Symposium 1: Functional Metastructures and Nanomaterials: Properties, Fabrication and Modeling VI

16:40 Invited talk : Plasmonic Silver Nanowires as Security Labels for Anti-counterfeiting Applications

Yan Cui (1),Ravi S. Hedge (2),In Yee Phang (3),Hiang Kwee Lee (1),Xing Yi Ling (1)

(1)Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) , (2)Institute of High Performance Computing (Singapore) , (3)A*STAR (Singapore)

We present a next generation covert plasmonic security labels based on Ag nanowire structures and their polarization dependent surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) imaging. Our plasmonic security labels exhibit very narrow spectral fingerprint vibration, which is more specific than broad-band colorimetry-based systems. The polarization dependent SERS intensity, molecular fingerprint of SERS spectra, and versatile geometrical design by two-photon lithography have made our plasmonic Ag nanowire structures an ideal candidate as an advanced security solutions for anti-counterfeiting application.
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17:00 : Ultrasensitive label-free biosensor based on photonic crystal surface waves: a tool to study dynamics of receptor-ligand interactions with living bacteria and cells

Ekaterina Rostova, Sergey Sekatskii, Giovanni Dietler

Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (Switzerland)

A label-free biosensor based on photonic crystal surface waves was used to study dynamics of receptor-ligand interactions with living bacteria and cells. We elaborated a chitosan-based protocol of surface modification of the sensor chip enabling to produce sufficiently dense and homogeneous monolayers of live bacteria Escherichia coli. The attached bacteria have been exploited as a target to study binding kinetics of different ligands onto a bacterial surface, including antibacterial drugs and bacterial phages.
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17:15 : Photonic nanoarchitectures in butterfly wing scales and butterfly chromaticity diagram as a well-tuned emitter- detector system for optical vapor sensing

Gabor Piszter (1),Krisztian Kertesz (1),Zofia Vertesy (1),Zsolt Balint (2),Laszlo Peter Biro (1)

(1)Institute of Technical Physics and Materials Science (Hungary) , (2)Hungarian Natural History Museum (Hungary)

Butterfly wing scales containing photonic nanoarchitectures act as chemically selective sensors due to their color change when mixing vapors in the atmosphere. Based on butterfly vision we developed the efficient characterization of the spectral changes in different air + vapor mixtures. Almost perfectly coincident results were found using standard principal component analysis and butterfly visual space for seven vapors. The conformal modification of the scale surface by atomic layer deposition significantly altered the optical response and the selectivity.
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17:30 Invited talk : Near Field Properties of Coupled Metallic Nanostructures

Anran Li (1),Sivan Isaacs (2),Chihao Liow (1),Ibrahim Abdulhalim (2),Shuzhou Li (1)

(1)Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) , (2)Ben Gurion University (Israel)

We proposed a new metallic nanostructure that includes two spiky metallic nanoparticles. The spiky metallic nanoparticle dimer could have large electric field enhancement and large hot volume at the same time. The hot spot volume in tip-to-tip dimer is 7 times and 5 times larger than those in the spike dimer and sphere dimer with the same gap size of 2 nm. These results show high potential for enhanced spectroscopic sensing and other optoelectronic application.
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