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Exploring the frontiers of physics

Our vision is for EPL to become a leading home for global physics letters, to offer rapid publication of ground-breaking physics results from the international community, and to provide the broadest coverage of physics research, including those letters with application potential.

Web: http://www.epljournal.org



Raith electron and ion beam lithography

Raith offers innovative instrument solutions for electron beam lithography, ion beam lithography, nano manipulation, electron beam induced deposition and etching.

Web: http://www.raith.com



See the nanoworld

Neaspec is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions for nanoscale optical imaging & spectroscopy for research laboratories in industry and academic institutions.

Web: http://www.neaspec.com



Computer Simulation Technology

CST develops and markets high performance EM field simulation software. Its products allow you to characterize, design and optimize electromagnetic devices before going into the lab or measurement chamber. This can help save substantial costs especially for new or cutting edge products, reduce design risk, and improve overall performance and profitability.

Web: http://www.cst.com







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