Metamaterials and negative index materials II

16:40 Invited talk : Metasurfaces for Far-Field Wireless Power Transfer

Omar Ramahi, T. Almoneef, B. Alavikia, A. Ashoor

University of Waterloo (Canada)

The concept of electromagnetic energy harvesting and wireless power transfer had been proposed more than half a century ago. In all published works related to electromagnetic energy collection, classical antennas have been used while the focus shifted to the rectification circuitry. Recent works showed that the weakest link in the traditional energy harvesting chain is the antenna itself. Here, we show that metasurfaces provide a viable alternative to classical antennas yielding efficiencies approaching unity.
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17:00 Invited talk : The Lattice World, Quantum Foam and the Universe-Wide Metamaterial

David Crouse

The City University of New York (USA)

The concept of a universe-wide gravity crystal that combines Heisenberg's Lattice World and Wheeler's Quantum Foam is described. It is assumed that space is a crystal with a lattice constant equal to the Planck length and a basis of a Planck mass. Inertial anomalies are calculated that include a parameter that connects the external gravitational field and gravitational flux. Similar to the electric permittivity and magnetic permeability of metamaterials, this parameter can take on positive, zero and negative values.
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17:20 : Phase Matching and Tree-wave Mixing of Contra-propagating Light Pulses in Negatively Dispersive Metamaterials

Alexander K. Popov (1),Sergey A. Myslivets (2),Alexander V. Kildishev (3),Alexander O. Korotkevich (4)

(1)Birck Nanotechnology Center-Purdue University (USA) , (2)Siberian Federal University (Russia) , (3)Purdue University (USA) , (4)University of New Mexico (USA)

We show that particular spatial distributions of nanoscopic plasmonic building blocks in metamaterials may enable extraordinary nonlinear-optical propagation processes commonly attributed to negative-index metamaterials. The possibility of great enhancement of frequency conversion and tailoring of shapes of the coupled pulses is demonstrated with numerical simulations.
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17:35 : A dual-band Textile Artificial Magnetic Conductor incorporation with Textile Diamond Antenna

Muhammad Azfar B. Abdullah, Mohamad Kamal B. A. Rahim, N. A. Samsuri

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (Malaysia)

A dual-band textile artificial magnetic conductor (AMC) incorporation with two textile diamond antennas are proposed. The diamond antennas are positioned above the dual-band textile AMC. The two textile diamond antennas and the AMC are designed to operate at 2.45GHz and 5.8GHz which comply the ISM band. The proposed designs produce directive radiation pattern and high gain about 6dB.
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