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META'12 Carbon nanotube solar cells employing the NEGF method Abstract
mansoureh maadani, Mohammad hossein sheikhi, reza sabbaghi
META'12 Cascaded Logic Gates in Nanophotonic Plasmon Networks Abstract
Hongxing Xu
META'12 Casimir Force with Chiral Metamaterials Abstract
Rongkuo Zhao, Eleftherios Economou, Thomas Koschny, Costas Soukoulis
META'12 Characterization of Metamaterials through Parallel-Plate Waveguide Measurements Abstract
S. Weiss, A. I. Zaghloul, Y.M. Lee, T.K. Anthony
META'12 ChessBoard Structure Evolution for RCS Reduction Abstract
JuanCarlos Iriarte, Amagoia Tellechea, Itziar Maestrojuan, Iñigo Liberal, Ainara Rebollo, Iñigo Ederra, Ramón Gonzalo
META'12 Chip‐Based Plasmonic NanoAntennas & Circuits Abstract
Hatice Altug, Ronen Adato
META'12 Chiral Surface Plasmon Polaritons on Metallic Nanowires Abstract
Hongxing Xu
META'12 Circular-lattice photonic crystal Taper for optical waveguides Abstract
Gilliard N. Malheiros-Silveira
META'12 Classical analog of electromagnetically induced absorption in plasmonics Abstract
Richard Taubert, Mario Hentschel, Jürgen Kästel, Harald Giessen
META'12 Classical analog of two quantum-optic phenomena in metamaterials Abstract
Haitao Jiang, Yong Sun, Hong Chen
META'12 Cloaking bending waves in thin heterogeneous plates Abstract
Sebastien Guenneau, Mohamed Farhat, Stefan Enoch, Michele Brun, Alexander Movchan
META'12 Cloaking static magnetic fields Abstract
Carles Navau, Jordi Prat-Camps, Alvaro Sanchez, Mykola Solovyov, Jan Souc, Fedor Gomory
META'12 Close encounters between nanoantennas: Bridging quantum and classical plasmonics Abstract
J. Aizpurua
META'12 Coherent absorption in thin layers of quantum dots Abstract
Gabriel Lozano, Giuseppe Pirruccio, Yichen Zhang, Said R.K. Rodríguez, Raquel Gomes, Zeger Hens, Jaime Gómez-Rivas
META'12 Collective electronic excitations near Silver nanowire by fast electron beam Abstract
Xiuli Zhou, Ted Norris
META'12 Collective photo-thermal effects and chirality in plasmonic nanoparticles Abstract
Alexander Govorov
META'12 Collective plasmon response in arrays of metallic nanoparticles Abstract
Abdallah Slablab, Pierre-Eugène Coulon, Sandrine Perruchas, Thierry Gacoin, Julien Cardin, Isabelle Monnet, Kociak Mathieu, Arthur Losquin, Dominique Mailly, Giancarlo Rizza
META'12 Compact Fabry-Perot patch antenna based on metamaterials Abstract
Rachid OUSSAID, K. Ouahiba
META'12 Comparison of tunneling times in isotropic and anisotropic media Abstract
Jelena Radovanovic, Igor Ilic, Petra Belicev, Vitomir Milanovic, Ljupco Hadzievski
META'12 Complex photonic bands in one-dimensional photonic crystals with periodic gain-loss modulation Abstract
Jesus Manzanares, Efrain Urrutia-Banuelos, Yohan Yasdid Rodriguez-Viveros, Damian Moctezuma-Eniquez, Paola Castro-Garay
META'12 Comprehensive circuit-theoretical method for analyzing hybridization modes in metamaterials Abstract
Yosuke Nakata, Takanori Okada, Toshihiro Nakanishi, Masao Kitano
META'12 Confined plasmonic modes in a nanocavity Abstract
didier Felbacq, Aurore Castanié
META'12 Confinement effect of the Localized Surface Plasmons on the coupling of gold nanolithographied structures: Application to Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering Abstract
Nicolas Guillot, Cristiano D'Andrea, Andrea Toma, Pablo Albella, Remo Proietti, Barbara Fazio, Onofrio Marago, Enzo Di Fabrizio, Javier Aizpurua, Pietro Gucciardi, Marc Lamy de la Chapelle
META'12 Confinement of THz surface plasmon on planar Goubau lines Abstract
Djamal GACEMI, Juliette Mangeney, karine blary, Jean-Francois lampin, thibault laurent, tahsin akalin, paul crozat, fanqi meng
META'12 Conformal Transformation Optics Applied to Plasmonics: From Nanocrescents to Nanowire Dimers Abstract
D. Y. Lei, A. Aubry, S. A. Maier, J. B. Pendry
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