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META'12 Enhancing coherent nonlinear-optical processes in nonmagnetic backward-wave materials Abstract
Alexander K Popov, Mikhail I Shalaev, Sergey A Myslivets, Vitaly V Slabko, Igor S Nefedov
META'12 Enhancing the transmission of higher order plasmon modes through periodic hole array with paired apertures as the basis Abstract
Yu-Cheng Chen, Yi-Tsung Chang, Hung-Hsing Chen, Chih-Wei Yu, Shao-Yu Huang, Si-Chen Lee
META'12 Envelope solitons formation near the band gap in magnonic crystals Abstract
Svetlana Evgen'evna Sheshukova, Evgeny Nikolaevich Beginin, Yurii Pavlovich Sharaevskii, Sergey Apollonovich Nikitov, Maria Aleksandrovna Morozova
META'12 Epsilon Near Zero Mode for active THz devices Abstract
Jean-Jacques Greffet, Simon Vassant, Alexandre Archambault, Francois Marquier, Fabrice Pardo, Ulf Gennser, Antonella Cavanna, Jean Luc Pelouard
META'12 Evaluation of SERS labeling of CD20 on CLL cells using optical microscopy and fluorescence flow cytometry Abstract
Christina MacLaughlin, Edward Parker, Chen Wang, Gilbert Walker
META'12 Excitation of surface plasmon polaritons in a SNOM tip Abstract
Viktor Palm, Mihkel Rähn, Vladimir Hizhnyakov
META'12 Exotic plasmonic crystals for nanophotonic applications Abstract
Anatoly V Zayats
META'12 Exotic Properties and Applications of Quantum Metamaterials Abstract
Andrea Alu, Romain Fleury
META'12 Experimental Demonstration of Free Space Cloaking in Thin Elastic Plates Abstract
Nicolas Stenger, M. Wilhelm, M. Wegener
META'12 Experimental Measurement of Reverse Doppler Effect with Tunable Composite Right/Left Handed Transmission Line Abstract
zhuang li, ye wen zhang
META'12 Experimental Observation on Building-up of Negative Refraction Abstract
Fangfei Li, Kai Fang, Yewen Zhang
META'12 Experimental study of EIT-Like phenomenon in a metamaterial plasma waveguide Abstract
wusong wang, yewen zhang
META'12 Experimental study of Surface Plasmons Polaritons on arrays of doped and un-doped semiconductors Abstract
Vilianne Ntsame Guilengui, Laurent Cerruti, Jean-Baptiste Rodriguez, Thierry Taliercio
META'12 Experimental study on circular polarization dependent electromagnetically induced transparency phenomenon in chiral plasmonic metamaterials Abstract
Yunhui Li, Hong Chen, Wing Yim Tam
META'12 Experimental study on the transient establishment of the tunneling mode in ENG/MNG structure Abstract
Liwei Zhang, Yewen Zhang, xiaodong Chen, xiaoming liu, Hong Chen
META'12 Experiment-fit time-domain modeling of high-optical-gain dyes for active plasmonic nanostructures Abstract
Nikita Arnold, Ludmila J Prokopeva, Thomas A Klar, ALEXANDER V KILDISHEV
META'12 Explicit formulas for surface plasmons on a smooth curved interfaceMathematics, Abstract
Maria V. Perel
META'12 Extraordinary acoustic shielding by an array of water-immersed PMMA cylinders Abstract
Zhengyou Liu
META'12 Extraordinary Nonreciprocal Effects in Magnetoplasmonic Nanogratings Abstract
Lukas Halagacka, Mathias Vanwolleghem, Kamil Postava, Béatrice Dagens
META'12 Extraordinary transmission of three-dimensional crescent-like holes array Abstract
Chongjun Jin, Yang Shen
META'12 Fabrication and characterization of metallodielectric eutectic structures for photonics Abstract
Katarzyna Sadecka, Marcin Gajc, Andrzej Klos, Ryszard Diduszko, Barbara Surma, Andrey Nikolaenko, Dorota Anna Pawlak
META'12 Fabrication of 3D Gradient Index of Refraction Diffractive Metamaterials for Infrared Gratings and Holograms Abstract
Talmage Tyler, Scott Wolter, Matt Royal, Yu-Ju Tsai, Stéphane Larouche, David Smith, Nan Jokerst
META'12 Fabrication of metallodielectric nanocomposites for plasmonic applications through directional solidification Abstract
Marcin Gajc, Andrzej Klos, Barbara Surma, Katarzyna Sadecka, Nikolay I. Zheludev, Andrey Nikolaenko, Dorota A. Pawlak
META'12 Fabrication of three dimensional split ring resonators by stress-driven assembly method Abstract
Chih Ting Hsiao, Che Chin Chen, Shulin Sun, Kuang-Yu Yang, Pin Chieh Wu, Wei Ting Chen, Eric Plum, Nikolay I. Zheludev, Din Ping Tsai
META'12 Fano resonance in Multilayered nanodice Abstract
Adnan Daud Khan, Giovanni Miano
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