A bottom-up approach towards metamaterials and plasmonics I

11:00 Invited talk : Block Copolymer Self-Assembly: Bottom-up Approach to Metamaterials and Plasmonics

Ulrich Wiesner

Cornell University (USA)

While the fundamental understanding of plasmonics and metamaterials has substantially progressed in the last decade, production of interesting functional structures often is limited to expensive top-down approaches. This contribution will describe how block copolymer self-assembly compatible with solution processing and low-overhead manufacturing can be employed to get to such structures in a bottom-up approach. To that end recent advances will be reviewed on photonic behavior of architectures derived from block copolymers and their co-assembly with inorganic constituents.
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11:20 Invited talk : Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of ZnWO4 and Eutectics ZnO/ZnWO4

A. Belardini (1),P. Osewski (2),E. Petronijevic (1),D. Pawlak (2),A. Benedetti (1),M. Centini (1),C. Sibilia (1)

(1)Universita di Roma La Sapienza (Italy) , (2)Institute of Electronic Materials Technology (Poland)

We report an overview of linear and nonlinear optical properties of eutectics ZnO/ZnWo4 and ZnWO4. Filtering properties and polarization dependent properties, with together nonlinear optical in the visible region are presented and.
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11:40 Invited talk : Self-assembly of a plasmonic sensor

George Chumanov, Daniel Willett

Clemson University (USA)

A plasmonic sensor comprised of a two-dimensional array of closely spaced silver nanoparticles was fabricated by the bottom-up self-assembly method. The array exhibited a sharp resonance originating from the plasmon coupling between individual nanoparticles. The position of the resonance was sensitive to changes of the dielectric function in the environment. The sharpness of the resonance together with the differential measuring scheme enabled a highly sensitive refractive index sensor. Record sensitivities were achieved.
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12:00 Invited talk : Plasmonic enhancement of photoluminescence of erbium ions and CdTe quantum dots in nanocomposites with silver nanoparticles

Marcin Gajc, Karolina Korzeb, Hancza Surma, Dorota Pawlak

Institute of Electronic Materials Technology - ITME (Poland)

Metallodielectric materials with plasmonic resonances at optical and infrared wavelengths are attracting interest, due to their potential novel applications in photonics, plasmonics and photovoltaics. Here, we present experimental realisations of volumetric nanocomposites simultaneously co-doped with silver nanoparticles and with erbium ions or CdTe quantum dots. With the addition of silver nanoparticles an increase of photoluminescence of erbium ions and CdTe quantum dots has been observed.
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