature of Surface Charge Spatial Distribution of Metal Nanoparticles Irradiated Off-Resonance
Xuan Zhou, Claire Deeb, Davy Gérard, Alexandre Bouhelier, Prashant K Jain, Jérôme Plain, Soppera Olivier, Pascal Royer, Gary P Wiederrecht, Renaud Bachelot
Dynamic Tuning and Symmetry Lowering of Fano Resonance in Plasmonic Nanostructure
Yonghao Cui, Jianhong Zhou, Venkata Tamma, Won Park
Control of surface plasmon polaritons via magnetic field
Andrey Kalish, Vladimir Belotelov, Stepan Andreev, Vladimir Tarakanov, Anatoly Zvezdin
Plasmon-assisted enhancement of the magnetic nonlinear-optical response in nickel nanorods
Victor L. Krutyanskiy, Elena A. Gan'shina, Irina A. Kolmychek, Sergey V. Lobanov, Tatyana V. Murzina, Anatoly P. Murphy, Robert Pollard, Andrey A. Stashkevich, Anatoly V. Zayats
Plasmonic Behavior in Symmetry Broken Nanostructures
X. Zhu, Z. Fang, J. LI, F. Lin
Nano-Signature of Surface Charge Spatial Distribution of Metal Nanoparticles Irradiated Off-Resonance
Xuan Zhou, Claire Deeb, Davy Gérard, Alexandre Bouhelier, Prashant K Jain, Jérôme Plain, Olivier Soppera, Lavinia Balan, Pascal Royer, Gary P Wiederrecht, Renaud Bachelot

6. Nanophotonics with gain media for loss compensation and spasing

Towards SP generation/amplification at telecom wavelengths using transverse-magnetic polarized semiconductor diode lasers
Daniele Costantini, Raffaele Colombelli, Adel Bousseksou, Mickael Fevrier, Beatrice Dagens, Alain Accard, Jean Decobert, Guanghua Duan, Leo Greusard, Rakchanok Rungsawang, Yannick De Wilde, Segolene Callard, Taiping Zhang

7. Coherent processes in nanophotonics

Coherent absorption in thin layers of quantum dots
Gabriel Lozano, Giuseppe Pirruccio, Yichen Zhang, Said R.K. Rodríguez, Raquel Gomes, Zeger Hens, Jaime Gómez-Rivas

9. Chiral and bianisotropic materials

Casimir Force with Chiral Metamaterials
Rongkuo Zhao, Eleftherios Economou, Thomas Koschny, Costas Soukoulis

10. Structured and disordered media

Effect of oxygen atoms population on the formation of different morphologies of zinc oxide nanoparticles fabricated by DC arc
Saeed Parhoodeh, Mansoor Farbod, Morteza Zargar Shoushtari

13. Frequency selective structures and high impedance surfaces

Design of a light-weight magnetic radar absorber embedded with resistive FSS
Sun Liang Kui, J. Wang, H. Cheng, Y. Zhou
Design of broadband microwave absorber utilizing FSS screen constructed with coupling configurations
Sun Liang Kui, J. Wang, H. Cheng, Y. Zhou

14. Near-field optics and nano-optics

Optical forces in nanowire pairs and metamaterials
Rongkuo Zhao, Philippe Tassin, Thomas Koschny, Costas Soukoulis

15. Analytical and numerical modelling of complex materials and structures

Bianisotropic superstrate effect on rectangular microstrip patch antenna parameters
C. Zebiri, F. Benabdelaziz, M. Lashab

16. Experimental characterization techniques

Fabrication of three dimensional split ring resonators by stress-driven assembly method
Chih Ting Hsiao, Che Chin Chen, Shulin Sun, Kuang-Yu Yang, Pin Chieh Wu, Wei Ting Chen, Eric Plum, Nikolay I. Zheludev, Din Ping Tsai

Special session 1: Bottom-up approach towards metamaterials and plasmonics", by D. Pawlak

A new way of reducing plasmonic losses
V. A. Fedotov, J. Y. Ou, N. I. Zheludev
Fabrication of metallodielectric nanocomposites for plasmonic applications through directional solidification
Marcin Gajc, Andrzej Klos, Barbara Surma, Katarzyna Sadecka, Nikolay I. Zheludev, Andrey Nikolaenko, Dorota A. Pawlak
Optical Spectroscopy, Cathodoluminescence, and Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy on Metal Nanoparticles
V. Myrosnychenko, F. J. García de Abajo, G. Boudarham, J. Nelayah, O. Stéphan, M. Kociak, C. Colliex, G. Adamo, K. MacDonald, N. I. Zheludev, J. Rodríguez-Fernandez, E. Carbó-Argibay, L. M. Liz-Marzán

