Acoustic, elastic and thermal metamaterials I

11:00 Invited talk : Homogenization for short waves in metamaterials and photonic crystals

Tryfon Antonakakis (1),Daniel Colquitt (1),Richard Craster (1),Sebastien Guenneau (2),Ben Maling (1)

(1)Imperial College London (United Kingdom) , (2)Aix-Marseille University (France)

Homogenization theory is often limited to static or quasi-static low frequency and long wave situations and unfortunately these are not really the parameter regimes of most interest in elastic, acoustic or electromagnetic wave settings. Often for photonic crystals and metamaterials created from periodic, or near periodic, arrangements of elementary cells one observes effects due to multiple scattering and/or resonance phenomena. By combining physical ideas based upon Bloch's theorem with mathematical techniques based around the method of multiple scales.
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11:20 Invited talk : Localized Acoustic Spoof Plasmons

M. Farhat (1),Pai-Yen Chen (2),Hakan Bagci (1)

(1)King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (Saudi Arabia) , (2)Wayne State University (USA)

We introduce the concept of localized acoustic surface modes (ASMs) that exhibit the same dispersion characteristics as those of the surface plasmons in electromagnetics and photonics.
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11:40 Invited talk : Phononic metamaterials: Past, present and future challenges

Johan Christensen

DTU Fotonik (Denmark)

The boost experienced by acoustic and elastic (phononic) metamaterial research during the past years has been driven by the ability to sculpture the flow of sound waves at will. In this talk, I like to review some of the key achievements made in this field and wish to address some of the unanswered questions that might lead to a breakthrough in the future.
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12:00 : Large Scale Acoustic Metamaterials for Seismic Waves Attenuation: a Feasibility Study of an Innovative Passive Isolation Strategy based on Transient Dynamic Analysis and Scale Demonstrator

Marco Miniaci (1),Federico Bosia (1),Nicola Pugno (2)

(1)University of Torino (Italy) , (2)University of Trento (Italy)

In this work, the feasibility of an innovative passive isolation strategy for seismic waves based on large scale acoustic metamaterials is numerically investigated and experimentally proved on a scaled demonstrator. Results prove the strategy to be practical for civil structures, demonstrating considerable attenuation of surface acoustic waves via finite element analyses and experimental measurements.
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12:15 Invited talk : Metamaterials, from electromagnetic waves to water waves, bending waves and beyond

Guillaume Dupont (1),Mohamed Farhat (2),Sebastien Guenneau (1),Stefan Enoch (1)

(1)Aix-Marseille University (France) , (2)King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (Saudi Arabia)

We will review our recent work on metamaterials for different types of waves. Transposition of transform optics to water waves and bending waves on plates will be considered with potential applications of cloaking to water waves protection and anti-vibrating systems.
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