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META'12 Prediction of super absorbance with bubble meta-screens Abstract
Alice Bretagne, Valentin Leroy, Eric Lee, John Page, Arnaud Tourin
META'12 Probing the generalized laws of reflection and refraction with plasmonic metasurfaces Abstract
ALEXANDER V KILDISHEV, Xingjie Ni, Naresh Kumar Emani, Alexandra Boltasseva, Vladimir M Shalaev
META'12 Programmable Soft Lithography for Scalable Plasmonics Abstract
Teri W. Odom
META'12 Propagation Constant of a Rectangular Waveguides Partially Filled With Metamaterial Slab Abstract
hedi sakli
META'12 Propagation of light in metamaterials and charge transport in graphene: study by analogy Abstract
Yurii Bliokh, Valentin Freilikher, Franco Nori
META'12 Proposal and Analysis of Artificial Dielectric Lens with Metallic Corrugated Structures for Terahertz Wave Band Abstract
Takuya Konno, Takahiro Suzuki, Jhon C. Young, Mikio Saigusa, Keisuke Takano, Hideaki Kitahara, Masanori Hangyo, Takehito Suzuki
META'12 Proposal for an analytical method to design all dielectric photonic metamaterials Abstract
Eric Cassan, Khanh Van Do, Charles Caer
META'12 Protein-guided assembly of (magnetic) nanostructures Abstract
Mitsuhiro Okuda, Jean-Charles Eloi, Sarah Ward Jones, Walther Schwarzacher
META'12 Pseudo volume-plasmon into arrays of doped and un-doped semiconductors Abstract
Thierry Taliercio, Vilianne N'Tsame Guilengui, Eric Tournié
META'12 Pseudo-volume-plasmon into arrays of doped and un-doped semiconductors Abstract
Thierry Taliercio, Vilianne N'Tsame Guilengui, Eric Tournié
META'12 Purcell factor of plasmonic nanoantennas Abstract
Christophe Sauvan, Jean-Paul Hugonin, Philippe Lalanne
META'12 Quantum birefringence and ambidextrous quantum metamaterials Abstract
Alexandre Zagoskin, Sergey Saveliev
META'12 Quantum fluids of light in nonlinear polaritonic systems Abstract
Cristiano Ciuti
META'12 Quantum metamaterials: concept and possible implementations Abstract
Alexandre Zagoskin
META'12 Quantum Plasmonics : Nonlinear Effects and Field Enhancement in a Plasmonic Nanoparticle Dimer Abstract
Dana Codruta Marinica, Andrei K. Kazansky, Peter Nordlander, Javier Aizpurua, Andrey G. Borisov
META'12 Quantum plasmonics and plexcitonics Abstract
P. Nordlander
META'12 Quantum Surface plasmon resonance system based on electromagnetically -induced transparency Abstract
Chunguang Du
META'12 Radiative cooling of nanoparticles close to a surface Abstract
Maria Tschikin, Philippe Ben-Abdallah, Svend-Age Biehs, Felipe S. S: Rosa
META'12 Random Laser Emission in Innovative Structured Optofluidic Channel Abstract
Patrick Sebbah, Kiran Bhakta, Xavier Noblin
META'12 Random laser in totally disordered 2D GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructures Abstract
Antoine Monmayrant, Olivier Gauthier-Lafaye, Sophie Bonnefont, Kiran Bhakta, Christian Vanneste, Françoise Lozes-Dupuy
META'12 Recent progress in Heat transfer at the nanoscale Abstract
Jean Jacques Greffet
META'12 Recent Progress in Photonic Crystals - From Dynamic Control to Solar Cells - Abstract
S. Noda
META'12 Recent Progress on Optical Metamaterials and Transformation Optics Abstract
M. Wegener
META'12 Reducing Radar Cross Section by Investigating Electromagnetic Materials Abstract
S. Komeylian, F. Hojjat-Kashani
META'12 Reflection and transmission of light at metamaterials Abstract
Falk Lederer, Carsten Rockstuhl, Thomas Paul, Christoph Menzel, Wojciech Smigaj, Philippe Lalanne
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