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Incheon Tourism Organization


Web: www.travelicn.or.kr

Korea Tourism Organization


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Global Frontier Center for Soft Electronics

The center for advanced soft electronics (CASE) is one of Global Frontier Research Centers, organized to develop world-frontier level of new resources and fundamental core technologies for next-generation growth power of the nation. CASE has commenced in September 2011 and been funded 150 million USD for 9 years by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning as well as by private enterprises, which plans to build up high performance soft electronic systems based on nanomaterials and nanotechnologies. CASE aims to develop soft multi-functional nanodevices equipped with various functions, such as shape convertible/portable/wearable information transmissions, visual information displays, and environmental monitoring and self-powered systems according to the demands of human friendly techniques.

Web: www.case.re.kr

Global Frontier Center for Hybrid Interface Materials

The Global Frontier R&D Center for Hybrid Interface Materials (GFHIM) was founded in 2013 to prepare for the future changes in the industrial structure and society and focus on research and development of futuristic materials to be a source of the creation of new industries. The GFHIM plans to develop technology that designs, processes, and assesses hybrid interface structures using computer simulation techniques. (Web: http://www.gfhim.re.kr/eng_main)

Web: www.gfhim.re.kr


Global Frontier Center for Bio-Nano Health Guard

BioNano Health Guard Research Center is where we develop H-GUARD system and world-class platform technologies for the detection and monitoring of biohazardous substances including new and mutant viruses, super bacteria, etc.

web: www.h-guard.re.kr






WITec is the leading German manufacturer of confocal and scanning-probe microscopes for Raman, Atomic Force (AFM), and Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy (SNOM). From the company’s founding in 1997, WITec has been distinguished by its innovative product portfolio and a microscope design that enables combinations of the various imaging techniques within one system. To this day, WITec’s confocal microscopes are unrivaled in sensitivity, resolution and imaging capabilities.

Web: www.witec.de


Bruker Optics, part of the Bruker Corporation (NASDAQ:BRKR) is one of the world’s leading manufacturer and worldwide supplier of Fourier Transform Infrared, Near Infrared and Raman spectrometers. Today, Bruker Optics offers complete technical solutions for various markets which cover a broad range of applications in all fields of research and development as well as industrial production processes for the purpose of ensuring quality and process reliability.

Web: www.bruker.com

Quantum Design Korea

Quantum Design Korea (QDK), branch office of QD Japan, is key center for providing local marketing, sales and technical support of QD instruments to scientific research groups in the fields of physics, chemistry, biotechnology, materials science and nanotechnology in Korea Republic. Our headquarter QD Inc. located in San Diego USA has been developing high-quality scientific instruments based on automated material characterization system incorporating advanced recycling technology of basic resource..

Quantum Design Korea : www.qdkorea.com
Quantum Design Inc (USA): www.qdusa.com


Park Systems

Playing a critical role in the development of AFM technology, Park Systems has remained the leading innovator in nanoscale microscopy and metrology throughout its long history and continues to invest in the development of new emerging technologies. With headquarters in Korea, the US, Japan, and Singapore, we create some of the world’s most accurate and most effective AFMs for research and industry. Our team is constantly striving to continue meeting the needs of scientists and engineers worldwide. As the global microscopy market grows rapidly, we will continue to innovate and develop new systems and features that make our products the most effective and most efficient nanoscale microscopy there is.

Web: www.parkAFM.com

Edmund Optics Inc. (EO)

Edmund Optics Inc. (EO) has been a leading supplier of optics and optical components to industry since 1942, designing and manufacturing a wide array of multi-element lenses, lens coatings, imaging systems, and Opto-Mechanical equipment. Led by a staff of skilled optical engineers and scientists, EO is application focused and pursues new ways to implement optical technology, enabling advancements in semiconductor manufacturing, industrial metrology, and medical instrumentation. Our precision products improve efficiencies & yields and are used in test & measurement quality assurance applications, the automation of manufacturing processes, and research.

Web: www.edmundoptics.com


We, SCINCO provide a wide range of spectroscopic instrument such as FT-IR, Raman, Thermal Analyzer, TOF Mass and Optical Microscope which from world’s leading analytical instrument company of PerkinElmer, Bruker, Thermo, Leica and Anasys Instrument for the various industries; nano Material, Polymer, Electronics, Pharmaceutical, Bio etc.
We are also a leading manufacturer in the world by providing with PDA UV-Vis Spectrometer, Color Spectrometer, Fluorescence Spectrometer and Thermal Analyzer. 

Web: www.scinco.com


Live Cell instrument (LCI)

Live Cell instrument (LCI) was found in 2008 starting to research, develop, and manufacture the environmental control systems of the live cell. LCI provides biotechnological life science devices such as IVF and microscope to the related fields for the research and experiment. LCI dedicates to biotechnological life science such as live-cell microscopy, imaging systems, and micro-observation environmental control systems. LCI conducts business globally in a truly professional manner with success and the brand name’s value. We believe that we can make a difference with innovative revolutionary ideas and technologies in the changing global markets.

Web: www.chamlide.com

LINBOU Nearfield

LINBOU Nearfield Technology Co. Ltd. is the leading provider of electromagnetic and acoustic imaging systems for metamaterials, photonic crystals, topological photonics, and topological acoustics related researches. LINBOU systems can visualize electromagnetic and acoustic waves in 3D physical space, reciprocal space, and time domain. The systems can also image antenna radiation patterns from near-field to far-field region.


YSL Photonics

YSL Photonics explores, develops and manufactures next-generation of supercontinuum source, picosecond pulsed and femtosecond pulsed fiber laser that bring new capabilities, higher reliability and lower ownership to a diverse range of industrial medical and R & D applications. YSL Photonics’ supercontinuum source has been widely used in the nanophotonics group around the world including UC Berkeley, University Oldenburg, Seoul National University, Peking University and etc. It is an universal tool for the application of fluorescence, PL/PLE, Broadband,Raman spectroscopy and SNOM, Photocurrent Microscopy.

Web: http://www.l2k.kr





ACS Photonics

ACS Photonics publishes high-quality research that address emerging issues in the area of photonics. Published as soon as accepted, ACS Photonics will publish Research Articles, Letters, Perspectives, and Reviews, to encompass the full scope of published research in this field. This interdisciplinary journal offers author’s rapid publication time, worldwide exposure, highest editorial standards, no author fees, and new open access options.

Web: pubs.acs.org/journal/apchd5





Nano Convergence

Nano Convergence (ISSN:2196-5404) is a peer reviewed, open access, international and interdisciplinary research journal that focuses on all aspects of nanoscience and nanotechology. All articles published by Nano Convergence are made freely and permanently accessible online immediately upon publication, without subscription charges or registration barriers. Submissions are solicited in all topical areas, ranging from fundamental sciences of physics and chemistry of nanoscale materials to practical applications of such materials including devices, energy applications and fabrication. Each article type published by Nano Convergence follows a specific format, as detailed in the corresponding instruction for authors. Please check an article type from the instructions for authors on the website.

Web: nanoconvergencejournal.springeropen.com



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