Special session 2: "Plasmonic sensing", by H. Giessen and N. Liu

A smart plasmonic transparent conductor with a gas sensing ability
Mehdi Keshavarz Hedayati, Mohammad Jamali, Mojtaba Javaherirahim, Ahnaf Usman Zillohu, Mady Elbahri
Hole-Mask Colloidal Nanolithography for Large-Area Low-Cost Metamaterials and Resonant SEIRA Substrates
Jun Zhao, Stefano Cataldo, Frank Neubrech, Bettina Frank, Chunjie Zhang, Paul V Braun, Harald Giessen

Special session 5: "Metamaterial and photonics applications", by H. C. C. Fernandes

Slow light modes in metamaterial waveguides
Tian Jiang, Junming Zhao, Yijun Feng

Special session 6: "Negative group delay (NGD) devices", by B. Ravelo

Experimental Measurement of Reverse Doppler Effect with Tunable Composite Right/Left Handed Transmission Line
zhuang li, ye wen zhang

Special session 7: "Allan Boardman symposium on Nonlinear waves and Metamaterials", by N. Zheludev and V. Shalaev

Giant linear and nonlinear optical activity in metamaterials
Eric Plum, Mengxin Ren, Vassili A. Fedotov, Jingjun Xu, Nikolay I. Zheludev
Nonlinear plasmonics
Anatoly V Zayats
Nonlinear metamaterial waveguides and cavities
Natalia M Litchinitser, Apra Pandey, Gayatri Venugopal, Xi Wang, Jinwei Zeng, Alexander N. Cartwright

Special session 8: "Active and Quantum Metamaterials", by A. Chipouline and V. Fedotov

Liquid-Crystals-Plasmonics (LCP)-– Route to New Electro- and Nonlinear Optical Materials
Iam Choon Khoo, Yi Ma, Yanghui Zhao, Tony Huang
Quantum metamaterials: concept and possible implementations
Alexandre Zagoskin

Special session 9: "Mid-infrared and THz plasmonics...", by R. Colombelli and Y. De Wilde

Fano resonances and intersubband polaritons in metallo-dielectric photonic crystal slabs
Simone Zanotto, Riccardo Degl'Innocenti, Giorgio Biasiol, Lucia Sorba, Alessandro Tredicucci

Special session 10: "Acoustic metamaterials", by J. Li and J. Christensen

Functionally graded laminated phononic crystals with damages
Mikhail Vladimirovich Golub, Chuanzeng Zhang, Sergey Ivanovich Fomenko, Tinh Quoc Bui
Phonofluidic properties of Phononic Crystal Waveguides
Rab Wilson, Julien Reboud, Yannyk Bourquin, Yi Zhang, Jon M Cooper

Special session 12: "Plasmonic antennas and lenses", by T. Akalin

Control the phase by using the mimicking electromagnetically induced transparency in planar metamaterial
Junfei Zhao, Yewen Zhang

Special session 13: "Photothermal effects in plasmonics and metamaterials", by M. Qiu and M. Yan

Laser-induced heating and melting processes for fabrication of metallic, dielectric, alloy, and semiconductor nanoparticle structures
Carsten Reinhardt, Andrey B. Evlyukhin, Urs Zywietz, Arseniy I. Kuznetsov, Ventsislav K. Valev, Boris N. Chichkov
Accumulating microparticles and direct-writing micropatterns using continuous-wave laser-induced vapor bubble
Hui Liu, Ya Jian Zheng, Shing Zhu
Photothermal conversion of gold nanoparticles characterized by polymerization
Lama Zaarour, Safi Jradi, Jérôme Plain
Temperature-agile and Structure-tunable Optical Properties of VO2/Ag Thin Films
Yalin Lu, X. R. Zhang, W. Wang, Y. Zhao, X. Hu, K. Reinhardt, R. J. Knize

Special session 14: "Energy Transportation in Metamaterials", by Y. Zhang and X. Chen

Experimental study on the transient establishment of the tunneling mode in ENG/MNG structure
Liwei Zhang, Yewen Zhang, xiaodong Chen, xiaoming liu, Hong Chen
Vortexlike Power Flow at the Interfaces of Metamaterial Lens
kai fang, Liwei Zhang, Yewen Zhang
Experimental Observation on Building-up of Negative Refraction
Fangfei Li, Kai Fang, Yewen Zhang
Tamm plasmon polaritons in composite structures composed of the metal film and truncated photonic crystals
Guiqiang Du, Liyong Cui, Liwei Zhang, Haitao Jiang
Slow light modes in metamaterial waveguides
Tian Jiang, Junming Zhao, Yijun Feng
Tamm plasmon polaritons in composite structures composed of the metal film and truncated photonic crystals
Guiqiang Du, Liyong Cui, Liwei Zhang, Haitao Jiang

