Following the great success of the first edition of META tutorials, META 2021 will also feature several technical tutorials instructed by world-leading experts on various topics of interest to the META community. Tutorials are intended to provide a high quality learning experience to conference attendees.


Prof. Ishwar Aggarwal
UNC Charlotte, USA


The tutorials are part of the conference technical program, and are free of charge to the conference attendees.

Who Should Attend?

The tutorials will address an audience with a varied range of interests and backgrounds: beginners, students, researchers, lecturers and representatives of companies, governments and funding agencies who wish to learn new concepts and technologies.


July 20-23, 2021.


Tutorials will be held at the conference venue. 

Tutorials & Instructors


Tutorial 1: New Artificial-Intelligence Techniques for Electromagnetic Metastructures

Prof. Ali Adibi, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Tutorial length: 1 hour

Description: A survey of new artificial-intelligence-based approaches for analysis, design, optimization, and knowledge discovery in electromagnetic metastructures will be presented. Recent advances in using both deep learning and machine learning techniques, and their application to practical problems will be covered. These techniques will not only enable more efficient designs of the electromagnetic metastructures (e.g., photonic metasurfaces) but also provide valuable insight about the complex physics of light-matter interactions in such structures. Details of the training process for these algorithms as well as the challenges and limitations of these techniques for different classes of metastructures will be discussed. Knowledge discovery using these techniques includes the study of feasibility of a certain optical response from a given class of metastructures and comparing the roles of different design parameters to facilitate the inverse design process.


Tutorial 2: Design of Active and Reconfigurable Metasurfaces

Prof. Harry Atwater, California Institute of Technology, USA

Tutorial length: 1 hour

Description: A grand challenge for nanophotonics is the realization of comprehensively tunable metasurface nanoantenna arrays enabling dynamic, active control of the key constitutive properties of light – amplitude, phase, wavevector and polarization.  Achieving this will open new photonics applications in phased-array optical beam steering, visible light modulation for communications and thermal radiation management. This tutorial will discuss design approaches for active and reconfigurable metasurfaces including selection of active materials, electromagnetic design and time-modulation.  We will also survey status and outlook for electronically tunable and reconfigurable plasmonic and all-dielectric metasurfaces, whose elements are arbitrarily reprogrammable, enabling a wide array of functions, including steering, focusing, and frequency multiplexing of scattered radiation.  


Tutorial 3: Metasurface Flat Optics: from components to mass manufacturing to systems

Prof. Federico Capasso, Harvard University, USA

Tutorial length: 1 hour

Description: Flat optics based on metasurfaces has emerged in recent years as a promising alternative to refractive and Fresnel optics in many applications,  due to the smaller footprint, mass-manufacturing using the same technology of semiconductor chips, easier control of aberrations and multifunctionality.  I will cover recent advances in components and show how they have led to breakthroughs in cameras and other systems such as ultra compact spectrometers.





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