Special session 16: "Plasmon amplification and lasing", by K. Leosson

Laser Science in a Nano-scale Gap
Rupert F Oulton, Ren Min Ma, Volker J Sorger, Thomas Zentgraf, Guy Bartal, Xiang Zhang

Special session 17: "Metamaterials for aeronautics and transports", by A. de Lustrac and S. N. Burokur

How can metamaterials help in aeronautics and transport?
M. Duran-Sindreu, P. Velez, F. Paredes, G. Zamora, J. Bonache, F. Martin

Special session 18: "Metamaterials for diffractive components", by P. Lalanne

High performance diffraction gratings made by e-beam lithography
Uwe D. Zeitner, Maria Oliva, Frank Fuchs, Dirk Michaelis, Tino Benkenstein, Torsten Harzendorf, Ernst-Berhnard Kley

Special session 19: "Advances in Metamaterials and Plasmonics", by L. Zhou and J. Hao

Metamaterial Absorbers and Antireflection Coatings: Experiments and Theory
Jiangfeng Zhou, John F O'Hara, Li Huang, Dibakar Roy Chowdhury, Matthew T Reiten, Abul K Azad, Thomas Koschny, Costas M Soukoulis, Antoinette J Taylor, Hou-Tong Chen
Effect of surface waves on light transmission through subwavelength apertures and on field enhancement in nanocavities
Haitao Liu, Zhiwen Zeng, Philippe Lalanne
Nonlinear responses in optical metamaterials: theory and experiment
Shiwei Tang, David J. Cho, Hao Xu, Wei Wu, Y. Ron Shen, Lei Zhou
Opportunities in plasmonic metamaterials: From super imaging to perfect absorber
Lei Zhou
Electrical excitation of surface plasmons with the STM
G. Dujardin, E. Boer-Duchemin, G. Comtet, T. Wang, Y. Zhang
Broadband invisibility cloak with multilayer of normal dielectrics
Yijun Feng, Xiaofei Xu, Junming Zhao, Shuai Xiong, Jinlong Fan, Tian Jiang
Dispersion relation of surface plasmon polaritons in metallic nanostructures: Eigenmode analysis approach
Shulin Sun, Hung-Ting Chen, Wei-Jin Zheng, Guang-Yu Guo
Experimental study of EIT-Like phenomenon in a metamaterial plasma waveguide
wusong wang, yewen zhang

Special session 20: "Optical Emission from Metamaterials and Plasmonic Systems", by A. Urbas

Metamaterial-based integrated plasmonic absorber/emitter for solar thermo-photovoltaic systems
G. Shvets, C. Wu, B. Neuner III, J. John, A. Milder, B. Zollars, S. Savoy
Control of spontaneous emission with hyperbolic metamaterials and plasmonic structures
M. A. Noginov, E. E. Narimanov, J. Vella, A. Urbas, N. Noginova, Y. A. Barnakov, C. E. Bonner, M. Mayy, G. Zhu, T.U. Tumkur, H. Li

Special session 22: "Plasmonics and nanophotonics for sensing, imaging, and spectroscopy", by S.-H. Oh and A. Brolo

Electromagnetic analysis of super-resolution through a microlens
Baile Zhang, G. Barbastathis

Special session 23: "Quantum metamaterials", by D. Felbacq

Quantum birefringence and ambidextrous quantum metamaterials
Alexandre Zagoskin, Sergey Saveliev
Towards optical gain in plasmonic metamaterials
Wayne Dickson, John McPhillips, Stephane Kena-Cohen, Antony Murphy, Daniel O'Connor, Steven Beckett, Robert Pollard, Paul Stavrinou, Donal Bradley, Stefan Maier, Anatoly Zayats

Special session 24: "Characterization and modeling of metamaterials", S. Weiss, A. Zaghloul and M. Hoque

Characterization of Metamaterials through Parallel-Plate Waveguide Measurements
S. Weiss, A. I. Zaghloul, Y.M. Lee, T.K. Anthony

Special sessions 25: "Plasmonic Nanodevices", by H. Wang and C.-W. Qiu

Non-perfectly-matched in-plane diffractions for generation of plasmonic Airy beam
Tao Li, Lin Li, Shining Zhu
Magnetic response of upright meta-molecules in optical region
D. P. Tsai, W. T. Chen, P. C. Wu, C. T. Hsiao, K. Y. Yang, Y. W. Huang, C. Y. Liao, S. Sun, C. J. Chen, L. Zhou, G. Y. Guo, V. Fedotov, V. Savinov, N. I. Zheludev







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